Official Currencies of all African Countries: Full List (Updated)

This post contains the various currencies of all African countries, their denomination, currency name and country. These different African currencies listed here is the current and official list.


A currency a system of money in general use in a particular country for trading, buying and selling. For example, the United States of America currency is the dollar while in Nigeria, our legal tender or currency is the Naira. Africa as a continent has various countries with their currencies/money

Table showing the Various currencies of countries in Africa Continent

Present Currencies of African Countries
Currency ISO Country Currency
DZD Algeria Algerian dinar
AOA Angola Kwanza
XOF Benin CFA franc
BWP Botswana Pula
XOF Burkina Faso CFA franc
BIF Burundi Burundi franc
XAF Cameroon CFA franc
CVE Cape Verde Cape Verdean escudo
XAF Central African Republic CFA franc
XAF Chad CFA franc
KMF Comoros Comorian franc
XAF Republic of the Congo CFA franc
CDF Democratic Republic of the Congo Congolese franc
DJF Djibouti Djiboutian franc
EGP Egypt Egyptian pound
XAF Equatorial Guinea CFA franc
ERN Eritrea Nakfa
ETB Ethiopia Ethiopian birr
XAF Gabon CFA franc
GMD Gambia Dalasi
GHS Ghana Ghanaian cedi
GNF Guinea Guinean franc
XOF Guinea-Bissau CFA franc
XOF Ivory Coast CFA franc
KES Kenya Kenyan shilling
LSL Lesotho Loti
LRD Liberia Liberian dollar
LYD Libya Libyan dinar
MGA Madagascar Malagasy ariary
MWK Malawi Malawian kwacha
XOF Mali CFA franc
MRO Mauritania Ouguiya
MUR Mauritius Mauritian rupee
MAD Morocco Moroccan dirham
MZN Mozambique Mozambican metical
NAD Namibia Namibian dollar
XOF Niger CFA franc
NGN Nigeria Naira
RWF Rwanda Rwandan franc
STD Sao Tome and Principe Dobra
XOF Senegal CFA franc
SCR Seychelles Seychellois rupee
SLL Sierra Leone Sierra Leonean leone
SOS Somalia shilling
ZAR South Africa South African rand
SSP South Sudan South Sudanese pound
SDG Sudan Sudanese pound
SZL Swaziland Lilangeni
TZS Tanzania Tanzanian shilling
XOF Togo CFA franc
TND Tunisia Tunisian dinar
UGX Uganda Ugandan shilling
ZMW Zambia Zambian kwacha
ZWD Zimbabwe Zimbabwean dollar(No longer in use)
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