How to Open and Verify a Paypal Account in Nigeria (2024)

Paypal has allowed Nigerians to  open a valid Paypal account which only sends payments through their platform which has been tipped as a welcome development but has also refused to activate the receiving option.

paypal account in nigeria

Most Nigerians are thereby faced with the challenge of receiving funds from a Paypal account in Nigeria, which was frustrating and sometimes get duped by those who offer to use through the back door to help them retrieve their money.

Paypal offers its users the service of sending and receiving funds online. The good news now is that you can now open and verify a Paypal account here in Nigeria without hitches. As long as you have a valid email with a house address, a debit or credit card, then you are good to go.

How do you open a PayPal account in Nigeria?

To open a PayPal account, visit on your computer and click on the sign up option using a valid email address. A link will be sent to you to verify your email address.

Click on the link to verify and once you email address has been verified and you then set up your password. Your password should be different from your email password you used to verify your account.

After choosing a password, you add a debit/credit card where money can be withdrawn from.

To verify your Paypal account in Nigeria, Paypal normally debit N238 (varies according to exchange rate) at first to be certain that the credit/debit card is valid. You need not fear as Paypal normally credit back the same amount back into your account.

The main thing that got me confounded when I first opened my Paypal account was, I thought about how I can make purchase with my PayPal account when my balance was 0.00. It was then I understood how Paypal operates by withdrawing the money from the card I added to Paypal anytime I tried to shop online from amazon, ebay, fiverr. etc.

I have used Paypal and I can guarantee that it is safe to use. How is your experience also in using a Paypal account in Nigeria

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