Agencies of Consumer Protection in Nigeria: Full List

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In any country, there are government agencies that controls the products being manufactured to the consumers. This is the consumer protection agency, and in this article, we’ll look at these organizations and what they’re up to to secure the legitimacy of products.

consumer protection agencies in nigeria

Consumer protection is the act of protecting buyers of merchandise and ventures, and the general population, against out of line rehearses in the commercial center. Buyer insurance measures are regularly settled by law, and such laws are expected to keep organizations from taking part in misrepresentation or indicated out of line so as to increase a favorable position over contenders or to deceive customers.

They may likewise give extra insurance to the overall population which might be affected by an item (or its creation) in any event, especially when they are not the immediate buyer or purchaser of that item. For instance, government guidelines may expect organizations to uncover nitty gritty data about their items—especially in regions where general health or security is an issue. For example, with foods, cars, or services.

List of Organizations For Consumer/ Buyer’s Protection in Nigeria

Below is a list of consumer/buyers protection agencies in nigeria and their functions

Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) 

This is a government agency that controls all products in the country, and make them to reach the standards before being considered for public consumption.

The Commission routinely takes an interest in SON’s specialized advisory groups for norms setting and audit. The standard setting process of the agency sees the body releasing a center statutory order which is guaranteeing customer interests.

Consumer Protection Council (CPC) 

This is an organization of the government, with the order of tending to purchasers’ inquiries, giving shopper instruction, and empowering exchange, industry, and expert relationship to create and authorize quality principles intended to defend the interests of customers.

As part of their function, the CPC teaches customers about their privileges and obligations; facilitating discourse with power circulation organizations on models, codes, and rules for their activities; building up coordination stages and normal gatherings among significant oversight and administrative bodies.

Directorate of Consumer Protection (DCP) 

The Directorate of Consumer Protection is another agency to maintain standards of produced goods for consumers. The body was propelled in March 2001, to guarantee that all flying buyers acquire the best administrations in air transportation. 

The mission is to fill in as the hawk eye of the business by being answerable for illuminating, instructing and securing customers just as guaranteeing the arrangement of value benefits in the avionics business.

National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) 

This is presumably the one of the most active agency for consumer protection. The Federal agency deals in cases including the food, medications and drink industry.

They major on prohibiting unsafe, phony, inadequate items before entering exchange, and seizure and appropriation subsequent to entering the trade market. What’s more, the key zones of help from NAFDAC are logical testing information abilities and facilities.

Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) 

The Nigerian Communications Commission work together to guarantee the insurance of consumers of communication services. This coordinated effort is guided by a Memorandum of Understanding.

The two foundations work together to guarantee that specialist organizations agree to suitable principles and convey an incentive to buyers. At the point when complaints happen, the two offices likewise cross allude and work together in settling objections and tending to showcase patterns. 

The functions of the Nigerian Communication Commission includes arrangement of specialized help, data sharing, and buyer training, among different types of coordinated effort to standardize the information and communication sector.

Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) 

The functions of this commission is to arrest extortion in the commercial and monetary centers. When there is proof that activities of a money related wrongdoing are  in sight, the Commission teams up to examine and give solutions for unfortunate casualties in such conditions. The EFCC work under a current tripartite Memorandum of Understanding to regulate the lingering issues of money thefts.

Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) 

The Commission attempts to raise shopper mindfulness seeing their privileges as flight purchasers and has consolidated the Passenger Bill of Rights into buyer training material for simpler spreading.

Also, they help buyers on the goal system of the NCAA and the participation between the Commission and the NCAA. The two offices mutually resolve customer complaints.The Commission works together with NESREA to guarantee safe pulverization of seized merchandise. The duo set up pertinent guidelines to regulate the aviation sector.

Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) 

The CBN have produced a solid working relationship in promotion of their common enthusiasm to guarantee purchaser fulfillment and forestall misuse in the monetary establishments sectors.

The national bank routinely work together with consumer protection agencies in the settling buyer objections and money related part examinations.  These and numerous different issues in the business are the subject of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Central bank and the Commission of consumer protection.

Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) 

The consumer protection commission works together with FRSC to guarantee the security and solace of street transport shoppers. The Commission looks for the help of FRSC in examination and settling customer objections identifying with street ventures, when vital. The connection between the Commission and FRSC as of late extended to joint sensitisation extends just as other joint activities. 

Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) 

The joint partnership of the consumer protection commission and the Nigerian broadcasting commission results to securing the privileges of consumer of broadcasting services. The Commission has now and again directed joint working investigation with the broadcasting commission. The Commission likewise gives input to NBC on content being circulated and consumer views as for such product. 

National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) 

The consumer protection commission works together with NESREA to guarantee safe annihilation of held onto merchandise. The two foundations additionally work together on the improvement of the environment to the world standards.

National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) 

The National Information Technology Development Agency, known as NITDA is a standard and arrangement setting agency of the government. They are jointed and shares innovation teams up with FCCPC in guaranteeing principles are proper for buyer fulfillment.

FCCPC additionally teams up with NITDA in authorizing gauges between innovation accomplices in E-Commerce to guarantee consistent and palatable buyer experience. To more readily execute this relationship a memorandum of Understanding is as of now being signed between the two organizations.

Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) 

The consumer protection commission and NERC have a Memorandum of Understanding which directs their cooperation on customers rights related issues in the electricity area. The Commission is a piece of the NERC Consumer Forum which is an authoritative intrigue stage for consumers grievances. The forum meets routinely to determine protests by customers and make steps to solve them.


Agencies of consumer protection help in safeguarding buyers, customers and consumers of produced goods or services. The safety of consumers in the country has been complemented by the availability of these government and private agencies.

This has been our take on the agencies of consumer protection in Nigeria as we hence outlined these bodies in the write-up.

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