Grasscutter Farming Business In Nigeria: How to Start (2024)

Grasscutter farming business in Nigeria is one business gaining popularity in Nigeria because of its many advantages. Although, not too popular in the urban part of the country, grasscutter farming is usually popular in the rural areas. This is because Greater Cane Rat also known as Grasscutter is found in such areas. Before we go into the details on how to start Grasscutter farming business in Nigeria, lets quickly look at the gains or advantages of rearing grasscutter rat in Nigeria.


Advantages of Grasscutter Farming in Nigeria

  • Bush meat is one of the most demanded meat in Nigeria and Africa, meaning that the demand is high and you would always be in supply
  • It can be easily reared at home
  • They are herbivorous i.e they mostly feed on grass
  • Grasscutter business serves as a source of self-employment
  • Female Grasscutters are very fertile, making it a very lucrative and profitable business

So, how to start grasscutter farming in Nigeria, What are the requirements, How much capital you would need, How much profit will I make in establishing my own grasscutter farm and so on are addressed in this article. Infact, regard this article as a manual for beginners who want to start their own grasscutter farm anywhere in Nigeria.

It might interest you to know that Grasscutter farming is one of the most profitable kinds of businesses in the animal farming section.  You can make a whopping N3 million Naira in a year from the business unlike snail farming in nigeria

An Overview of Grasscutter Farming in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the consumption of Grasscutter meat, also known as ‘Bush Meat’ is on the increase. Bush meat is a good source of protein. Its popularly used to prepare pepper soup, egusi and all kinds of Nigerian soups. Grasscutters are also very easy to rear. One factor that hampers the returns for Grasscutter farming business in Nigeria is adequate feeding and proper hygiene.

So, if you want the business to be profitable, you should take adequate care of the Grasscutters, both male and female. You should allow the young babies to remain with their mother for a period of four months, after which you separate them into different colonies.

Requirements/Facilities to start Grasscutter Farming in Nigeria

Grasscutter cage/Pen: Note that Grasscutters live in colonies. a colony should contain one male and three females in one Grass cutter cage. The Grasscutter pen/cage should be blocked at the back and opened at the front. Use metal material to also construct the Grasscutter cage, creating a different space for sleeping, because Grasscutters don’t like sleeping where they eat.

Water Channel: Of course, essential supply of water is very necessary if you must have a healthy grass cutter farm in Nigeria. Also note that the water given to these rodents should have some attractant to it.

Grasscutter Feeds: Feeding is also essential if you must have a successful Grasscutter farm in Nigeria, Grasscutters are herbivorous and so eat grass and fruits like Sugarcane, they also love grass and fruits, e.g mango, sweet potato, Napier grass, maize,and so on.

Farming Techniques/Knowledge: No man knows it all. You have to ask questions from experts such as Grasscutter farmers or better still source the internet for books on Grasscutter farm management and techniques so as to have a practical knowledge on how to manage a Grasscutter farm.

Feasibility Study on Grasscutter Farming

The feasibility study on Grasscutter farming contained in this article is for a Grasscutter farm with 4 Colonies (4 males, and 12 females). A full mature Grasscutter is sold at N5,000. (N5,000 X 16 Grasscutters = N80,000).

To construct a Pen or Grasscutter farm cage – N50,000

Feeding for 8 months N180,000

Adequate water supply N50,000

Miscellaneous N15,000

Risks Involved in establishing a Grasscutter Farm in Nigeria

  • Maintaining the Grasscutters to be healthy at all times even though the business is not capital intensive
  • Snakes and soldier ants are the enemies to Grasscutters. Construct your Grasscutter farm cage or pen in such a way that its free and protected from them.
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