Latest CAT Generator Prices in Nigeria (June, 2024)

When it comes to producing heavy machineries, then you always be sure of mentioning CAT trademark. This is an international company that is known to be the world’s largest manufacturer of high-speed diesel generator sets and engines. Their generators are very classified and the company offer one of the largest range of generator sets in the country.

cat generator prices in Nigeria

Inasmuch as there are a lot of other generator brands in Nigeria, CAT generators are still gaining ground to be one of the best in the market. In this article, we will provide the current prices of CAT generators in the country today. And from this, we will highlight the collection of these generators that are available in the market.

Overview of CAT Generators

CAT is one of the leading producers of substantial generators. Their work is very obvious for anyone who works around heavy machinery, as they can tell about the brand, Caterpillar. The company is well-known for specializing in all types of machinery that people rely on when they are trying to lift, move, or pick up just about anything. They also have machines which can be used by people who are building bridges and can handle all other types of big jobs. After all these specification of the company, what most people do not realize is that they also manufacture generators.

The Caterpillar generators are a fantastic decision as indicated by most owners and users of the equipment. They have enough capacity to function admirably in basically all conditions whether you are working or using it for home. These machines are durable and they render efficient power supply. They set up effectively and work without issues, directly out of the box. CAT generators are additionally well known for their capacity to work unobtrusively, which is something most different generators can’t do. Marchbe that is the reason they all hold a lot of admiration from a lot of people.

There are different brands of generators out there that have high ratings and a similar measure of power. There are generators that are all the more notable. In any case, most don’t accompany all you require, aside from the gasoline, to get it powered up and going. Some have practically identical guarantees. Either the case, CAT generators are generally efficient and good to power up large equipments.

Now you have had a little knowledge of what this brand of Generators really is, it’s time to know how much they go for in the Nigerian market.

Prices of CAT Generators in Nigeria (2024)

With the market full of different collection of products, it always best to know how much you will spend on a product before eventually making the purchase. This means that one should be cognizant of the cost of what he or she intend to buy; as it will give a picture of what you will spend. Among the most sought after industrial generators in Nigeria today, CAT generators is leading that rundown. The reason for their elevation is due to the fact that their products are very efficient, rugged and durable. Also, their generators are lasting and serve the erratic power supply in the country. Adding to this is the fact that they are also readily available and can be gotten in most parts of the country.

The following list show the prices of some of the most common CAT industrial generators available in Nigeria today;

  • Mantrac 12.5 KVA GEP13.5 Mantrac Cat© Powered Generator Set costs ₦2.4 million – ₦2.7 million
  • Mantrac 16 KVA GEP16.5 Mantrac Cat© Powered Generator Set costs ₦2.6 million – ₦2.9 million
  • Mantrac 20 KVA GEP22 Mantrac Cat© Powered Generator Set costs ₦2.8 million – ₦3.1 million
  • Mantrac 30 KVA GEP33 Mantrac Cat© Powered Generator Set costs ₦3 million – ₦3.8 million
  • Mantrac 45 KVA GEP50 Mantrac Cat© Powered Generator Set costs ₦3.8 million – ₦4.2 million
  • Mantrac 60 KVA GEP65 Mantrac Cat© Powered Generator Set costs ₦4.3 million – ₦4.8 million
  • Mantrac 80 KVA GEP88 Mantrac Cat© Powered Generator Set costs ₦5.4 million – ₦5.7 million
  • Mantrac 100 KVA GEP110 Mantrac Cat© Powered Generator Set costs ₦6.2 million – ₦6.6 million

That’s it on the prices of CAT industrial generators that are available in the country’s market. There are some important things to note on this. The first thing to note here is that the variation in prices of these generators is as a result of some variables that influences the cost. These factors include the place of purchase (i.e the location), currency exchange rate at the time of purchase and the period of purchase. Take for instance, a CAT Generator that costs about two million in some parts of Abuja or Lagos may cost far less, or even more, in some other parts of the country. This goes to show that the location might influence the price of Generators; as such, it best to go for areas that are proximal to ports.

Furthermore, the time may also be a factor that alter the prices of Generators. In Nigeria, the prices of industrial generators tend to increase during festive periods, especially towards the end of the year, precisely in March. Therefore, a CAT generator might cost N4 million in the middle of the year and the price can go as high up to N4.5 million towards the end of the same year. All these factors have been considered in the estimated price ranges as listed above. All these being considered, you will now know when and where to buy a good CAT generator at a considerable price.


While the essential point of a generator, regardless of whether industrial or more modest generators, is to fill in as an effective supply of power, picking a type or brand of generator can be to a great extent impacted by certain variables. The CAT industrial generator has been top decision for larger part of the market lately, and this article emphasized on some of these things. Here are some of the things you will unquestionably like about CAT generators:

  • Durability
  • Noise Proof Design
  • CAT generators are available in Different types
  • Efficiency
  • They are Easy to Operate

With all these being few of the intriguing features of CAT generators, you can’t rule out this brand on this. That’s the size of this write-up, as we’ve emphasized much on CAT generators and their current prices in Nigeria.

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