Top 8 Jobs in Canada For Nigerians Without Experience (2024)

Canada, known for its diverse culture, stunning natural beauty, and robust economy, has long been a popular destination for immigrants seeking new opportunities.

For Nigerians, Canada offers a unique combination of cultural familiarity and economic prosperity, making it an attractive choice for those looking to start a new life.


However, navigating the Canadian job market can be challenging, especially for those without prior experience.

If you’re a Nigerian looking to start a new career in Canada but lack experience, don’t worry! There are many job opportunities available that don’t require extensive experience.

In this post, we’ll explore the top 8 jobs in Canada for Nigerians without experience, providing valuable insights into job descriptions, average salaries, required skills, and tips for increasing your chances of getting hired.

Whether you’re a recent graduate, a career changer, or simply looking for a fresh start, this guide will help you take the first step towards a successful career in Canada.

Due to its ageing population and decreasing birth rate, Canada is experiencing a labour shortage, which has raised the need for skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled workers from other nations, particularly Nigeria.

The surge in demand for unskilled labour has led to an increase in the number of Canadian job vacancies with “without experience” descriptors in their occupational eligibility requirements, according to Universal Adviser Migration Services, an Indian immigration consultancy organisation.

“Canada’s increase in employment options that address the country’s labour shortages has given workers without experience the opportunity to realise their aspirations for a work-life balance in Canada,” it stated.

In 2022, the federal government of Canada unveiled a bold plan to welcome 500,000 new immigrants annually by 2025, with about 1.5 million of them expected to enter the nation in the following three years.

The estimated working age (15–64) population in Canada is expected to increase slightly by 4.9 percent to 25.8 million by 2050 from 24.6 million in 2022, according to data from the US Census Bureau International Data Base, a global demographic product. In contrast, the population in Nigeria is expected to double by 107.4 percent to 259.9 million.

437,120 Permanent Residents (PRs) were admitted to the nation last year, a rise of almost 8% above the total PRs in 2021.

The number of Nigerian immigrants entering Canada reached a nine-year high in the first half of 2023. 10,180 PRs from Nigeria were documented in H1, according to data from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. This represents a small rise of 0.74 percent from 10,105 in the same quarter of 2022.

It can be difficult to find jobs in the nation that are intended for people with little to no experience. According to immigration consultants at Canadian, however, this list of the top 10 positions in Canada for foreign nationals without experience should get you started in the right path.

They also mentioned that job search websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Canadian Job Bank contain the majority of available positions.


These are the jobs you can pursue in Canada without any experience as an immigrant plus their average salaries per year.


A sales representative is responsible for generating leads, building customer relationships, and driving sales growth for a company’s products or services.

This role is perfect for individuals with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as well as a strong ability to work in a fast-paced environment.


  • Identify and pursue new sales opportunities
  • Build and maintain relationships with customers and clients
  • Present products or services to potential customers
  • Negotiate sales contracts and close deals
  • Meet or exceed sales targets and goals


A customer service representative is responsible for providing exceptional support to customers, resolving issues, and ensuring a positive experience with a company’s products or services.

This role is ideal for individuals with excellent communication skills, empathy, and a patient demeanor.


  • Respond to customer inquiries via phone, email, or chat
  • Resolve customer complaints and concerns in a timely and professional manner
  • Provide product or service information and guidance
  • Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues
  • Collaborate with internal teams to resolve complex customer issues

3. DATA ENTRY CLERK (CAD$30,000 – CAD$45,000)

A data entry clerk is responsible for accurately and efficiently entering information into a company’s database or spreadsheet.

This role is perfect for individuals with strong attention to detail, basic computer skills, and a high level of organization.



  • Enter data into computer databases or spreadsheets
  • Review data for errors and discrepancies
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records
  • Perform basic data analysis and reporting
  • Collaborate with internal teams to ensure data integrity

4. WAREHOUSE WORKER (CAD$28,000 – CAD$40,000)

A warehouse worker is responsible for receiving, organizing, and shipping out products in a warehouse setting.

This role is ideal for individuals who are physically fit, able to work in a fast-paced environment, and enjoy hands-on work.


  • Receive and inspect incoming shipments
  • Organize and store products in an efficient and accessible manner
  • Prepare orders for shipment and load trucks
  • Maintain a clean and safe working environment
  • Collaborate with internal teams to ensure efficient warehouse operations

5. DISHWASHER (CAD$28,470)

In addition to kitchen cleaners, dishwashers are a necessity at cafeterias and restaurants throughout Canada.

According to Canadian, the position offers the chance to operate in a fast-paced atmosphere and requires no experience. “Even though it might not be the most glamorous job, it can lead to better opportunities in the food industry.”

With an average yearly income of CAD$28,470, dishwasher jobs are most in demand in Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, and Manitoba.

6. PACKAGING (CAD$ 29,250)

Packers are those who work in packing. It entails getting completed goods ready for packaging and delivery.

They are accessible in a number of sectors, such as distribution and manufacturing.

According to Canadian, these jobs entail getting goods ready for shipping and making sure they are appropriately wrapped and labelled. “Efficiency and meticulousness are essential qualities for this position.”

According to consultants at Canada Job Bank, salaries for jobs in Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Yukon Territory, and Nova Scotia average CAD$29,250 annually.


Cooks and chefs receive assistance from kitchen assistants with setting up, maintaining, and cleaning kitchen spaces.

According to Canadian, Manitoba and Nova Scotia have the most demand for them.

It stated, “This entry-level position allows you to learn about different cuisines and gain valuable experience.”

The Canada Job Bank states that the average yearly salary for kitchen assistants in Canada is CAD $28,470.

8. CAREGIVER (CAD$ 35,100)

The need for caregivers—those who give children, the elderly, or those with chronic illnesses direct care—is rising in Canada due to the country’s ageing population.

The Canada Job Bank reports that caregivers make $35,100 per year and are primarily in demand in Manitoba and Ontario.

“You would help elderly or disabled people in their homes as a caregiver. Formal schooling is not required, but possessing the appropriate qualifications and training can help you get hired in this area, according to immigration advisors at Canadian

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