Top 5 Best French Schools in Nigeria (2024)

When it comes to education, parents often seek the best opportunities for their children. Most Nigerians are looking to learn a foreign language to boost their resume, and even work in embassies. While traditional Nigerian schools provide a solid foundation, there is a growing interest in French schools in Nigeria. But why are these schools gaining popularity? Are they worth the investment? In this article, we explore the top 5 French schools in Nigeria and uncover their fees, giving you valuable insights into the advantages they offer and whether they align with your child’s educational aspirations.

Different opinions exist regarding the requirements for learning a new language. Even if there are language consulting firm that provides expert training in French, most people don’t know where to start if they want to learn French. You might decide to watch online tutorials, or have someone teach you, but if you want to learn any foreign language easily and fast, you have to enroll in a language school.

french schools in nigeria

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking for information about the top French schools in Nigeria. Continue reading to find out more.


French schools in Nigeria offer a comprehensive curriculum conducted entirely in French, providing students with a unique educational experience that fosters bilingualism and cultural immersion. The curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, including language arts, mathematics, sciences, social studies, and physical education.

One of the key advantages of learning French as a Nigerian is the development of strong language skills, which can open up numerous career opportunities in the future. By studying in French, students not only become proficient in the language but also gain a deep understanding of the rich French culture and heritage.

The curriculum uses interactive learning methods that encourages its students to actively participate in class discussions and collaborative projects. This approach enhances critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills, preparing students for success in both academic and professional pursuits.

Key features of the French curriculum include:

  • A strong focus on language acquisition, with dedicated French language classes and immersive language activities
  • Integration of French art, literature, and music to cultivate appreciation for French culture
  • Incorporation of technology to enhance learning experiences and foster digital literacy
  • Opportunities for cultural exchange programs and study trips to French-speaking countries
  • Individualized support and guidance to ensure each student’s academic progress and personal growth

By offering a curriculum in French, these schools empower students to become global citizens with a deep understanding of different cultures and the ability to communicate effectively in multiple languages. This prepares them for a future in a world that increasingly values multiculturalism and international collaboration.


Learning French as a Nigerian isn’t as difficult as people think. Your tutor and your school have an impact on how quickly and effectively you pick up this language. Based on the French curriculum, calibre of instruction and the degree of involvement in the classroom, we have made a list of the top French schools in Nigeria. This ranking of the top 5 French schools in Nigeria was compiled after speaking with a few former students from these institutions and using their feedback.


A lot of people consider AF to be the best French school in Nigeria. They are renowned for producing graduates who speak French fluently and have centres spread around the nation. Port Harcourt, Enugu, Ibadan, Ilorin, Jos, Kaduna, Kano, Lagos, Maiduguri, and Owerri are among the other centres.

They have three locations in Lagos: Victoria Island, Yaba, and Ikeja. French for Business is one of AF’s courses, aimed at professionals or those aiming to be professionals. It is a rigorous course that enhances communication abilities in French. Additional courses are available that are appropriate for children, private persons, and corporate organisations.

Their diplomas are lifetime valid and have been authorised by the French Ministry of Education. AF mixes French instruction with other activities, such as cooking classes and vacations to France. They also provide classes in German and Spanish.

Furthermore, AF works with elementary and secondary educational institutions to provide the official testing ground for DELF, which has been authorised by the French Ministry of Education. Additionally, they collaborate with private school French professors to enhance their proficiency in the language. This is accomplished through workshops and training sessions that AF arranges for the teachers. Chrisland Schools, Lekki British International, and Atlantic Hall are a few of the partner schools.


The Federal Government founded this French learning institution in Badagry in 1991. An inter-university centre for French studies is operated by NFLV. The idea behind teaching French in a village context is to encourage students to pick up the language more quickly. They provide NCE, diploma, and certificate programmes in French. In addition to these routine training sessions, NFLV provides elementary and secondary school pupils with summer camp opportunities.


RFS, which is based in Ikoyi, was founded in 2007. Their tutors are qualified French teachers who use proactive teaching methods to support students in becoming fluent French speakers. The emphasis of the training is oral communication, specifically intonation, fluency, and pronunciation. Additionally, kids learn more quickly since real-world circumstances are acted out during instruction.


Another school that teaches the French language is ESL. In order to offer professional and functional linguistics services, ESL was founded in 1992. They provide high net worth people and numerous blue chip organisations in Nigeria with language instruction and advisory services.

The instruction sessions support the development of oral and written French communication skills. To satisfy your needs, they offer varying levels of trainings based on your skill level. The basic, intermediate, and advanced levels are among them.

If you’re a student studying outside of Lagos, Nigeria, ESL provides a hostel on the school grounds where you can reside for the length of your term. At the conclusion of the course, a certificate is provided. The centre can communicate with the relevant authorities in order to facilitate the issuance of a specific internationally recognised certificate upon request.


This language consultancy firm called ICSLC offers professional French instructions. The tutors are a group of skilled and knowledgeable teachers. The typical length of a French session is two hours every day for three months. Additionally, they provide private school French teachers with workshop training. In addition to preparing these tutors for their particular field of expertise, this training encourages teachers to share ideas with one another.



The cost of learning French in Nigeria can vary depending on several factors, which include the learning format, course level the institution, individual tutoring and location

The amount to learn French on average ranges from ₦1000 per hour for private tutors to ₦50,000 for a month-long intensive course at a language institute. Individual tutoring offers more personalized attention but comes at a higher cost, typically starting around ₦2,000 per hour. Online courses can be a budget-friendly option, with platforms offering subscriptions for as low as ₦5,000 per month.

Location of the schools in larger cities like Lagos or Abuja might have slightly higher fees compared to smaller towns. Also, different institutions have varying fee structures. Prestigious language institutes like Alliance Française can have higher fees compared to smaller private schools.

Therefore, it’s difficult to provide a single, definitive answer for the cost of learning French in Nigeria. However, the information above should give you a general idea of the range to expect. It’s always best to research and directly contact the schools or institutions you’re interested in to get the most accurate and up-to-date fee information.


French schools in Nigeria play a crucial role in providing quality education and fostering bilingualism. The top 5 French schools discussed in this article offer exceptional academic programs and a conducive learning environment. Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a bilingual curriculum, which not only enhances their language skills but also promotes cognitive development and opens doors to international opportunities.

By choosing premier French schools in Nigeria, parents can ensure that their children receive a well-rounded education that emphasizes language proficiency, cultural understanding, and critical thinking. The benefits of multilingual schooling cannot be underestimated, as it equips students with the tools they need to succeed in a globally interconnected world.

Whether in Lagos, Ikeja, Lekki, or Abuja, French schools provide students with a unique educational experience. The study abroad options available further enhance language skills and offer students the chance to broaden their horizons. Through a comprehensive curriculum in French, students are prepared to thrive in both local and international contexts, positioning them for future success.

Enrolling in any of the top schools on our list is one method to establish the ideal learning atmosphere for learning French, which can be incredibly enjoyable. Thus, why do you delay? Make contact with any of them to begin your learning the French language.

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