Top 10 Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria & Fees (2024)

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Choosing the right boarding school for your child or ward might not be easy. Not all school possesses the right educational standard these days, especially in Nigeria where the standard of education seem to be declining. There are many good secondary schools in the country that offer quality education for your children, but if you want them to attend the best boarding schools in Nigeria, this post should help answer that.

best boarding schools in Nigeria

The reason why most parents prefer boarding schools is because of the discipline, independence and character training of the child. Since the child lives within the school premises, he or she is under the watchful eye of house masters, prefects, teachers and the school in general. The child or ward can also learn how to care for himself or herself at the hostel, while parents are only allowed to see them on few visiting days.

In this post, we have listed the 10 best secondary schools with top boarding facilities to enroll your child into. These top boarding schools have dormitories, labs, play grounds and other essential facilities that your child would need to boost his academics, social and healthy life in general. Note that most of these educational institutions are mixed schools and their school fee run in millions.

In such boarding houses, the male students have their separate hostels from the female students. There are also cheap boarding schools in Nigeria but you might not get the best training from those cheap schools when compared to the ten we shall list here.


In no particular order, here are the best boarding schools within Nigeria that offer quality education to its students with their various school fees this 2024.


Dowen college is one of the best secondary schools in the country with boarding facilities and it is located at Lekki in Lagos state. Founded in 1997, this academic institution is seen as one of the best well equipped boarding schools in Nigeria. The school have facilities like a well updated library, computer and science laboratory, neat dormitories, etc.

Aside the dorm for boarding students, Dowen college also have provision for day students. The school fee for boarding school students is high as ₦2,000,000 in a year. This also covers other expenses like uniforms, textbooks, house wears, feeding and boarding fee. Day students on the other hand pay over ₦1,250,000.


Chrisland College is another top boarding school in Lagos state, Nigeria. Within this secondary school, there are also well equipped laboratories, air-conditioned classrooms, computer and music instruments to give the possible learning environment for your child or ward.

Chrisland college aren’t among the cheapest boarding schools in Nigeria as they charge over ₦2 million per year as school for students who wish to enroll into their boarding house. The fee covers other expenses too.


Established in 1989 by the Educational Trust Council, Atlantic Hall Secondary School is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria that offer quality education and have state of the art facilities. It is located in Epe, Lagos state. Also in close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.

While Atlantic Hall Secondary School fee is over ₦2.5 million per year, this academic institution have what it takes to be among Nigeria’s top boarding schools. Facilities like a medical center, large fields for football, basket ball court, tennis court, well-equipped library, etc are available to ensure versatile and a more comfortable learning.


If you are in search of a good christian boarding school to take your child to, then you should visit Hillcrest school. This secondary school which is located in Jos was established in 1942 and uses more of the American system of education as opposed to the regular British pattern.

While Hillcrest academic institution might not be among the cheapest boarding schools in Nigeria to attend, you might want to consider them as secondary school graduates from this school easily get admitted into North American universities. Hillcrest school fees is over ₦2.6 million per year and covers other expenses.


Loyola Jesuit is the best Catholic secondary school in Nigeria and one of the best boarding schools in Abuja. This co-educational boarding school upholds Christian virtues as its mission to its students. The institution has built a reputation for academic excellence over the years and encourages it students to be involved in various social and international activities.

Unfortunately, Loyola Jesuit has been ranked among the top 5 most expensive secondary schools in the country with over ₦3 million paid yearly as school fee for a student.


Greensprings school are one of the leading British international schools in Lagos and Nigeria that offer quality education that enables students develop vital life skills to excel academically. This academic institution has become one of the most sought-after international boarding schools in Lagos and all over Nigeria due to its rich curriculum and excellent academic performance of its students.

Green springs school run the British curriculum to make learning easy for students. They have qualified, good classrooms and equipped state-of-art learning facilities. They are also one of the best but not cheapest boarding schools in Nigeria today. School fees for an academic session costs over ₦4 million. This covers tuition fee, textbooks, and school uniforms among other things.


Whiteplains British School is also one of the best boarding schools in Abuja, Nigeria. It was established by a group of private individuals in 2007 to offer quality academic services to Nigerians and other nationals living in the country with an educational certificate that is recognised worldwide.

Whiteplains British School adopts the British curriculum of learning and has close affiliation with a number of foreign universities. The school facilities include separate air-conditioned hostels for male and female boarding students, libraries, ICT and sport facilities, swimming pool, etc.

For admission, WBS school fees is over ₦3.6 million per year and it include application fee, non-refundable Capital Development Levy, tuition and boarding fees, school uniform fee, medical screening with medical insurance fee, etc.


Day Waterman College is a co-educational boarding secondary school that offers a conducive learning environment for students from the ages of 11 to 16 years old. Established in 2008, the college can admit up to 500 students and it’s located in Ogun State, Nigeria.

Day waterman college is the best secondary school in Ogun state and has world-class facilities for qualitative education. Also, the school provides an extensive and varied co-curricular programme. The application form to join this school cost ₦20,000 while Day Waterman school fees is ₦3.7 million per session.


Lekki British Senior School is the first British boarding school in Lagos state. Established in 2000, the school aims at allowing young children discover and develop their unique talents by instilling discipline and care within a traditional British School environment.

Lekki British School adopts the international standard of studying and isn’t the cheapest boarding school in Nigeria one can attend. With a school fees of ₦4.5 million per session, your child or ward is sure to get the best value of education in this secondary school, equipped with a standard boarding house.


British International School is another popular boarding school located in Lagos state and was founded in 2000. Over the years, BIS has set itself apart as a citadel of learning the English language the British way.

The school fee for British International School for an academic year is about ₦5 million, making BIS, one of the most expensive boarding schools in Lagos. The school has various  multi-purpose halls, theatre, science and computer facilities.


St Gregory’s College is another top Catholic christian boarding school that you should consider taking your child to if you want the best academic training for your children. St. Gregory College is one of the first boarding schools in Lagos state that was established in 1928 and till today, has a reputation in training students to be intelligent and dogged when it comes to academic and character upbringing.

It’s a boys’s only school and has a very large school compound with security, football pitches, basket ball court, chapel, church, classrooms, dining area, computer lab with well trained teachers. All these will aid your child or ward to attain excellence in whatever field they want to join.


While there are other top boarding schools in Nigeria that are affordable, these ones listed above are the best. The only disadvantage is that their school fees is kind of expensive, especially for a term. If you really want to get the best educational services, quality social activity and discipline for your children or ward, the above boarding schools are the best you should go for.

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