Full List of Companies Owned By Dangote

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Aliko Dangote is obviously the richest man in the African continent and equally the most affluent black man in the world. At a teenage age of 21, he was destined to reach this fame as he started the business of importing and selling agricultural commodities in the country.


At that young age he couldn’t afford the money himself but borrowed $3,000 from his uncle for the business which did not take long to be profited. With the successful business, he settled his loan within three months of commencing his agricultural marketing. That’s clearly shows how genius make it as this was his stepping stone to success.

Dangote group is a conglomeration of companies and is managed by Aliko Dangote himself as the CEO. The companies specializes on producing agricultural products, foods, transportation, construction and oil and gas products.

Dangote group of companies has businesses in various sectors of interests ranging from cement which he started with, sugar, flour, salt, pasta, beverages, real estate and fertilizer manufacturing. But over the years, his scope has been widen to include steel manufacturing, telecommunications and the rich oil and gas sector which has saw him building a multi-million oil refinery in Lagos. The facilities there on completion on proposed 2023 will refine the country’s oil also producing petrochemical products to meet the huge demands of the Nigerian population.

There are more than ten companies owned by this business tycoon, this also includes subsidiaries and associated companies.

Full List of Dangote Owned Companies

Here are the list of companies owned by Dangote:

Dangote Cement PLC

This is the first business he ventured in and the industry has grown to be the largest company within the Dangote Group. It’s also the largest generator of the group’s revenue as its credited for 60% of it.

Dangote Sugar Refinery

This company is arguably the second largest Sugar Refinery in the World with capacity of 1.44 MMTPA. It specializes on utilizing home grown sugar canes to produce sugars for consumption.

National Salt Company of Nigeria PLC (Dangote Salt)

This company is an allied industry that deals on the production of edible and industrial salts. It has branches in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Kano and some of Nigeria’s cities.

Dancom Technologies Limited

Dancom Technologies Limited is another conglomerate of the Dangote group. Their work is to give IT services, server operations, infrastructure support, IT Service Desk and network operations.

Dansa Foods Limited

As the name goes, they deal on food and beverages products like bottled water and juices. It is an associated company of the Dangote Group.

Dangote Transport Limited

On transportation, Dangote runs a company, Dantrans Limited to facilitate provision of swift transport system in the country. This brand of his company features modern technological devices like the advanced GPS systems used for monitoring and other services quality offered.

Dangote Flour Mills

Dangote Flour Mills Plc which has a main branch in Lagos is one of his variety of companies. It deals on production of flours.

Dangote Textiles Limited

This industry see to solving the intriguing problems of the textile industry in Nigeria by giving out durable textile materials as produce.

Alheri Engineering Limited

This is an engineering company that deals on construction and fabrication of products. They also provide basic engineering services in a qualitative and fast way.

Dangote Holdings Limited

Dangote Holdings is a holding investment owned by the billionaire himself. They major on providing quality business services for investment.

Kura Holdings Ltd

Dangote partners this company as an associate. This is a private outfit and a private limited company that came on operation in 1985. They specializes in the Investment Services sector and has a headquarter in India with a Nigerian branch at Lagos.

Blue Star Limited

Blue Star Limited is a Indian company that specializes in manufacturing and designing of air conditioners and commercial refrigerators. They also deal on marketing their products which are in this category.

Dangote is a prolific shareholder in the company which is one of the largest in India. Blue Star Limited has a branch in Nigeria and an headquarter in Mumbai, India.

Sephaku Cement Limited

This is a South African company that deals on production of cements. Dangote is an associate of the company and his Group ownes a share up to 64% with the company.

GreenView International Company Limited

The Nigerian billionaire is a huge investor in the cement industry. He has a investment worth $28million with the Ghana cement factory.

Dangote Oil & Gas Industries International

As many rich men in Nigeria make their fortune through the oil and gas industry, Dangote came late to this sector, but initially geared on agricultural, food and cement businesses.

The billionaire visions on making the huge oil and gas in the country affordable for local use. To achieve this aim the Dangote Group embarked in 2007 the construction of a landmark integrated Refinery and Petrochemical company in Lagos. This massive project is the largest industrial complex in the history of the country.

The refinery which is proposed to be due by 2023 will solve the agonizing issues of availability of fuels, petroleum and it’s products in Nigeria.

Dangote Agro Sacks Limited

Dangote also has a packaging industry that deals on the production of bags for packaging goods. It is in the list of companies owned by Dangote Group and at present has the capability of producing 36 million bags in a month with its world-class machineries installed.

MHF Properties Limited

Dangote also owns a property management company that gives the solution by rendering the management and development of luxury properties. MHF Properties was established by the Group in 2011.


Dangote group of companies is generally known for producing quality products which is in the sector of agriculture; mineral resources extending to cement, steel and oil/gas; foods and lots of services in packaging, estates management and telecommunications still counting more.

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