10 Cheapest Federal Universities in Nigeria & School Fees (2024)

In recent years, education in Nigeria is no more affordable as federal universities have increased their school fees, making it impossible for prospective students attend these schools due to the unstable economy.


If you are looking for a cheap university to attend in Nigeria with low school fees to pay, then this post is for you. Although most higher institutions in the country especially private and state schools added to their respective fees, there are some of them that remain unchanged and still offers quality education.

In this write-up, we provide a list of top 10 cheapest federal universities in Nigeria to attend and their respective school fees this 2018.

Ahmadu Bello University (ABU)

Ahmadu Bello University is the cheapest federal university to attend in the country and is recognized as one of the best schools in the Northern part of Nigeria.

The institution was founded on 4th of July, 1962 in Zaria, Kaduna State. ABU has also grown to become the largest and diverse university in Nigeria. ABU school fees is estimated to be N27,000.

The school currently has eighty-two accredited academic departments, twelve faculties, and twelve research institutes. ABU as it is popularly known, is the most affordable federal educational institution in Nigeria offering quality education to its students.

This institution courses and departments are dully accredited and they have produced highly recognized persons in the society.

Ahmadu Bello University offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses which include:

  • Agriculture
  • Engineering
  • Public and Business Administration
  • Environmental Design
  • Biological and Physical Sciences
  • Education
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Law and Social Sciences

Some of the notable People of society who attended ABU (Alumni) include: Ibrahim Shekarau (Formal governor of kano state), Ibrahim Shema (Former governor of katsina state), Ahmed Makarfi (Former governor of kaduna state) and Sanusi Lamido (Current emir of kano).

University Of Ibadan (UI)

This cheap institution is popularly known as UI and is acknowledged as one of the oldest academic institution in the south west region.

UI is known to be among the best universities in Nigeria to do Masters for many students. UI School Fees is estimated to be N30,000 this year.

University of Ibadan was founded by the Federal Government in 1948. Also regarded to be a home of study for indigene and non-indigene. The lecturers at UI are top notch and they have state of the art classrooms for lectures.

The following are UI Faculties:

  • Faculty of Art
  • Faculty of Science
  • College of Medicine
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • Faculty of Social Science
  • Agriculture
  • Renewable Natural Resources
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Technology
  • Faculty of Public Health
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Evironmental Management.

The institution has also produced prominent people in the society who are influential with First Class Hons. Some of them are: Sadique Abubakar (Nigerian Chief of Air Staff), Ameke Anyaoku (Formal Commonwealth Ambassador) and Chinua Achebe (Author of Things Fall Apart).

Federal University Of Agriculture (FUA)

The institution was established in 1988 in abeokuta by the Federal government. FUA offers interesting agricultural courses such as, agricultural management, animal science and live stock production, plant science and crop production, agriculture and fisheries management.

Aside the above, the school has other departments fully equipped which include: Accounting, Business Enterprise Management, Economics, Banking and Finance, Political Science, Environmental Management, among others.

The Federal University of Agriculture school fees is estimated to be N32,000.

Bayero University, Kano (BUK)

Bayero University is located in Kano state, Nigeria. Popularly known as BUK, this academic institite of learning was founded in 1977. It was a college before it attained a university status. BUK school fees is estimated at N33,000.

Federal University Of Calabar (UNICAL)

UNICAL is another affordable federal university that is cheap and whose tuition fee is on a low. Established in 1975 in Calabar, Cross River state, this institution is one of the country’s second generation universities known to offer excellent academic service till date.

The school’s motto is “knowledge for service”. UNICAL is among the foremost institutions that registers it student through the college portal online. Federal University of Calabar school fees is estimated at N35,000.

The following accredited faculties are present at UNICAL:

  • Faculty of Art
  • Allied Medical Science
  • Basic Medical Science
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Management Science
  • Biological Science
  • Physical science
  • Education
  • Social Science
  • Law
  • Engineering
  • Pharmacy
  • Agriculture

University Of Abuja (UA)

This school was established on 1st July, 1988 and is situated in the federal capital territory, Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. UA School Fees is Estimated at N36,000.

It was created under decree No 110 of 1992 as amended. The institution started academics sessions fully with the matriculation of students. Hard work coupled with the passion to upgrade it educational standard, the university was rated among the top 10 universities in Nigeria by the National University Commission (NUC).

On like other universities, UA have standard courses under each faculties, such as the Faculty of Art, Agriculture, Health Science, Education , Law, Engineering Science, Management Science, Social Science and Veterinary Medicine.

Usman Danfodiyo University Sokoto (UDUS)

It is popularly known as UDUS, this academic institution is among the foremost Northern universities established in 1975.

It is an outstanding university located in the city of sokoto, Northern part of Nigeria. Usmanu Dan fodio university was named after USMAN DAN FODIO, the founder of Sokoto Caliphate.

It is a four year degree awarding institution which offers remedial educational programmes and islamic studies.

UDUS have different faculties such as, Faculty of Social Science, Arts and Language, Law, Education, Engineering, Agriculture.

UDUS school fees is estimated at N37,000 only.

National Open University (NOUN)

This University was established on 22nd March 1983 and has the largest student data base in Nigeria. This academic institution as established by the federal government offers affordable Open Distance Learning (DLI).

National Open University is the first institution to have established ODL programmes in the west African region.

In 2006, the institution moved to it permanent Headquarter in Jabi, Abuja. It has 750 courses, more than 50 programs and 70 study centers all over the country.

it does not welcome any form of union within the staff or student, and also does not partake in any form of strike that may affect the academics sessions of her student. NOUN school fees is estimated at N41,000

Al-Qalam University, Katsina

This affordable federal university is best known as Katsina university. It was the first private Islamic institution located in dutsina, Katsina state. KUK school fees is estimated at N43,000.

KUK was established in 2015, the university has five accredited colleges which include:

  • College of Social and Management Science
  • College of Education
  • College of Natural and Applied Science
  • College of Humanities
  • College of Post Graduates

University Of Port Harcourt (UPH)

This institution was established in 1975 in the city of Port Harcourt. It first started as a college, however, it was later converted to a University in 1977.

In 2015, University of Port Harcourt was listed among the best universities in Nigeria, and ranked sixth best university in Africa. UPH school fees is estimated at 45,000.

Like other cheap universities in the country, UPH has twelve accredited faculties, which include:

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Social Science
  • Management science
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Basic Medical Science
  • Health Science
  • Natural and Applied Science
  • Dentistry
  • Law
  • Pharmacy
  • Agriculture
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