My Experience Living in Sokoto State

The business life of Sokoto state citizens is my focus for today. As a writer on Nigerian Infopedia, I would love to share with you the type of businesses done by majority of citizens in the state and my experience living in the northern part of Nigeria in Sokoto state.


Based on my experience and research, 60% of youths in Sokoto (indigenes born and brought up) are traders while 40% are civil servants. The type of business done by these traders includes provision stores business, selling foodstuffs, boutique, selling of software and computer system etc. Some, due to lack of capital to set up a profitable venture move by the roadside with their barrows which are filled up with goods to sell (inform of hawking).

Just like in Lagos state, store owners are always in a hurry, opening their places of business as early as possible. This is quite different from shop owners at Sokoto where traders open their stores by 10am in the morning.

As we all know that we can’t talk of business without talking of the point of contact between buyers and sellers in order to make a pleasant transaction- MARKET

Sokoto is made of so many markets but we shall be listing the best four markets in term quality, quantity and estimated number of traders in each of these markets.

Kasoa Dankure

Kasoa Dankure is a big market where food items are being sold. It’s made up of more than 300 stores while the total number of sellers without store are estimated to be within the range of 200-250.

In this market, items such as beans, rice, meat, varieties of fishes such as tilapia, cat fish, etc, varieties of meat – chicken, turkey, cow head, cowtail, beef, fruits like cucumber, carrots, cabbage, varieties of pepper- green or red paper, e.t.c.

In fact, there’s nothing edible one won’t get from Kasoa Dankure as far as it deals with foodstuffs. This market opens from 10am and closes by 6pm so as to honour the Islamic hour of prayer.

Kasoa Rubber

This is the biggest market in the state with over 750 stores while traders without stores are counted to be 200 (this estimation doesn’t include buyers). The only thing you can find in this market is rubber (plastic related materials).

Just like Kasoa Dankure, This market opens by 10AM and closes by 6pm on a daily basis. The overall inhabitants in the market engaged in buying and selling are not less than a hundred thousand persons.

Kasoa Ndaji

If you want to buy anything in bulk, this is the market where you can get them. Kasoa Ndaji is a kind of market which deals with bulk packages of goods and services. In order words, Kasoa Ndaji is a market for wholesalers.

I can equally say that this market is a place where retailers meet up with wholesalers for transaction. Though you might come across one or two consumers purchasing some items- this scenario is a very rare occurrence in the market because all citizens of the state are aware that the market is not for consumers therefore, never waste their time parading the market.

The kind of goods you can find in this market includes food items, kitchen utensils, clothes and wear, jewelries, costumes, rubber, electronic devices and other items. Market opens by 10am in the morning and closes by 6pm in the evening.

Old Market

Located alongside Mariam Abacha road, this is the oldest market in the state established in the early 80s. It’s not as huge as the aforementioned markets. But it’s one of the best markets in Sokoto whose quality is never in doubt.

Old market is the only market in the list without a fence nor gate but this doesn’t take anything away from its quality as there is no product you wish to buy that you won’t get provided they are available in the country. Just like Kasoa Ndaji, this market sells all kinds of goods and services you care for in bulk.

Finally, Sokoto is a state with a great attitude towards business. They never joke with customers but sometimes prefer to attend to indigene before attending to non indigene. As an indigene, you have a great advantage over non indigene when it comes to bargaining of some products.

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