Basis For The Adoption of Federal System in Nigeria

Why did Nigeria adopt the federal system of government? Well this write up highlights the reasons which include:

Heterogeneous nature of the country

Nigeria is made up of diverse people with varying language, culture, religion and tradition. Federation is the only way for these diverse people to come together and live as one.

This is because while relinquishing their independence, the component states still retain their autonomy to speak their languages, practice their religion, tradition and culture.


The protection of smaller ethnic groups or weak component states from aggressive bigger nations, so that out of the federation they can form a formidable union to protect themselves.

Historical colonial experience

The northeast, west and southern-parts of Nigeria has all gone through the same colonial administration of Britain.

On attainment of independence it became easy to continue to be together. Federation is the only way through which this desire could be achieved.

Large landmass and Population

Nigeria has large land mass and the population of the country is very high, about 180 million people.

Federation is the only ideal system of government as it brings the people together, bridge the gaps between the states and make room for effective administration.

Economic factor

Just as we have diversity among the people, so do we have diversity in economic endowment of the states of the federation. Some states has abundant natural resources while some others has little resources.

Through the federal system of government all the states within the federation enjoy the revenue accruing from all the resources for even development of the states.

Notwithstanding the above reasons for the adoption of Nigerian federalism, we can also mention some specific factors peculiar to Nigeria.

  • To promote the unity of Nigeria.
  • General consensus among our leaders when seeking independence from Britain
  • Geographical nearness of the component states to each other and the state network of roads and transportation.
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