Salary For Level 8 in Nigeria: How Much is Paid (2024)

The basic level 8 salary for graduates in the civil service varies according to the federal government agency in question. We know that for job security, government jobs are the best to apply for as the benefits, plus the career you build in the Nigerian civil service can see you become a director general or even a minister in future.

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You may probably be wondering who are the level 8 workers and why they are called level 8. This article will explain further. Nigeria has a variety of salary structures which are determined by the level of professionalism. Presently, the country adopts a newly introduced grading system for paying fresh graduates. The new system known as grade level 8 is meant for fresh graduates and comes with salary levels that ranges from one profession to the other. This payment structure has been consistent over time. It also comes with some other bonuses and allowances.

If you intend venturing into the civil service such as the Nigerian Police and the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), then find out how much level 8 workers earn here. The level 8 salary paid for newly recruited persons is quite low but workers can aim for higher position by working diligently, committedly and honourably.

This post states how much level 8 government workers earn in Nigeria in various agencies.

Grade Level 8 Salary Structure in Nigeria (2024)

One good thing about working in the government is the job security that comes with it. Your job is secured to a large extent than working with a private organization. However, you have to get to a higher grade level to enjoy a sizable income as salary for beginners is usually on the low side. Let’s take a look into how much level 8 workers earn in the following organisations.

How Much Level 8 Workers Are Paid In Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC)

Level 8 workers in the NCC earn a minimum of ₦120,000 as monthly salary aside bonuses. Some earn as high as ₦250,000 plus other allowances per month. This is just basic salary. Getting a job in the Nigerian Communication Commission is quite a big deal for many job seekers. This is because the NCC is one of the highest paying government organisation and their salary payment comes with lots of attractive bonuses and benefits. This government organisation is a great place to work too.

Level 8 Salary in Nigerian Civil Defence (NSCDC)

Level 8 workers in the Nigerian Civil Defence earn about ₦121,000 as monthly salary, excluding additional bonuses and benefits. The Nigerian Civil Defence is another government organisation that allows a great working condition for its employees. Many graduates look forward to being in the Nigeria Civil Defence because its recognition and respect given to its workers. Also, salary paid to workers in this government organization is quite attractive and also increases as your rank level rises.

Level 8 Salary For Teachers in Nigeria

Graduates placed at Level 8 who are teachers at federal schools are paid an average salary of ₦46,000 to ₦66,000, while state teachers in Lagos state under the Lagos ministry of education earn an entry level 8 salary of ₦45,000 per month.

Level 8 Salary For INEC staff

Graduates at INEC who are placed on level 8 are paid a sum of ₦60,000 per month as salary. This might be subject to increase with the new minimum wage in review.

Level 8 Salary of Graduates in Nigerian Police Force (NPF)

Graduates in the Nigerian Police salary as level 8 workers earn from the range of ₦128,000 to ₦144,000 every month as salary. Irrespective of their many shortcomings over the years, the Nigeria Police Force is still rushed by thousands of incoming recruits every year. This is because, asides the respect that comes with being a part of this organization, the monthly salary paid to these employees are on the good side. Employees in this government organization take home an attractive sum every month.

Grade Level 8 Qualification in Nigeria

The qualification for grade level 8 in Nigerian civil service doesn’t differ much for all federal or state ministries or agency. Those with a degree in various courses are qualified and would be placed on grade level 8 salary when they join the civil service. This system ensures that salaries are paid according to levels from one profession to another.


It is important to note that these monthly salaries given are minimum amount paid to the level 8 workers in the above given organisation. However, salary could change in respect to position, grade level, experience, location, job description and upgrade of minimum wage by the Federal government etc.

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