Types of Nurses in Nigeria

Nursing is the most widespread, diverse, and well-respected of all the medical specialties. Nigeria has hundreds of thousands of registered nurses, but studies have estimated that between 2016 and 2030, the country will need about 600,000 nurses and midwives. More people will now have the chance to find employment in the field of public health as a result.

In order to become a nurse in Nigeria, one must complete nursing school, a basic midwifery school, or university-level nursing coursework. It’s important to learn more about the different nursing programs that are offered to you before considering enrolling in one. This will enable you to select the specialism that best suits your needs.

nurses in Nigeria


In order to specialize in a particular area of nursing in Nigeria, you must have a degree. Discover a selection of nursing specialties that are appropriate for you.


The majority of nurses in Nigeria are registered nurses. RNs provide and organize patient care, inform patients and the public about various health issues, and offer patients and their families counseling and emotional support. In a variety of contexts, the majority of registered nurses collaborate with doctors and other healthcare professionals. An associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing is required to become an RN. Depending on your interests, there are numerous job options for registered nurses to work in various specializations.


A highly skilled nurse with a focus on aiding with anesthesia during operations is known as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). Some of the highest-paid nursing specialties in the medical industry include CRNAs. This is as a result of the extensive training these nurses receive and the strong demand for them in surgical settings. You need to finish a graduate-level school in order to earn your certification as a registered nurse anesthetist. If you’re interested in helping patients manage their pain before, during, and after procedures, pick this specialty.


Heart disease is one of the top causes of death in the world today. As more people experience heart-related issues, there is an increasing need for cardiac nurses. You will help with surgical operations like bypass, angioplasty, or pacemaker surgery as a cardiac nurse. If you want to assist in numerous procedures and are interested in heart-related concerns, choose this speciality.


One category of advanced practice registered nurses is clinical nurse specialists (APRN). In order to enhance the caliber of care a patient receives, they collaborate with other nurses and personnel to provide direct patient care. They frequently take on leadership responsibilities and may instruct and counsel other nursing staff. If you want to work as a leader in the nursing profession, pick this speciality. Go for it if you’re also interested in running a nursing staff and practicing medicine.


In terms of schooling, critical care nurses and registered nurses are fairly comparable. The primary distinction is that a critical care nurse has received specialized training for emergency settings. In challenging circumstances, a critical care nurse may be counted on to monitor life support systems while tending to significant wounds. If you want to help patients who have experienced severe trauma, such as a devastating injury or a life-threatening illness, choose this nursing specialty.


An ER nurse works with their team in the emergency room to complete a variety of responsibilities following a patient’s meticulous assessment and stabilization. By studying a patient’s medical records, an ER nurse should be able to identify how to administer medication appropriately and react to minor injuries or illnesses.


A family nurse practitioner (FNP) is a nurse who specializes in providing general primary healthcare to patients of all ages. Family nurse practitioners typically do physical examinations, diagnostic testing, pharmaceutical prescriptions, and the diagnosis and treatment of ailments. If you want to offer more in-depth and comprehensive medical care to people of all ages, pick this speciality.


A geriatric nurse is an expert in caring for elderly patients in order to treat illnesses, injuries, and preserve their level of well-being. They can foresee future care for their patients and chronic illnesses like cancer or Alzheimer’s disease in addition to caring for elderly people. If you want to assist the elderly population with either basic requirements or more specialized treatments, choose this profession.


A surgical nurse, also called an operating room nurse, or perioperative nurse. They concentrate on a patient’s pre- and post-operative care. To monitor and maintain the patient’s condition, they can set up a surgical room, control the operating room’s equipment, and apply bandages throughout operations.


A mental health nurse is an expert in identifying and treating patients with psychological illnesses. Within this nursing field, providing counseling services is frequently another crucial responsibility. If you want to build a deep connection with your patients, choose this nursing speciality.


The task of teaching nursing students about patient care falls to nurse educators. They may concentrate on certain nursing specialties or provide thorough instruction on nursing in general. If you want to influence the direction of nursing care in the future by motivating people to enter the medical industry, pick this speciality.


The function of a nurse manager is that of a clinical supervisor. Many nurse managers transition into administrative positions and take on duties including hiring nurses, making schedules, and making choices about the budget and management.


Another well-liked specialty in Nigeria is this one. A nurse midwife is an expert in treating expectant mothers. They also support throughout prenatal visits during birth and delivery. Nurse midwives continue to provide care to expectant moms following the delivery room by instructing and advising new mothers on how to adjust to life with a baby. If a comprehensive approach to women’s health and childbearing interests you, pick this speciality.


Advanced nursing services are provided to patients by nurse practitioners who operate as primary and specialty care providers. In addition, they may order tests, conduct physicals, and write prescriptions. If you want to develop your nursing profession and give patients more in-depth treatment that is comparable to medical care, pick this nursing program.


A nurse manager and a nursing administrator are both on a much greater scale. Controlling entire teams of nursing staff is one of a nursing administrator’s main responsibilities. The management of the nurse administrator is essential to the efficient operation of the unit. This category of nurses is represented by the Nigerian Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMCN).


Oncology nurses have extensive training in the treatment of cancer. These nurses aid in educating patients about available treatments or their status as being in remission. Oncology nurses can recommend drugs and will continue to keep an eye on their patients’ symptoms and progress.


Orthopedic nurses specialize in treating musculoskeletal conditions and disorders include osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and joint replacements. They can assist with both complex disease management and physical difficulties.


A pediatric nurse is a nurse who specializes in caring for children from infancy through adolescence. Pediatric nurses are capable of carrying out physical examinations, making diagnoses, and creating treatment plans, just like other nurses.


A public health nurse represents communities and educates them on vital health facts pertaining to their community. They work hard to help people receive medical care while educating their patients about various forms of therapy, disease prevention, and other topics. If working with patients one-on-one interests you more than improving the health of huge populations, select this specialty.


Travel nurses are exceptional in that they can move from point to point in accordance with their contract and work with patients who are located all over the world. Additionally, travel nurses get their hourly wage and a housing stipend. If you wish to live and work in various environments to develop both professional and life experience, enroll in this nursing program.

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