List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Edo State

Edo state is one of the Nigerian states that is richly endowed with a lot of mineral resources. There are a lot of industrial prospects for both the agro-allied and non-agro-allied industries. In the course of this article, we would be looking at the list of minerals deposits that can be found in Edo state.


Edo state has other resources like agro-based resources and also human resource capital. But in this write-up, our main focus would be on the natural resources that can be found in Edo state.



There are over 11 mineral deposist in Edo state. These natural resources are found in various local government areas of the state. Crude oil has been the most mined resource in the state. We take a look at all the mineral resources that are located in Edo state today:

  1. Quartzite
  2. Marble
  3. Gypsum
  4. Lignite
  5. Limestone
  6. Clay
  7. Kaolin
  8. Graphite
  9. Manganese
  10. Ilmenite
  11. Gravel

Gypsum and Limestone are quality raw materials that are useful in the manufacture of cement. Edo state has a couple of cement factories that are putting these minerals to good use. Clay as a mineral is also very useful in the state, especially in Benin city. There are a lot of state-owned and private-owned industries that produce domestic pots, porcelain and firebricks.

Gravel found in Edo state is used by building industries in the construction of concrete, state roads and houses. Kaolin is a naturally occurring clay mineral, and it occurs in large quantity in Edo state.

Kaolin mineral is a silicate of aluminium and is used as a cosmetic because of its wonderfully absorbent properties. It is used for face masks as it is very healthy for oily skin. This very important type of clay has its uses in the paper industry.

The kaolin that is found in Edo state is used i]n coating and filing paper. Kaolin as a mineral, has a lot of health benefits accrued to it. It can help manage ulcers and inflammations that occur in the colon. The Kaolin clay is also useful in treating diarrhoea and cholera.

Graphite found in Edo state is mostly used in refractories, battery production, lubricants producing industries, brake linings and steel making, pencil manufacture etc. it is also widely used in graphene technology. Did you know that a single graphene roller sheets is 10 times lighter than the steel metal? The Graphene material is a derivative of graphite and is the strongest identified material in the world. As a plus, it shows strong resistance to chemicals and has high electrical conductivity.

The Ukpilla marble deposit that is found in Edo state is pure calcium carbonate in the basement complex. The Bendel cement company was previously using marble in its local plant. Marble found in Edo state is utilized in Whiting, Construction aggregate, soil treatment, cement marker, neutralizing acids, and building and sculptures.


The Agro-based resources that are found in the state, include tree crops, food crops, livestock and forestry products. The main food crops that are cultivated in Edo state include cassava, maize, yam, rice. This is eminent in the Essan and Benin lowlands. Most of the industrial activities in the state include rice milling in Ekpoma, illushi and also cassava processing all over the state. There are other investment opportunities in the state such as the modern cattle ranch in Igarra and Ibillo. Here is a detailed list of Agro-based resources that can be found in the state.

  1. Timber
  2. Cassava
  3. Mangoes
  4. Rice
  5. Plantain
  6. Banana
  7. Palm oil
  8. Maize
  9. Palm kernel
  10. Beans
  11. Potatoes


There are a lot of communities in Edo state that trace their descent from the ancient renown Benin Kingdom. Due to this, there is a lot of cultural and linguistic affinity amongst the communities found in the state. The major tongue of the people of Edo state is called “EDO”. There are variations of the Edo language. We have the Esan dialect, which is spoken mainly by the Esan people, and the Etsakos spoken widely by the Etsakpo people. The culture of the Edo people is well made manifest in the mode of worship of the inhabitants, their dance art, festivals as well as crafts.

There are just three religious groups that can be found in Edo state. They are majorly the Christian, Muslim and the traditional Edos. Christianity penetrated the state when the Portuguese reach Edos state in the 15th century. Islam on the other hand was introduced by the Nupe warriors in the 19th century in Edo state.

In Edo state, there are over 100 Festivals celebrated on an annual basis in the state between the months of March and March. With the aid of these festivals, the Edos can reunite with their families and friends. Some of the major festivals in Edo state include; Ukpe amongst the Esans, the Uda in Ekpoma, and the Igue amongst the Binis.  This wonderful state is very rich in crafts and arts. Some of the crafts that they are good in include brass casting, wood carving, Bronze casting works etc.

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