Types of Allowances in Nigerian Civil Service (2024)

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The civil service in Nigeria are responsible for the day to day planning and implementation of government policies under the various ministries, agencies and departments of government. The employees who work under the civil service are referred to as civil servants and they are entitled to various allowances for carrying out such service on behalf of the government.


An employee may get money as a benefit allowance from a firm or governmental body for a particular use. This can be for things like travel, medical expenses, or a flexible spending account. Benefits dispensed to employees may be paid out via standard payroll. It should be noted that allowances provided for those in public service are subject to periodic review by the National Salaries, Income and Wages.

This article will discuss the financial advantages that public employees (also known as public servants) are entitled to in addition to their pay. Learn more about the breakdown of various allowances in Nigerian civil service by reading on. You will also discover the precise objectives for which these employees are hired.


Following are the several sorts of allowances offered by the Nigerian civil service:


An allowance known as a duty tour is given to Nigerian civil service employees who are going on a tour. This excursion has to receive proper approval from a legitimate authority. The funding for DTA is intended to cover travel-related hotel and food costs. The types of employees who qualify for DTA include those who are on official duty away from their station and those who have been posted to a new station. Staff undergoing off-site in-service training is also covered by the duty tour allowance.

The DTA rates for Federal Public Officers are broken out as follows:

  • ₦37500 per night for grade levels 16–17 and roughly equivalent
  • ₦25000 per night for grade levels 14–15 and equivalents
  • ₦20,000 per night for grade levels 12–13 and its equivalent.
  • ₦17500 per night for Grade Levels 07–10 and Equivalents
  • ₦15000 per night for Grade Levels 05–06 and its Equivalent.
  • ₦10000 per night for Grade Level 01–4 and its Equivalent

Additionally, depending on how urgent the tour is and whether an airport is open, the duty tour allowance includes flights. This is provided that the Accounting Officer gives his or her consent. However, a transportation allowance is given when there are no air transportation services available in the town or city where the public official(s) is/are traveling.

The rates at which travel expenses are provided are listed below:

  • ₦150/Kilometre Grade Level 15-17
  • ₦75/Kilometre Grade Level 07-14
  • ₦55/Kilometre Grade Level 01-06
  • ₦35/Kilometre Minister/Permanent Secretary

Public employees have a right to 30percent of their DTA together with the cost of an airport taxi if the tour is inside Nigeria.


A public official may get kilometer or transportation allowances under three circumstances. The reporting to duty station of freshly hired or appointed officers is the first requirement. The second circumstance is when a public servant is stepping down from their position. Finally, when public officials use their vehicles to fulfill their official duties.

These are the Kilometre Allowance payment rates:

  • Minister/Permanent Secretary – ₦150/Kilometre
  • Grade Level 15-17 – ₦75/Kilometre
  • Grade Level 07-14 – ₦55/Kilometre
  • Grade Level 01-06 – ₦35/Kilometre

Public officials additionally receive an additional 30% of the kilometer allocation for domestic travel (i.e., travel within Nigeria).


Public employees who are relocated to a station outside of their home city are given a hotel accommodation allowance. Public employees who start a new assignment at a station outside of their home city are also eligible for this allowance. Hotel Allowance covers hotel accommodations during the first 28 days as well as transportation costs for public officers, their families, and up to four children (or the cash equivalent).

The hotel accommodation allowance rates in Nigeria are listed below:

  • Minister/Permanent Secretary – ₦20000 per night
  • Grade Level 15-17 – ₦13000 per night
  • Grade Level 07-14 – ₦9000 per night
  • Grade 01-06 – ₦3000 per night

It’s calculated as follows:

The hotel allowance for a public servant in grade level 10 is 28*9000, or ₦25 2000.


Estacode allowance is a travel reimbursement for cross-border trips. A public servant must have a permanent secretary’s or an extra-ministerial office head’s recommendation in order to be eligible for this stipend. The Federation’s Head of Civil Service will later provide his approval.

The Estacode Allowance rates are listed below:

  • Honourable Minister – $900
  • Permanent Secretary – $600

The cost for grades 15–17 is $425. Grades 7–14 are $381. Grades 1–6 are $206.

It is envisaged that the Estacode allowance will be received in Nigeria in the form of a traveler’s check payable to the public officer(s) departing on the official international tour.

The Nigerian mission there may offer to reimburse a public official who stays longer than anticipated when traveling abroad. However, the Accounting Officer’s prior clearance is required.


When a public official traveling abroad has their hotel or lodging costs covered by the host government or institution, they are eligible for the Estacode Supplementation Allowance. In this instance, the host institution or government trains the officer as part of its technical support for Nigeria. The such public servant is also eligible to 10percent of his/her relevant Estacode Allowance for the duration of his stay abroad, in addition to receiving free boarding and accommodation.

The public official participating is eligible to earn 40% of his/her Estacode Allowance to cover boarding and incidental costs only if training and free lodging are given by the host Government/institution. The host institution/government may offer the public official free lodging as well as monetary stipends. In that situation, the officer will seek the 30% of his/her proper Estacode Allowance that is not covered by the monetary compensation the donor got.


Public officials who are traveling on business to a nation in a moderate climate are given a warm clothing allowance. This allowance is valued at $720.


Public servants receive a disengagement allowance right before they leave their positions. This stipend is calculated at 5% of the public officer’s basic yearly pay + ₦50000 for packing expenses.

The following are some additional allowances in Nigeria:

  • Overtime Allowance
  • Local Course Allowance
  • Books Allowance
  • Responsibility Allowance
  • Uniform Allowance
  • Call Duty Allowance
  • Acting Allowance
  • Teaching Allowance


That is how Nigerian civil sector employees see their allowances. These fascinating perks are included in their base pay and contribute to overall job satisfaction. I think you now understand the benefits to which a worker in the public sector in this country is entitled.

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