Top 10 Richest Veteran Nigerian Actresses & Net Worth (2024)

A good number of Nigerian female entertainers are very rich and active in the country’s movie entertainment industry. These top actresses are contributing much to earn fame and wealth from the movie industry.

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Who is the most beautiful Nollywood actress in Nigeria?

With Nigeria’s Nollywood being the second largest movie industry in the world, these actresses has accumulated much from the remunerative industry. If you’re interested to know who’s leading the chart as the richest actresses in Nigeria, then you aren’t far from the answer.


The top ten richest actresses in the Nigerian entertainment industry include the following:


Rita Dominic is a prolific and well-known female entertainer in the Nigerian entertainment industry. She is a young woman who is in her mid-40s, and has made enough in her age. She is a standout amongst other Nigerian entertainers who has been up in the movie industry.

Beside being an actress, the Imo lady is in like manner a film maker, who created a lot of movies which was a huge accomplishment for her.

Rita is an international artist and has been a brand ambassador for Nokia, Glo, and numerous other organizations. Taking a gander at her Awards and Recognitions, she has earn herself various honors and many other recognitions.

On the whole, Rita Dominic has a net worth of ₦950 million to be the richest actress in the country.


The popular Genevieve is the second most richest actress in Nigeria. She is actually one of the most attractive ladies in Nollywood industry. Ms. Nnaji is also one of the most affluent Nigerian female entertainers in the Nollywood film industry.

Genevieve who is also a fashion designer  has had some deals with the following organizations; Etisalat, Amstel Malta, Lux, Range Rover, and some more. The movie act has earned a lot from these deals and every one of these brand have earn the entertainer a few million.

Just as Genevieve is known widely in Nigeria, she has also acted in various movies both in and outside the country.

Looking at Genevieve Nnaji wealth, the popular female entertainer has a net worth up to ₦850 million and she owns expensive vehicles and properties in and outside the country as well.


Nigeria’s iconic actress Mercy Johnson is a long-standing personality who has been in the industry since 2004. What has truly made Mercy Johnson one of the most affluent Nigerian entertainers is her work in the film industry.  By virtue of her capacity and work in entertainment, she has rose to quite possibly the richest and hard-working female entertainer in Nollywood.

Mercy Johnson is one of the largest earners in the Nigerian entertainment industry as a whole. She cummulate a net worth of about ₦600 Million  as at this year.


Omotola is in like manner one of the most notable names in the Nollywood industry. The country’s movie viewers has seen most of him for a long time spanning up to a decade now. ALSO SEE: THE TOP 10 RICHEST NIGERIAN ACTORS

Omotola has had some moneyed deals with P&G, Knorr, BO16 hair reach, and Nigeria Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association (NLPGA) , among various others, have added to the wealth of the talented artist. On the whole Omotola Jalade has a net worth of ₦550 million.


Funke Akindele has been very popular in the movie entertainment scene due to her comic way of acting. There are not actually any person who watches Nollywood and would not know this entertainer. Popularly known as Jenifa, as she is called in view of her hit TV program, Jenifa’s Diary.

Taking a gander at Funke’s wealth, she has sponsorship and ambassadorial deals with multi-nationals like Globacom, Jobberman, 1960 Bet, OMO and many more. She has a net worth of ₦510 million.


Ini Edo is one of the few standout celebrities from Akwa Ibom State. Born on 23 April 1982, her journey into the entertainment industry started about twenty years after. In any case, she started very well and showed up in the film acting industry.

While she has displayed in films, she has moreover raked in tons of cash from her deals for multi-nationals like Globacom, Slimtea Nigeria, and various others.

In addition, Ini Edo is among the most affluent Nigerian female entertainers in the Nollywood industry. She has a net worth of ₦450 million to earn this position in this list.


Clarion Chukwura is a notable name in the country’s entertainment industry. She has a son Clarence Peters who is actually doing well in the music line.

Clarion is one of the names that will always be reviewed when talking about the movie entertainment in the country. She is as well rich an has a net worth in the region of ₦400 Million.


Patience Ozokwor is a legend in the Nigerian movie industry. Her long-term experience has earn her the wealth for her to be placed as one of the richest actresses in the country.

Patience is popularly known as Mama G, and she has featured in various movies and has walked home with a lot of awards to complement her efforts. Also, she has a net worth of ₦380 million as at this year.


Danielle Okeke has become rich with much credits to her keen sensation and her capacity in the movie industry. Veteran actress is an entertainer and a film maker whose works is very obvious.

Taking a peek at Danielle Okeke wealth, she has a net worth of ₦380 million as at present.


Mary Remmy-Njoku is an entertainer and a film maker that has been making the best in the country’s movie industry. Though she may not be well-known, but her presence in the industry can’t be underestimated.

Mary Remmy-Njoku has a net worth of ₦380 Million to earn this position as one of the top ten richest actresses in Nigeria.


So far we have highlighted the most richest female entertainers in the Nigerian entertainment industry. These personalities are also the best acts due to their wealth of influence in intriguing viewers. Though there are many others in the long list, but these ten movie actresses are the richest in the country.

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