10 Best Game Companies In Nigeria (2024)

Nigeria is already overrun with foreign goods, thus the idea of game development is rather new there. The nation’s gaming development business, though, is only now starting to take off. The industry has rapidly expanded and now generates a staggering $180 million in annual sales. They are now Africa’s second-largest market as a result. The majority of game production companies don’t just create games for local markets. Experience has demonstrated that there is a higher demand for locally produced video games abroad.

game development companies in Nigeria

The gaming development industry in Nigeria is a relatively new but rapidly growing concept. In a country that has long been saturated with foreign products, the gaming industry is beginning to gain traction. With a population of over 200 million, Nigeria is dominated by young minds and adults who account for about 60% of the population. The growth of the mobile market, combined with this demographic, has facilitated the development of the gaming industry.

Nigeria is ranked as the world’s third-fastest-growing market for mobile internet usage, behind China and India. As mobile phones became more popular, mobile broadband has become cheaper and faster than ever before. This has made it easier for developers to distribute and share their games, earning revenue and feedback to improve their products.

The gaming development industry in Nigeria has grown significantly in just a few years, generating an impressive revenue of $180 million and ranking as the second-largest market in Africa, only behind Egypt’s $300 million. Most gaming development companies in Nigeria do not design games solely for local markets, as there is a high demand for locally-made games overseas. However, Nigerian gaming development companies have also dedicated time and resources to create games with a “distinct local flavour”.

Reviews from gamers have shown that there is an affinity towards games that incorporate local themes and information. An excellent example of such a game is “Okada Ride,” created by Maliyo Games. The game is based on the delivery of motorcycles that are ubiquitous on the streets of Lagos. In Okada Ride, the player finds themselves darting through traffic in Lagos, avoiding obstacles such as incoming traffic, potholes, hawkers, and bribe-seeking policemen.

The number of gaming development firms in Nigeria has increased from a few to a little over a half-dozen. The top 10 gaming development firms in the country will be discussed in this article.


Nigeria’s gaming industry has grown substantially in recent years, with several companies making significant strides in the sector. Here are some of the best game development companies in Nigeria:


Edu Shola is a highly skilled game developer who has created 15 unique games since 2014. His passion for games started in childhood when he couldn’t afford to buy a game, so he watched others play at public game centers. Over time, he honed his skills and became a pioneer for standalone game developers in Nigeria.

One of Edu Shola’s notable creations is the game App Rush. The game aims to sensitize the public about the risks of contracting viruses online, challenging the common belief that viruses cannot be contracted on the internet. With the game’s unique and educative features, it quickly gained popularity.

Another impressive game developed by Edu Shola is the Chike Mobile Game, which offers an immersive experience centered around the city of Lagos. Players take on the character of Chike, a sky raider who must obtain research gold chips for an investor, Mr. Afo, in exchange for funds to complete his solar project for his community. The game is not without its challenges, as Chike has to avoid traps set by villainous characters like Lara the hater.

One of the main challenges facing game developers in Nigeria is a lack of publicity and marketing. Players are often more drawn to popular or highly-rated games, making it difficult for upcoming developers to gain a foothold in the industry.

Edu Shola has carved out a niche for himself in Nigeria’s gaming industry, establishing himself as a pioneer for upcoming developers and a role model to emulate. His successes demonstrate that with passion, hard work, and dedication, game developers in Nigeria can make a mark in the industry. As the industry grows, it is inspiring to see young developers like Edu Shola pushing the boundaries and creating innovative games that are sure to capture the attention of gamers worldwide.


Gamsole is a Nigerian video game production firm founded by Abiola Olaniran. The goal of the developer was to make engaging, amusing, and exciting games that are simple to use for all types of users, regardless of age. Gamsole has been estimated to have drawn over 3 million players from around the world. To date, the company has had over one million downloads both inside and outside of Nigeria, making a major impact on the Nigerian gaming market. Olaniran is now Nigeria’s highest-paid software engineer thanks to the company’s stellar achievements.


Nigeria’s gaming industry is thriving, and one company leading the way is Maliyo Games. Founded in 2012 by Hugo Obi, Maliyo Games is considered the country’s first gaming development company. Based in Lagos, the company creates a range of locally inspired games, such as “Aboki Run,” “Okada Ride,” and “Whot King.” Maliyo Games’ success has not gone unnoticed. Recently, the company signed an agreement with Telecoming, a Spanish technology firm that monetizes digital content. This partnership will see Telecoming distribute Maliyo’s games to mobile users in six African countries, thereby expanding the reach of their games.

The company’s founder, Hugo Obi, draws inspiration from everyday Nigerian life. He believes that by taking a closer look at the city of Lagos, a lot of content can be created. Maliyo Games’ current titles reflect what the market has to offer. The narratives, characters, environments, and soundscapes all tell their own unique stories that resonate with locals.

Maliyo Games has established a cloud-based system that allows contributors from over five continents to collaborate on projects. They have carefully selected and segmented the roles of their contributors based on their expertise and work ethic. This approach ensures that every game they produce is of the highest quality.

