Top 10 Tallest Buildings in the U.S (2024)

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The United States’ vast architectural history has continuously changed its city skylines. Some of the world’s highest structures have been built in the US. The US skyline is dotted with a variety of skyscrapers, including hotels, apartment complexes, and office towers. The world’s first skyscraper was actually constructed in Chicago in 1885. The 10-story Home Insurance Building is regarded as the birth to all skyscrapers in the world. I’m pretty sure you’ll be curious to witness these engineering marvels. This article will highlight to you the tallest structures in the country.

tallest buildings in the united states

Here is a table showing the top 10 tallest buildings in the United States and their measurements:

Rank Building Height (ft)
1 One World Trade Center 1,776
2 Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) 1,451
3 John Hancock Center 1,128
4 Empire State Building 1,250
5 Bank of America Plaza (Tampa) 1,165
6 Aon Center 1,136
7 Trump International Hotel and Tower 1,389
8 New York Times Building 1,046
9 Bank of America Plaza (Charlotte) 871
10 U.S. Bank Tower 1,018


Here are the ten tallest structures in the United States as of this year.


One World Trade Centre is equally the tallest building in the US and in the Western Hemisphere. It was officially opened in March 2014. The building was once known as Freedom Tower prior to being constructed in Lower Manhattan. One World Trade Center’s development got underway and was completed with a record investment of $3.9 billion. This building is currently the seventh-tallest in the entire globe. The World Trade Center complex has several buildings, but this one is the highest. It is situated in New York City and measures 1,776 feet (541 meters) in height overall.


The Central Park Tower holds the title of the tallest residential structure in the world. The Nordstrom Tower is the popular name of this building. It is situated in the center of the American city of New York. There are 98 storeys in total in this building. Also, it includes 3 storeys below ground. The second-tallest building in the US is Central Park Tower. Its beauty and elegance create a commanding presence along the Manhattan skyline. The striking, charismatic Central Park Tower has polished its elegance to enchant. It is 1,550 feet tall in all (472 m).


The Willis Tower held the record for highest structure in the world from 1974 to 1998. Over a hundred enterprises have operated side by side in this structure. The architectural firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill also contributed to its design. Willis Tower boasts a massive floor space of 4.56 million square feet and a massive height of 1,451 feet. It is currently the third-tallest structure in the US. Its construction took place between 1970 and 1973, costing about 175 million dollars. It ranks third among buildings in the western hemisphere in terms of height.


The “111 West 57th Street” residential tower in New York City began to take shape on March 8, 2015. This spectacular edifice was completed in March 2021. This structure was designed by SHoP architects. This historical landmark in the United States cost more than two billion dollars to construct. It has more than 60 opulent residences. 111 is currently the fourth-tallest structure in the country. The fourth-tallest residential structure in the USA is also referred to as Steinway Tower.


One Vanderbilt is the fifth-tallest skyscraper in the United States. It is therefore New York’s fourth-tallest structure. Midtown Manhattan’s 42nd Street is where this building is situated. It is a 93-story office building with a massive 1,750,212 square foot floor space. This structure finally opened three years after construction on One Vanderbilt began in 2017. Its height is roughly 1,401 feet (427 meters), and the complete project will cost more than $3.31 billion.


432 Park Avenue is the sixth-tallest structure in the United States and one of the priciest residential skyscrapers. The building’s apartment units offer breathtaking views of Central Park in Manhattan, New York. The renowned architect Raphael Vinoly is responsible for the entire structure. The building’s foundation was laid in 2011, and its entire construction was finished in 2015. The structure is 85 stories tall, or 1,396 feet (426 m).


Trump Tower is the seventh highest structure in the United States. It’s moreover the 32nd highest structure in the world with a total height of 1,389 feet. The hotel is named after Donald Trump and is located in a skyscraper. Trump International Tower was designed by Adrian Smith, a well-known architect who works for Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. Trump Tower opened its doors in early 2009 in a 98 storeys building. The top floor and roof are respectively 1,171 feet and 1,116 feet tall.


The North Tower is a popular name for 30 Hudson Yards. This is the eighth-tallest structure in the USA. With a height of 1270 feet, this structure ranks as the 46th highest structure in the world. The exhibition space at 30 Hudson Yards has a 2.6 million square foot total carpet surface and incredibly high ceilings. In New York City, work on this building began in March 2014. This stunningly large building was created by Kohn Pedersen Fox.


The 100-stories Empire State Building was the first skyscraper in the world.  It held the record for largest man-made structure on earth from 1931 to 1967. It is currently the ninth-tallest structure in the United states. The building’s 102 floors translate into a total carpet area of more than 2.24 million square feet. It is around 1,250 feet tall, rising to 1,453 feet at the tip.


The Bank of America Tower is ranked 10th among the tallest structures in the US. It is New York City’s eighth-tallest structure. It is 366 meters or 1,200 feet tall at its tip. This structure has 55 stories in total. There are 2.1 million square feet of offices in this skyscraper, which is an office complex.


According to the above ranking, eight of the ten tallest structures in the US are in New York City, while five are in Chicago. Despite the fact that America is home to numerous large and stunning cities, the most of the country’s skyscrapers are located in these two cities. These skyscrapers provide amazing, spellbinding vistas as well as a beautiful atmosphere. Please note that this list only includes completed buildings and does not include buildings that are under construction or have been proposed but not yet built. The rankings and measurements are based on standard architectural height, which includes architectural elements, spires, and antennae, but does not include other structures such as communication towers or masts.

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