Real Solutions To Exam Malpractices in Nigeria

Examination malpractice is defined as any deliberate act of wrong doing, contrary to the rules governing the exams. It is simply understood as examination misconduct or offense.


This could be before the exam such as a teacher or examiner leaking the questions out to students or during the exams such as bringing in extraneous materials into the examination hall or illegally communication. It also involves all practices after the exams that would distort the scores of the students.

Examination malpractice in Nigeria is at an alarming rate, making it one of the hydra-headed problems bedeviling our educational system. It is best we find realistic solutions on how to to stop this menace before it is too late. We listed some of these solutions to examination malpractice in Nigeria in this article.

Realistic Solutions To Exam Malpractice

First, it is an established fact that the major cause of exam malpractice is lack of preparation at the part of the students which could be as a result of the schools /or teachers not doing their best or the students not ready to learn. If schools and teachers fulfill their own part of the bargain, it is expected that the students should on their own should find it relatively easy to study.

However, it had been proven that many students despite this still find it had to study as a result of their unnecessary divided attention, lack of seriousness or understanding. If this can be remedied, then exam malpractice will drastically reduce.

Secondly, Teachers and examiners should be professional in their approach and carry out their duties regardless of sentiment and favour. No teacher or examiner should leak out question to students or do anything out of the rules of exams that will alter the result of students.

In the examination hall, 30 minutes before the exams, the hall and it should be completely examined to make sure there’s no extraneous material. No student must be allowed on what so ever reason to bring in an electric device (aside the specified calculator), wallet, bags or any material aside his/her writing items into the hall. If any student is found wanting either before, during or after the examination, that student should be disqualified. This punishment also applies to communication in the exam hall.

Thirdly, Teachers and examinations should be rewarded handsomely so they become relatively hard to influence. It is a known fact that during SSCE, these examiners and teachers are paid to allow misconduct in the examination. However, any teacher or examiner found guilty of exam malpractice, his/her job must be taken away from him/her and made to appear in court to face the punishment as stipulated by the examination.

In conclusion, technologies should as CCTV cameras and drones should be introduced as monitoring aids to prevent those smart enough to smuggle in material from using them. If all these are implemented, I am rest assured, Exam malpractice will drastically reduce in the country.

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