Spy Police Nigeria Salary Structure: How Much They Earn (2024)

Just as the normal police officers, the Supernumerary Police (Spy Police) is a unique division in the Nigerian Police Force. These are special police that are assigned for special capacities. These officers are present in organization, and you will often see them at banks, companies and even in government establishments. The work of these officers is primarily to look after the possession/assets of these organization. Some of these police officers go about as drivers and even security personnel in organizations and companies. However, are you thinking about how much Spy Police officers earn? This article will answer this question, as we will highlight the Spy Police Nigeria salary structure.

spy police in nigeria

The services of Supernumerary or Spy Police officers is required in virtually all business organization. A great deal multinationals, going from the oil, pharmaceutical, insurance and other private corporate divisions have Spy Police officers as a security to their business commitment. Over the course of this article, we will highlight how much Spy Police officers earn in Nigeria monthly.


Firstly, let’s get to know who these Supernumerary Police officers are, and whether they are differed from other police departments.

The Supernumerary Police popularly known as Spy Police is a department of the Nigerian Police Force. This is a special police outfit which was set up considering the declining condition of security in the country. To this end, the essential objectives of the body is to consistently put on the specific and expert ability of the security system. These security officials are generally arranged police officers with the significant capacities to maintain lawfulness inside their areas of posting. Not at all like the ordinary police who have more significant responsibilities, the Spy Police officials, act all the more perfectly in their special expert work environments.

The Supernumerary Police in Nigeria was set up under Section 46, of the Police Act CAP 359 of 1968 as amended under Section 418, of the Police Act CAP 359 of laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1990. Under this act, ‘any individual (counting any administration division) that wants to benefit himself/herself of the Spy Police in Nigeria of one or more official police of this nature, for the security of property claimed or constrained by him/her, may apply to the Inspector-General of Police of the federation or State Commissioner of Police, expressing the nature and circumstance of the company being referred to and giving such other investment as the Inspector-General may require.’



Let’s look at the work and roles of Spy Police Officers, before taking a gander at how much they earn as salary. As precisely stated by section 18 of the police constitution which specifies that the duties of Spy Police, the roles of spy police officers in Nigeria include:

  • For employment on administrative duties on police premises (which is stated at section 19 of the police act)
  • To protect property (Company Spy)
  • For attachment as orderlies
  • To compliment the services of regular police officers when needed by MDAs/Organisations/Multi-National Companies/Banks


The salary of Supernumerary/Spy police officers relies upon the arrangement between the organization and the person (i.e. the spy officer). Contingent upon the rank, the least ranked officer, which is a Corporal, earns ₦70,000 monthly. Definitely, making up as a Spy Police is preferable and individuals who join can validate the way that it is a good position.

The federal government of Nigerian nor the Nigerian police (NPF) doesn’t pay salary to spy police officers. Looking at what the police act states, ‘a supernumerary police officer shall have no claim or ex-service benefits on the police reward fund, pension, salary, gratuity or annual allowance by virtue of his employment.’ How then are Spy Police Officers paid? They get receive their salary on the off chance that they are working for a private firm or public firm requiring their services. This is normally haggled by the government agent official and the firm being referred to.

Spy Officers of high ranks and positions, for example, Assistant Superintendent of Police, CSP, and so forth, have a possibility of finding lucrative positions as well. However, the Nigerian Police bear no financial imperative nor the Federal Government for the installment of pay rates of Spy Police officers.

For more information about joining the Supernumerary police, visit the Police Training School, Ikeja.


Generally, every spy police officer will on selection and appointment be enlisted to serve from month to month.  Therefore, as need be, a spy cop may at whatever point, leave his course of action by giving one month’s notice for that advantage to the responsible authority answerable for the police in the area where he is designated to work in.

On the whole, supernumerary police officers are reliant upon a similar control or capacity as various officers in the police force. They additionally work in similar positions, aside from the post of the IGP.


The Spy Police is a special department in the Nigerian Police Force (NPF). It’s a good security body which draws in many people into it. Unquestionably, there are numerous advantages of joining the Nigerian Spy Police. Not many of the significant advantages of joining the Spy Police police in the country will be listed below.

They include the following:

  • Spy Police officers are known to enjoy the privileges of the customary police
  • They are not limited on travel, as they can go out effectively without hassles
  • Since the interest for Spy Police officers is high, you can undoubtedly find a new line of work in top firms and companies
  • This class of police officers procure a ton of respect
  • Another beneficial thing about joining spy police is that you won’t be harassed by any security staff or Police Officers.


Subsequent to giving a detailed information on the salary structure of Spy police officers, that’s how much we can take on this article. This write-up gave information on how much these security officers earn per month in the country. We believe you now have a clue on how rewarding this type of security job is.

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