Akwa Ibom: Natural Resources, History, Towns & Governors

Akwa Ibom State is blessed with great natural resources, and these resources, while they can be found in some other parts of Nigeria, are found in great abundance here, in this part of the country. In this article, we give a brief history of Akwa Ibom State, her economy, her past and present governors, the natural resources found, as well as her major towns and great tourist sites of attraction.


Akwa Ibom State was created on March 23, 1987 by General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida after he carved out a portion of the old Cross River State to birth this current State which prides itself as the largest producer of oil and gas in the country, and her capital city is Uyo.

Akwa Ibom is a coastal State which is situated in southern Nigeria, lying between latitudes 4°32′N and 5°33′N, and longitudes 7°25′E and 8°25′E. The State, along with Cross River, Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta and Edo States, form part of the the South-South Geopolitical Zone. To the east, it shares its border with Cross River State, to the west, it shares its border with Rivers State and Abia State, and on the south it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the southernmost tip of Cross River State.

Local Governments in Akwa Ibom State

There are thirty-one (31) Local Government Areas in Akwa Ibom State and they’re listed below.

  • Abak
  • Eastern Obolo
  • Eket
  • Esit Eket
  • Essien Udim
  • Etim Ekpo
  • Etinan
  • Ibeno
  • Ibesikpo Asutan
  • Ibiono Ibom
  • Ika
  • Ikono
  • Ikot Abasi
  • Ikot Ekpene
  • Ini
  • Itu
  • Mbo
  • Mkpat Enin
  • Nsit Atai
  • Nsit Ibom
  • Nsit Ubium
  • Obot Akara
  • Okobo
  • Onna
  • Oron
  • Oruk Anam
  • Udung Uko
  • Ukanafun
  • Uruan
  • Urue Offong Oruko
  • Uyo.

Major Towns/Cities in Akwa Ibom State

With Uyo being the largest and major city in the state, there are some towns however, which hold great importance as well in the State. In no particular order, these major towns/cities in Akwa Ibom State include:

Uyo, Eket, Ikot Ekpene, Abak, Ikot Abasi, Ikono, Etinan, Uruan and Oron.

Akwa Ibom State Geography

Akwa Ibom State is located in the southern part of our beloved country, Nigeria. It spans a total area of 6,900 square kilometres. The state is bordered on the east by Cross River State, on the west by Rivers State and Abia State, and on the south by the Atlantic Ocean. Akwa Ibom is a predominantly Ibibio, Anang and Eket speaking state.

Major Rivers and Lakes in Akwa Ibom State

The major rivers in Akwa Ibom State are: the Imo river (Shared with Imo State), The Kwa Ibo river (Qua Iboe river), from which the state derives its name, the Cross river (Shared with Cross River State) and the Azumini Blue River (Shared with Abia State).

Tourism in Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom State is a tourist destination and it boasts a good number of tourist sites and they are listed below.

  • Unity Park (Cenotaph), Uyo
  • Amalgamation House
  • Presbyterian Church, Uyo
  • Ibom Connection
  • National Museum of Colonial History
  • Akwa Ibom International Stadium
  • Discovery Park, Uyo
  • Oron Museum
  • Ibom Plaza
  • Tropicana Entertainment Centre
  • Ibeno Beach
  • Lord Lugard Residence
  • Slave Master’s Lodge
  • Mary Slessor House Tomb
  • Mbo Forest Game
  • Royal Niger Boat Yard
  • Scriptural Women Monument

Past and Present Governors of Akwa Ibom State

Since her creation in 1987, Akwa Ibom has been ruled by both military and civilian governors. All together, there have been ten (10) governors who have ruled the state till date and they are listed below.

1. Tunde Ogbeha, Military Governor (1987-1988)

2. Godwin Abbe, Military Governor (1988-1990)

3. Idongesit Nkanga, Military Governor (1990-1992)

4. Akpan Isemin, Civilian Governor (1992-1993)

5. Yakubu Bako, Military Governor (1993-1996)

6. Joseph Adeusi, Military Governor (1996-1998)

7. John Ebiye, Military Governor (1998-1999)

8. Victor Attah, Civilian Governor (1999-2007)

9. Godswill Akpabio, Civilian Governor (2007-2015)

10. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel, Civilian Governor (2015-date)

Mineral Resources Found in Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom State is blessed with natural resources and the mineral resources found within the state are:

  • Clay
  • Lead/Zinc
  • Lignite
  • Limestone
  • Oil/Gas
  • Salt
  • Uranium
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