Top 10 Major Markets in Nigeria And Their Locations

Markets in Nigeria are very innumerable, from the small and local ones up to the large and commercial markets, that all serves buying and selling of services in the country. The presence of these numerous markets in Nigeria has made people have a gander on which is the best option.

major markets in Nigeria

Bird-eye view of the popular Onitsha main market in Anambra state, Nigeria

In this writeup, we examine the top 10 most popular markets in Nigeria, their location and the broad specification of items sold there.

It’s obvious that almost all and sundry know what a market is. A place where buying and selling takes place. In being in consonant with this writeup, a market is a geographical place or region that all business negotiations in buying and selling are made. It involves trading or merchandising goods and services for both buyers and sellers.

There are many category of markets, which includes the street vendors, local markets, large markets, international markets, and the specified markets which trade on a specific products. Either the case, all of these markets serve the same role of creating avenue for buying and selling.

The nature of Nigerian markets are well structured to meet the demands of the buyers and sellers, also complementing with the traditional market setting to make it quite fascinating. These markets in a particular region are sophisticated with their targeted products for buyers or sellers. On a normal circumstance, depending on demand and supply, you can find virtually anything you want within any of these markets, in varied products range and prices.

However, after giving you a snippet on how Nigerian markets are, let’s look at the popular markets in the country, the products & services they offer, and their respective locations.

Top 10 Popular Markets In Nigeria And Their Locations

As said earlier, Nigerian markets are much and this has made the need to outline the best ones in the country. Below is the list of the top 10 major markets located within Nigeria.

Onitsha Main Market

Onitsha main market is an international market and is the largest market in Nigeria and also extending to West Africa. The market is located in Onitsha, Anambra state, and the market’s influence has brought positive economic impact to the region.

If you have ever been to Onitsha, you will see the market, its structure, size, and the flow of buyers and sellers into it. You can also locate the popular Emeka Offor plaza where phones are being sold. As a commercial powerhouse, it stocks lots of goods and products of different kinds; from food, clothing, jewelry to the industrial equipment, which all are in enough quantities.

Computer Village Market

The popular computer village market is a major Nigerian market that deals with product trade on all kinds of electronics. The market is located in Ikeja, Lagos state, and it is known for being an IT hub because of the computer-related products it have in stock.

Interestingly, the computer village generates much revenue to the country due to the sales merchants make. It was stated by a former ICT Minister that the market generates about $2 billion annually to Nigeria’s economy.

A look at the product specification of the market, this figure can’t be underestimated. Computer village market is the commercial home for a whole lot of computer electronics: phones & gadgets, electrical appliances, and home electronics like TVs, etc.

Balogun Market

Balogun market is another popular major market in the country. It is located in Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos state. Located in a market-friendly environment, Balogun is one of the best markets in the city to buy products in any category.

From clothing, electrical and electronics appliances, and food, all of them are in stock in the market to buy or sell. The Lagos Island market is very popular for textile products, as they have items like ankara, fabrics, laces, etc. all available for buying or selling within the market. You can also locate Idumota, the area where drugs are sold in Lagos.

Ladipo Market

Ladipo market is located in Mushin, Lagos state, and very close to the seaport. The closeness of this market to Lagos seaport has make the availability of many imported products ranging from electronics to spare parts. These products are in varied category and types, new and old, and any brand.

Ladipo market in Lagos is widely known for cars spare parts and other assessories which are more than enough in the market.

Ariaria Market

Ariaria market is a popular market located in Aba, Abia state. The market is the economic driving force of the town, and this results to people calling “made in Aba” because most of the products in Aba are made within the market. Arriara market is popular for their niche in shoes, bags, clothings, food items, electrical products, and any other goods and products.

Bodija Market

Bodija market is an agricultural product market well known for the purchase wholesale or retail foodstuff in any brand or class. Bodija market is located in Ibadan, Oyo state. The region is very popular for agricultural products, animals produce, and this has make the market’s most products fall into these category. There are a wide variety of fresh and dried produce sold at cheap prices in the Ibadan market, this is not excluding Cattle produce which are very available in the market.

Oil Mill Market

Oil mill market is a very popular market located in the oil and gas city of Port Harcourt in Rivers state. The market is given the name because of the consumer market there in the region. The closeness of oil and gas workers to Oil Mill market has been a factor influencing the business trading in it. The Port Harcourt market has a popular sales day which is always every Wednesday. But that aside, it is alway open almost all day for the sale of foodstuffs, electronics, and other articles.

Zaki Biam Yam Market

Zaki Biam market, located in Benue town, Benue state is a renown market popular for yam. Yam is a very commercial agricultural produce in Nigeria. This crop is in many quantities in this region, and it has been affordable and unnumbered in Zaki Biam market.

There is a high demand for it as traders from all across the country come to this market to buy the high quality yams in the market. Though, Zaki Biam is a product specified type of market, it does not resist the fact that it also sells other agicultural products, and some other durable goods.

Alaba International Market

Alaba market is an international market where all electronic ranging from: phones, televisions and other digital appliances are sold. The market is located in Alaba industrial area, Lagos state.

In terms of popularity, Alaba International market has it, in that more people know about the market, due to the nature, affordability and availability of the products that are in this market. Alaba market is also one of the biggest Nollywood distribution market in the country, and obviously one of the main entry point market in the country.

Kasuwar Kwari Market

Kasuwar Kwari market is a well-known market in Kano, Kano state, renowned for its textile and clothings. This region and most parts of Northern Nigeria has commercial quantities of cotton, and through it availability, the clothing business has been favourable, hence effecting positiveness in the market.

Kasuwar Kwari market is very prominent for the selling of textile materials and it attracts people from all over the country, and also internationally, where they come and purchase quality ankaras, clothing and dyed fabric to go sell elsewhere at a price higher that the cost price they bought.


To summarize, Nigerian markets are affects the business environment, and hence augments to the economy of the immediate region. This is complemented by the fact that it aid in marketing local produce or products, and by this, it brings exchange which will effect favourably.

By and large, a market is an essential feature to every community, because without it there won’t be a extensive means of buying and selling. We’ve been able to list the top ten major  markets in Nigeria, their location, and the products sold in such markets.

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