How Much Uber Drivers Make Weekly in Nigeria (2024)

Presently, the Uber driving business is one of the exceptionally rewarding business in Nigeria. This is just like other well known ride-hailing companies who are also leading the transportation industry in the country. There is no doubt that this driving business is sure to bring out such a lot of money. Also, the drivers have relative power over how long they need to work for, which makes their employment significantly more unique. The amount these drivers earn is ideally what a lot of people may or have been asking. This article will highlight the pay rate which Uber drivers make per week in the country.


How Much Uber Drivers Make Weekly in Nigeria

Let’s take a peek at how much Uber drivers acquire every week in Nigeria. This will help you to know what to expect from the work. We will likewise feature a few insights regarding the business and how one can turn into a Uber driver. This piece will investigate the amount Uber drivers make week after week in the country.

It’s pertinent to look at how much Uber drivers make week by week. First, it will help you to know what to expect from this work. This is on the grounds that there are lot of factors that influence how much the drivers make. Taking for instance, a driver that finishes and do 10 trips for each day, will make in excess of a driver that finishes five trips for every day. Likewise, a driver that works for 12 hours of the day will no doubt acquire more money more than one that works only five hours out of each day.

Taking this variable into consideration, we will look at two cases and estimate how much the Uber drivers make every week in both.

How Much Uber Drivers Earn in Lagos

Oftentimes, the location do determines what you will ear. This is seen as a driver that works in Lagos, works for a normal of 10 hours out of every day, and targets remote areas in Lagos like Victoria Island, Lekki and Lagos territory, is relied upon to make between ₦50, 000 – ₦70, 000 every week, contingent upon the number of rides, surge, and numerous other comparable factors that influences the determines the pay.

How Much Uber Drivers Earn in Abuja

For a driver that operates in Abuja, does likewise number of trips and same timeframe, in remote areas is required to acquire between ₦35, 000 – ₦50, 000 every week. This is relying upon the number of trips, flood, and numerous other related components. It should be noticed that Uber drivers acquire more in Lagos that Abuja, as there are more clients of the application, traffic, and stiffer rivalry. Additionally, there are more things to look at in becoming a popular Uber driver in the two cities.

Factors Influencing the Amount Uber Drivers Make Per Week

Many factors contribute in deciding how much Uber drivers will make their money in a week. Here are the top of these factors to consider:

  • Location – The location is an important things to consider when determining how much Uber drivers make every week or month. Taking for instance, Uber drivers in remote city areas acquire more than drivers in less dense urban areas in the country.
  • Working in Remote Areas – Since the Uber business requires concentrated number of people, Uber drivers that work inside the bustling areas of Lagos and Abuja will in general acquire more than drivers that work in less populated locations. Looking at the city of Lagos, places like Lekki, Yaba, Victoria Island, Ikeja, Maryland, and their environs are the remote places to do this business
  • Surge – At some point in time, the request for Uber drivers become high and this is the scenario termed as surge. The individual earnings of drivers is also influenced by surge period.
  • Number of Trips Per Day – It’s also certain that the number of trips an Uber driver is able to do every day decides the amount he or she will acquire toward the week’s end.
  • Distance per Trip – With the reality about the number of trips previously settled, it is feasible for a driver that finishes 3 trips daily earns much more than one that finishes less trips. Also, the distance the driver covers every week likewise influence the amount they make in the week.
  • Time of Work – The time of work for Uber drivers is very much between 7 – 9 am and 4 – 8 pm. Drivers that work during these hours will in general get more outings and much of the time, cover more distance, subsequently acquiring more than drivers that work less of these.

How To Become A Uber Driver in Nigeria

Having being already informed on how much Uber drivers earn per week in Nigeria, you might be interested in this kind of work. Let us now take a brief look at how to become an Uber driver in Nigeria:

  1. Meet the Vehicle Prerequisites – Not all cars are allowed by Uber. Specifically, you should note that the company does not accept any random vehicle for their services. Also, if your car is older than 2000 model year, then it will not be approved. Your cars must have the standard 4-door and it has to be in great working condition and the air conditioner must be operating very fine. Moreso, the space of your car should be enough to occupy at least four four passengers conveniently.
  2. Upload Required Documents – The next thing is to submit and upload some documents. Some of these documents include the vehicle insurance document, certificate of vehicle roadworthiness, valid driver’s license, the vehicle’s inspection report obtained from the Uber inspection department, an International Identity card, which can be any of international passport or National ID, and a passport photograph.
  3. Sign Up on the Online Platform – Subsequent to completing the documents requirements, you can then proceed to sign up on Uber Driver website. When filling the online forms there, you need to be sure you input all the required details, including your full name, your phone number, car details, and other core inputs required.
  4. Onboarding – This is the next process after you have uploaded all the required documents and signed up on their website as a partner. This process mainly educates the intending drivers on what is expected, ho to conduct themselves, the do’s and don’ts and many other related details.
  5. Background Check – This is the final step which the company will conduct a background check on your profile to authenticate your history.


That’s is it on how much Uber Drivers earn weekly in the country. This article was very comprehensive on the earnings of these workers in a week’s end. We also give the steps on how to become an Uber partner in Nigeria.

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