Top 10 Best Television Brands in Nigeria (2024)

Considering purchasing a new television? The top 10 best television brands in Nigeria are discussed in this article. The majority of the time, it is advisable to stick with well-known brands because they create in accordance with a certain standard of quality. However, checking out new brands can be beneficial as some of them wish to demonstrate their capabilities by launching high-quality products to the electronics market.

Televisions in Nigeria

Nigerian consumers have access to a wide variety of tv brands, whether they shop at offline stores or online sites like Jumia, Jiji, Konga, and others. There are many television brands in the Nigerian electronics market that are performing up to expectations, but there are also some that aren’t doing so well.

We have several television brands that imitate legitimate brands and sell the fake for less money. We also have refurbished products that seem authentic but aren’t. The major reason we put up this article is because all of information needs to be thoroughly checked.

This post is designed specifically for you if you don’t know much about television brands in Nigeria and want to choose the best one for your house or place of business.

If you have any hardware or other problems that need fixing, these brands have service centres all over Nigeria, so you won’t have to worry. We’ve listed these brands based on how well-reviewed their customer service is and how simple it is to get things fixed through their service centres in Nigeria.

Remember that the pricing of television sets are influenced by a variety of features that set them apart from the competition; a single brand may have a number of models, each with their own unique features.

Other manufacturers are more well-known for their sleek designs, toughness, innovative features, firmware updateability, viewer experience, picture and sound quality, usability, and other characteristics.


We’ve listed the best TV brands currently available in Nigeria below. These brands also create more affordable versions of their products, which are typically sold under various names but are still made by the same parent business.


There is no doubt that LG is the best television available in Nigeria right now, and both users of the brand and engineers can vouch for this. A firm called LG makes a variety of appliances and technologies for the home, including refrigerators, microwaves, smartphones, washing machines, pressing irons, blenders, home theatres, etc.

Because they build electronics in accordance with the climatic conditions of the continent, the company is the most well-known electronics manufacturer in both Nigeria and Africa. This results in extremely effective and durable goods.

If quality is what you’re after, LG TVs are your best bet; they come in a variety of types and offer crystal-clear images and excellent sound. With significant features like HDMI features, USB Ports, Bluetooth, Internet Wifi, and other features, some of their TVs are available in QLED, OLED, LEDs, LCDs, UHD, and other forms. You can easily purchase an LG television through their official stores or nearby authorised dealers, as well as online.


This is yet another reputable television brand that has been providing Nigerians with programming for decades. Samsung is also among the best TV brands in Nigeria; in other words, you can always rely on Samsung in the world of electronics.

The manufacturer made a lot of work to ensure that its television set had the highest picture and sound quality possible. With Samsung, you get everything a smart or next-generation television should have to offer.

Investing in a Samsung television is the greatest move because it has clear visual quality, is durable, has a nice design, and will provide you the best viewing experience.


One of the most reputable TV brands in Nigeria, producing and distributing high-quality gadgets for many years. Considering how long their goods survive and how well they operate in contrast to other brands, Panasonic is also among the finest television brands in Nigeria.

You can have all of this for a fair price, including high-quality images, a clean picture, and clear sound.


Another trusted television brand in Nigeria is Sony TV, it has a long history in the Nigerian electronics market and has received praise from eminent experts.

You will have a high-quality viewing experience with Sony televisions because the majority of films and picture technology, notably the audio component, are designed for Sony.

The Sony Bravia and Sony smart TVs with Android OS are the two models that are now being produced and have premium screen displays like the OLED, QLED, and so on. It is extremely challenging to find a fake version of this brand because it is known for consistently producing high-quality television.

For immersive viewing features and sound quality, if you enjoy playing video games, you should invest in a Sony television. You may get one at any electronics retail store in Nigeria.


Hisense is a LG product that was created in response to consumer demand for a less expensive LG product. Hisense’s quality is comparable to that of the parent company LG.

Hisense TVs, in particular the smart TVs, are currently the most popular models worldwide and in Nigeria because they provide premium quality even at a very low cost.

The television comes with a number of capabilities, including HDMI, USB ports, Bluetooth, WiFi, and an optics cable connection, among others.


TCL ranks among the best TV brands in Nigeria. It is durable, provides crisp, clear images, as well as good audio. It is a Chinese consumer electronics business that specialises in the creation of appliances and home gadgets.

It is incredible to watch how quickly this television brand gained popularity and inundated the Nigerian market. In addition, TCL has received a tonne of favourable press, so you can tell it is a quality TV brand just by looking at it.


Another Chinese manufacturer of electronics that is quickly capturing the Nigerian market is Bruhm. This brand specialises in household electronics and appliances, including refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, microwaves, and other items used in both the living room and kitchen.

The television has the best imaging, providing excellent picture clarity and a wide field of view. It also has a nice sound system. With screen kinds based on OLED, LED, and other screen display varieties, this is a mid-range television maker.


One of the best television brands available is Apple TV, which offers countless options such as streaming, internet browsing, watching the newest films, and keeping up with global events.

Apple produces the iPhone, iPad, and other high-end electronic devices, and there is no denying that their goods are among the best in the world. However, these items tend to be very expensive due to their high quality, so investing in an Apple TV will be a wise decision you won’t regret.


In fact, UKA is a new brand in Nigeria, thus without it, the list of the top television brands in Nigeria would fall short.

When compared to other manufacturers, UKA produces some of the best TVs in Nigeria and sells them for a very reasonable price. The majority of Nigerian electronics outlets as well as internet retailers carry UKA televisions.


The last of the best tv brands in Nigeria is Skyworth, which is not all that well-known but earns this position mostly because to the TV’s high-quality picture and sound.

It is a widely available TV brand in Nigeria that is available in many different sizes and models, including Smart TVs, Plasmas, LEDs, and many others. Skyworth TV provides Internet WiFi connection, USB ports, Bluetooth, HDMI, and other features just like modern TVs.

If you intend to purchase one of the TV brands mentioned above, you should order online and have it delivered to your home with assurance.

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