10 Best Job sites in Nigeria 2024 (Trusted List)

Job sites in Nigeria are increasingly becoming popular in the country with the rising trend of unemployment and even under employment in the country. They had helped thousands to get the job of their dreams and are still doing so.

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Top job sites in Nigeria

Simply put, ‘they are an online link between employers of labor and job hunters. Due to the increasing popularity of these job websites, it is important to point at the key playing websites so as to prevent people from falling into the hands of swindlers posing as trusted job websites in the country.

Looking for latest jobs in Nigeria can be frustrating at times. Organizations now advertise job opportunities online rather than using the print media making such opportunities difficult to access.

Latest Nigeria Jobs is just one of the most searched keyword in Google by our youths due to the looming unemployment in the country. It is important to know top sites in Nigeria that offers such announcement of vacancies, if you do not want to miss any information on current jobs availabile in the country.

Although, there are hundreds of websites that you can get such information from, we have compiled a list of authentic top most visited job search websites that offer information on latest job recruitment in Nigeria.

Below is a list of 10 best sites in Nigeria to get latest jobs that are trusted in 2024

1. JOBBERMAN (www.jobberman.com)

Talking about job websites in Nigeria, Jobberman takes the list. It has over a thousand jobs listed across several sectors that you would sure find your match. Interestingly, this job site is the 60th most popular website in Nigeria in terms of traffic.

The first step towards finding a job using Jobberman is by signing up. After that, go through the job listing which has a short description of what each of the job is all about, application and contact details. You can then use these details to forward your application and CV.

This popular job listing website is known among students and graduates in the country. They have carved a reputation of releasing latest updates on job vacancies in Nigeria. JobberMan also have a strong social media presence, boasting of about 350,000 followers on Facebook and 50 thousand followers on Twitter, you won’t miss any job vacancy if you follow them.

Why I prefer jobberman is because, they cover many job listing on various sectors. Aside posting job opportunities online, they give detailed descriptions of the job, contact details of the Human Resource personnels and where you can forward your C.V to. To contact them, send a mail to info@jobberman.com

2. HOT NIGERIAN JOBS (www.hotnigerianjobs.com)

Hot Nigerian Jobs is one of the oldest and popular job listing websites in the country among Nigerian graduates. Job vacancies from either governmental agencies/bodies and private businesses and companies are been listed on this job websites. In Nigeria, Hot Nigerian Jobs is the 69th most popular website and 2nd for job hunters in Nigeria.

This is the best job site in Nigeria at the moment where updates of latest recruitment into top organizations in the country are posted on a daily basis. As at writing this post, they are ranked 95th website according to Alexa. If you are looking for a job, I suggest you visit this site and many job opportunity can be found on this platform.

With over 90 thousand Facebook followers and 9,000 Twitter followers, Hot Nigerian Jobs have a reasonable presence of major social media networks where announcements on job opportunities are made. To contact them via telephone, call 07038916577 or their email at frank@hotnigerianjobs.com

3. MY JOB MAG (www.myjobmag.com)

This trusted job site in Nigeria ranks the 127th most popular website in the country and it it rising popularity trend is on the increase. This job listing website categorize their job vacancy listing by company making it easier for their audience.

The third best job website in Nigeria on our list is My Job Mag. Just like Jobberman, they provide job tips and employment opportunities that is available in every state in the Federation.

The site is easy to navigate as job searchers will find vacancy listings categorised by states, sectors and even salaries according to user preference. You can call 08121633133 for further job vacancies information or send them a mail at services@myjobmag.com.

4. NG CAREERS (www.ngcareers.com)

Ngcareers is among the highly respected job portals in the country. This trusted job site provides a user friendly platform for the unemployed to meet with their potential employers to exchange their views and services. Ngcareers also regularly give updates of new job opportunities around. This job site has an Alexa ranking of 134.

Ngcareers is another trusted job portal in Nigeria you can find various job vacancies in the country. This website is updated on a daily basis. Job seekers frequent this site as it provides an opportunity for both employers of labour and job searchers exchange services.

To contact Ngcareers, you can reach them via their contact us option on their online platform or call the following phone numbers: 0813757449, 08137816321.

5. NGR JOBS (ngrjobs.com)

Nigeria(NGR) Jobs is a job vacancies website that regularly publishes daily latest job vacancies in Nigeria. It posts job opportunities that range from graduate, experience and internship positions.

NGR Jobs consist of featured and recent jobs main categories. The featured jobs are usually jobs that require little or no experience.

The job site is very easy to navigate. Job seekers need not pass through the rigors of registering in the site before applying since it links you directly to the recruiting company’s career platform or provides needed email address to send your applications.

Also, subscribers to its email notification get daily updates of the latest jobs opportunities in Nigeria.

6. JOBLIST NIGERIA (www.joblistnigeria.com)

This is one of the respectable websites in the Nigerian Job and recruitment market with a popularity ranking of 408 based on traffic. Joblist get new job opportunities updated on it on a daily basis and even have an active Facebook page for that.

