Top Major Reasons Yoruba Men Marry Igbo Ladies

Despite the fact that Igbos and Yorubas aren’t in too good terms, there are typically contentions and hutches when Yoruba and Igbo couples marry out of their tribe. There are many who chose to do inter-marriage, damning all consequences involved. With many reasons for the marriage, especially mostly common with Yoruba men and Igbo ladies, they seek to do the union despite the unwanted traditional issues. This is seen as most inter-marriages between the two ethnic groups undoubtedly face and experience animosity from the accomplices’ families.  But with strong reasons backing up, the marriage is certain to hold. These and many other things we will feature in this article, as we will list the top major reasons why Yoruba men always marry Igbo ladies.

Yoruba man marrying an Igbo woman

The Yoruba and Igbo ethnic groups are two significant tribes in Nigeria. Both are popular groups and jointly occupy almost half of the country’s populace. Even as distinct tribes, there is a relationship and cooperation between them simply like with some other tribes in the country. However, when the issue of marriage comes in pertaining to the two ethnic groups, it’s possibly the most important factor they handle it with, as there is a great union between the duo. This is obvious as most young men and women in the two groups intermarry irrespective of their distinguishing ethnicities.

This affection among the two ethnic groups might make you to contemplate on what’s the influencing factor. There are sure characteristics possessed by Igbo women which make their Yoruba partners to the intrigued. Much the same as every tribe or ethnic group has its own characteristics, there are a few things that are attributing to Igbo ladies which makes the Yoruba men fall in love with them. It’s important to note, as they are essentially significant things one needs to know before marrying an Igbo lady. This would help such a relationship stand the test of time and hence decreasing the odds of getting separated.

Moreover, Yoruba men who fall in love with Igbo women probably observed a part of attributes by Igbo ladies. Through careful observation of these characteristics in the ladies, they make their decision by choosing to marry them. As liberal as a family could be, the individuals would in every case express their craving for their children and young women to always marry inside the tribe that they come from. And as such, they would just acknowledge the proposition all together not to demolish the satisfaction of their children. Hence they will give a node for the marriage.

Top 5 Major Reasons Why Yoruba Men Marry Igbo Ladies

Without much ado, let’s take a gander at the major reasons that makes Yoruba men to always settle for an Igbo partner in marriage. This also applies to other tribes who sees the Igbos as the grooming tribe to get a bride from. Below are five major reasons why inter-marriages always occurs between Yoruba men and Igbo ladies;

Igbo Women are Great Cooks

Though this may seem humorous, but if you have once tasted a good Igbo woman food, you will agree to the fact that cooking has greatly been pivotal to their inter-marriage. The Igbo women often settle for local delicacies from various leaves and vegetables that will be made into soups. The greater part of them realize how to cook and would take care of a man until he can’t eat any more.

A Yoruba man, on realizing the intriguing benefits their stomach will have, prefers to go for an Igbo partner. It’s not just that they would taste various sorts of delicacies when they are hitched to Igbo women, but their women are good for marriage relationship. Even we all know the path to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so why won’t Yoruba men be intrigued to get good Igbo women who are excellent cooks?

Igbo Women are Home Builders

A look at marriages in various parts of Igbo land, it could be seen that their ladies are very much committed in marriage. This results to the affection by Yoruba men to marry them. Within the tribe, there would consistently be a couple of stray ones like we have in other ethnic groups as well, nevertheless with regards to the exertion these Igbo women put into marriage relationships, these makes them more marketable not only for Yorubas but other tribes.

Marriage implies a lot of unionism and divorce is something they don’t generally engage. This makes the Yoruba men go for them since they see the possibilities of having a stable home.

Love Knows no Boundary

A good number of Yoruba men settles in marrying an Igbo women because love is independent on tribe and boundary. They don’t go on the grounds that they had it arranged out but since there is love, the relationship can hold. On a normal case, not yielding to love marriage may expose couples to a lifetime of despondency and possible disunion of the marriage.

Besides, Yoruba men don’t just wed these Igbo women forcibly, rather, there is normally a solid common assent by the both parties. Hence, it is fundamental for them to function as a unit so as to pick up the help of their relatives. All of these helps in making a good marriage.

They are Accommodating

A look at the Igbo tribe, the people love staying with one another in an extended family way; it isn’t abnormal seeing uncles, aunts, nephews, cousins and distant relations being in the same family house. In spite of the fact that they may be a little bit distant, they appreciate great organization especially in the family. This has contributed to making their women accommodating, thereby attracting other tribes.

The Yoruba men realize that wedding Igbo women who are very much trained will help them with keeping their relatives together.  This will create a link between the both partner’s family and help keep the marriage relationship.


For the sake of one Nigeria, a good number of Yoruba men chooses to marry Igbo women which is outside their own tribe. Sometimes, men don’t focus on ethnic issues and background before choosing who to marry. They believe that all is one and there is will be no significant difference in the relationship. Undoubtedly, the Igbo women are just like them as well.

Hence, a Yoruba man could choose to pick his life partner from the Igbo clan and live with her in the relationship. Though a lot of folks see inter-ethnic marriages as a taboo. But all things considered, marriage outside one’s clan isn’t that an offense, and it’s approved under the law. Moreso, marrying in another tribe advances social joining and helps the people of the nation to be bond together.


Igbo is one of the best tribes to marry in Nigeria. This is due to the fact that the ethnic group supports inter-marriages. Igbo women are also one of the best brides in the country, and for this reason, we came up with the major reasons why Yoruba men often chose these ladies. The article was more explicit on these facts as we highlighted up to five reasons.

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