Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In The United States For Foreigners (2024)

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The majority of candidates who attend interviews frequently ask how much the position pays.

Who doesn’t want a good life, especially if you are still young and can get a decent well-paying job.


When looking for a new work or career, many people prioritize high salaries.

However, not all job applicants place a high importance on a lucrative position. If you value a solid salary, have a look at our list of the highest-paying professions.

These positions offer the highest salaries in the country. The average pay for each of these positions exceeds $100,000. They are listed in order of median wage.


Being aware of the positions with the greatest salaries in your sector is important if you’re thinking about a rewarding career. We have therefore listed the top 10 paying jobs for foreigners this 2024.


A surgeon is a medical professional who conducts procedures involving body cuts to replace or remove diseased or damaged body parts. They are essentially a surgeon who doubles as a doctor.

Due to the difficulty, satisfaction, and importance of specializing in surgery, surgeons are paid very well. This rigorous profession does, however, pay off.

A general surgeon can make about $375,000 a year in the United States.

In a similar vein, general surgeons in Canada earn about $350,000 annually. If you want to get the most out of surgery, it is advisable to specialize on a certain area of it.

Of course, there is a greater chance of increasing your income.


The highest-paid occupation not in the professions of medicine or dentistry is that of chief executives.

The CEO is a company’s most senior employee. Their duties include interacting with the board of directors and making important choices about the management team.

Chief executives often have demanding schedules despite being well paid. The average CEO works 62.5 hours a week, with about half of that time being spent in the office and the other half on the road.

When compared to their wage, this can be an useful comparison to make with other companies. You might anticipate getting about $213,020 a month.


Many IT specialists and experts with a quantitative experience consider becoming data scientists to be their ideal career. The most sought-after occupation nowadays is data scientist.

This is a result of the expansion of the data sector and related businesses. By 2026, it is estimated that the amount of jobs that require data science expertise would increase by 27.9%.

This makes the present the ideal time to embark on a data science profession. Data scientists make an average yearly salary of $1,17,212 in the United States.


A job in the aviation sector may require spending so much time away from family and friends.

Oddly enough, in many circumstances this results in a good compensation. The BLS classifies airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers under a single heading.

Most of the time, the pilot, often known as the captain, is the one who controls the aircraft. Consequently, they are in charge of managing the other pilots.

Flight engineers conduct crucial tasks such pre-flight inspections, cabin pressure monitoring, fuel burn assessments, and other critical tasks. Each of these aviation employees can anticipate earning $198,190 or more annually.


It should come as no surprise that administrators of computer and information systems have tremendous opportunities to earn large salaries as we thrive in the technology-driven age.

These people are in charge of things like computer programming, information systems, as well as electronic data processing.

Good managers must create strategies that align with the company objectives.

IT system managers in the US can anticipate yearly salaries of $93,000. And the number will always rise over time.


The sixth best-paying jobs for foreigners is that of a DevOps or software engineer.

DevOps engineers are in high demand right now. They are required because, by automating the process, they can assist enterprises in more quickly deploying software and services.

A DevOps engineer is also essential to the success of the project as a whole. They are involved with everything from preparing to supporting customers to ensuring productivity.

DevOps engineers earn an average yearly salary of $1,05,017 in the United States. As a result, they are among the top paying professions in the country.


Corporate Lawyer of the best-paying professions nowadays.

In this line of work, client counseling and managing numerous financial transactions are the main responsibilities.

In the United States you may earn up to $1,30,000 as an effective business lawyer.

However, business lawyers generally make less money in other nations. You should take advantage of this chance to enter the profitable legal industry.


A business analyst ranks among the highest salaries of any profession in the entire globe.

First of all, business analysts analyze data to develop their business knowledge and suggest changes to organizations. Second, they are able to spot problems in almost any area of a company.

Business analysts are in greater demand now than in previous years, and this trend is anticipated to continue. Business Analysts make an average yearly pay of $77,218 in the United States.


Today, a company’s success is based on how effectively it markets its goods and services.

There is obviously a growing call for marketing managers.

They focus on creating and carrying out marketing strategies for their company. Marketing managers make a good living on average.

With a median pay of $78,000 in the USA, they are included in this list.


Every development process revolves around the product owners.

They therefore play a significant part in maximizing the worth of the organization.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that within the next decade, the number of people who own computers and information systems will increase by 10%.

Above everything, research indicates that 5,799 or more product owners are actively working in the US.


The top 10 highest-paying careers for foreigners this 2024 are summarized in this blog in order to help you build a successful career.

While your interests, abilities, and ambitions may inspire you to pursue a certain job route, maintaining that path depends on your compensation.

A job in healthcare is tough to top when it comes to big compensation.

The highest salaries are typically earned by specialists.

If you are not interested in working in medicine, careers in engineering and management can also result in profitable employment.

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