Joblistnigeria is a reputable top Nigerian job site that offers the public job opportunities in the recruitment market. They are among the few job website that have a huge traffic base and are trusted by Nigerians to get latest job vacancy news. Their contact email is jobs@joblistnigeria.com.

7. NAIJA HOT JOBS (www.naijahotjobs.com)

This is 684th website in the country in terms of traffic and rank as the 6th job site in Nigeria. Naija Hot Jobs is a forum that link unemployed/underemployed persons with their potential employers.

Naijahotjobs is a community where jobs of various kinds are posted on a daily basis. Discussions on various categories on this job search website has helped many get their dream nigerian jobs.

Naijahotjobs is a top job site and can help you build a great career. To get in touch with the admin contact info@careernaija.com.

8. JOB GURUS (www.jobgurus.com.ng)

This best job site in can connect you to multinational companies for latest vacancies. The alexa ranking of job gurus is 200. This job search online platform ensures that employers and job finders interact and can reach each other.

If you are looking for the best job sites in Nigeria that can link you to multinational companies, then jobgurus.com.ng should be the site to visit. Currently ranked 198th job search site in Nigeria, this online platform offers both employers and job seekers opportunity to post job openings and check out CV’s of those seeking for employment from the site’s database.

Firms and government agencies trust Jobgurus.com.ng as a source to reach out to potential job seekers when they need their services. You can contact them via email: info@jobgurus.com.ng.

9. JOB ZILLA (www.jobzilla.ng)

This is another best job search site for freshers and to see latest employment opportunities and other vacancies. This is one of the best job search site that graduates will find useful to see latest employement opportunities, scholarships and other vacancies.

This website has a fair presence on social media network. On Facebook, they have 19 thousand followers while on Twitter they have about a thousand followers. Jobzilla.ng are ranked 310 website according to alexa in Nigeria.

10. NAIRA CAREER (www.nairacareer.com)

Naira career is a respected top Nigerian job site offering job opportunities to job seekers in the recruitment market. They are trusted by Nigerians to get latest job vacancy news and their contact email is admin@nairacareer.com

There are many others but I think you will find what you want in these 10 trusted job sites in Nigeria. I wish you the best and successful job hunting. Naira Career is also one of the best job search websites that is dully updated hourly with latest job vacancies in Nigeria.

The reason people visit Nairacareer is because it is like a forum where you get to meet other experienced job finders you can interact with and ask advice from.


Why is it so tough to find work quickly in Nigeria? In Nigeria, finding a job can be as challenging as trying to strike it rich. There are reasons why it is challenging for people to find employment in Nigeria. Do you wonder how someone without connections or experience may find work in Nigeria? I’m going to walk you through a procedure today that you can use to land the job of your dreams, even if you’re seeking for ngo jobs in Nigeria.


You are aware of your abilities and may have heard from friends that you are good at something, but this does not happen over night. When it comes time for that gift to start making you money, you focus your search on businesses, sectors, or organizations that need what you have to offer. It will feel like you are getting paid to do what you love when your passion is your job, making the work less stressful for you.


You shouldn’t keep sending out your resume’s first draft because it is presumed that as one gets older, more experience accumulates and should be listed on your resume. Your current profile should include all of the certificates you have recently earned and any new skills you have acquired that are relevant to the type of work you are looking for. This demonstrates both your resourcefulness and your level of seriousness.


This means that as you get better and experience more growth, you might decide against pursuing a particular career path because you have grown so much as a person and can now choose to focus on something else. If you think what you are doing is not working as much as you want, you can come up with a new strategy. Look at how well you did based on your previous career planning. In order to determine whether you should apply for a new job if your current one isn’t giving you the vibe you need, regular planning is necessary.


Setting no goals makes it much easier to become distracted in all different ways. If you don’t have a plan, you might end up in a job you don’t like. Many people feel constrained because they accepted everything that was thrown at them simply to get on a company’s payroll. But how much longer until they discover that job fulfillment is more important than pay? Plan your career; consider what you envision doing at various points in your life and career to prevent a situation like this. Which workplace would you prefer? You should clearly spell out these details in black and white so that you can read them and remember them.


Numerous universities provide certificate programs online, which will be a benefit in helping to improve your value and your resume. Don’t take anything for granted, take advantage of new opportunities, and constantly work to better yourself. Even if no chance appears to be coming your way, you can use the internet to look out potential training options as well as the locations and procedures for pursuing them. Do not be reluctant to absorb knowledge from others who have come before you. Another option is to provide free labor as a volunteer; the advantage of this is that you learn while you are doing good.


The above list are the top Job search websites in the country, but does not mean that they are the only ones that guarantee such information. When you open such sites, register and subscribe so as to receive latest vacancies in Nigeria.

If you have any idea of other job search website or blog as to where one can get information on career opportunities in Nigeria, be it for graduate vacancies, IT jobs, construction jobs, government jobs, bank jobs or even if it is latest government agencies vacancies, Please feel free to use the comment section.

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