One of the significant challenges that Maliyo Games has faced is distribution. In 2015, the company established an App Store to facilitate the discovery of locally made apps. However, getting their games into the hands of users has been a challenge. The partnership with Telecoming is a crucial step towards overcoming this challenge. Maliyo Games has made significant strides in Nigeria’s gaming industry. Their locally inspired games and cloud-based approach to development set them apart from other development companies in the country. With the recent partnership with Telecoming, Maliyo Games is poised for even greater success.


Bisonplay is a game development company that focuses all of its resources on producing amazing and addictive games for local consumption. The company is well-known for creating the video game Mr. Okada, which tells the story of a destitute motorcycle driver named Mr. Okada who struggles to make money in Lagos. The game incorporates the hectic way of life in Lagos and shows players the importance of searching for better opportunities and a better life. Bisonplay’s game is famous for its ability to capture the essence of the African way of life so beautifully that even players who are unfamiliar with the scenario can understand the premise behind it.


Kuluya Games is a game production company that emphasizes African gamers through its content. The company has been able to reach the African market through its variety of games and aspires to rank among the top media conglomerates on the continent. While the company has over 100 games, only a small number are mobile-friendly on their official website. Oga at the Top, Masai, Msitu Wars, and Matatu are among Kuluya’s best works.


Techline Communications is a multifaceted business that provides a variety of digital services, including game application development, software development, web design, and project management. The company helps individuals reach over 40 million consumers with their brands or goods. Techline has a talent for assisting independent app developers to get their work out there and find their target market. When developers lack the necessary platform to advertise their products, Techline takes care of the marketing.


Genii Games Limited is an African video game company dedicated to enculturating African youngsters. The company produces engaging web videos and highly interactive mobile apps for children to learn about African cultures. Their Asa apps are accessible on a variety of mobile operating systems, and they have a game app called Yoruba 101 that is available on the Google Play Store and has received over 10,000 installations and a rating of 4.7. This software uses a number of pre-programmed courses and games to make learning the fundamentals of Yoruba language simple.


SimplyFun LTD was founded in 2004 with a focus on creating board games for kids. In 2008, the company expanded its offerings to include a range of family-friendly educational games. SimplyFun is committed to helping children learn while still being able to play. The company’s games have won more than 200 awards from prestigious play, education, and parenting organizations. Parents have reported that their children have had transformative experiences playing SimplyFun games, with preschoolers laughing their way through the stories they create, elementary school kids enjoying math, and children with disabilities flourishing and showcasing their talents through play.


Chopup is a Nigerian mobile game development company that creates games relevant to Nigerian culture. Their games tell stories about Africa and have been very successful, with titles like Monkey Post and Danfo becoming well-known. In a short amount of time, Danfo has already amassed over 700,000 users.


Yinola.com is a Nigerian mobile game development company that produces games, movies, and application-based solutions. One of their most well-known games is Animated Chronicles of Laftu, which has a strong biblical theme and has received numerous installations and a 4.8 rating on the Google Play Store.


Gameplus Limited is a dedicated video game company that provides family-friendly and kid-friendly entertainment for all ages. They strive to offer a cutting-edge and modern gaming experience for pleasure and amusement.


Magic Carpet Studios is a Lagos-based company that specializes in animation, illustration, and game development, and has gained recognition in the Nigerian creative scene. The company’s slogan, “Making Magic out of the ordinary,” accurately reflects their ability to capture their audience’s attention in unique ways. With exciting game designs and beautiful animations that tell African lifestyle stories, Magic Carpet Studios is at the forefront of creative innovation in Nigeria.

One of the studio’s notable achievements is the creation of “Naija Rush,” an endless runner game available on both iOS and Android platforms. Designed ahead of Nigeria’s 2019 elections, the game aimed to encourage citizen participation, awareness, and social consciousness in a fun and engaging way. Naija Rush has since become a favorite among gamers, receiving rave reviews for its entertaining gameplay and social impact.

Magic Carpet Studios’ commitment to celebrating Nigerian culture is evident in “Naijameter,” a trivia-style mobile game that rates each player’s level of “Nigerianness.” Launched and showcased at the 2017 Social Media Week in Lagos, the game has since become popular among Nigerians both at home and abroad.

Apart from game development, Magic Carpet Studios has also made significant strides in telling African lifestyle stories through stunning animations. Their website offers several animated series and movies, ranging from African folklore to modern-day stories of resilience and hope. These animations capture the essence of Africa in a visually stunning and engaging way.

Magic Carpet Studios was founded by Ferdy Adimefe, a seasoned entrepreneur, and co-founded by Chekwube Okonkwo, an experienced software engineer. Together, they have built a company that is making significant contributions to the Nigerian creative scene.

As a leading animation, illustration, and game development company in Nigeria, Magic Carpet Studios’ commitment to capturing the essence of Africa in unique ways has endeared them to a broad audience both at home and abroad. With their continued dedication to creative innovation, Magic Carpet Studios is undoubtedly a company to watch out for in the coming years.


Nigeria is one of the best African countries for video game production, with plenty of opportunities for young minds and newcomers to make a name for themselves in the industry. The sector is expanding rapidly, and young adults and teenagers’ increasing access to cutting-edge technology is contributing to this growth. This article has highlighted some of the best gaming development companies in Nigeria.

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