Top 10 Best Private Universities to Study Law in Nigeria (2024)

Law is a system of rules that are generated and imposed through social or governmental institutions to regulate conduct. While different private universities in Nigeria with law faculties that pride themselves as best schools for legal studies in the country, we know that not all these academic institutions are accredited.


Law degrees have always been among the most wanted and wildly respected professional course to study at universities. A law degree is the first step along the path to a career in a legal sector, often followed by further training in a law school which is a key requirement to become a practicing solicitor or barrister in the country.

It is necessary that law students have a broad knowledge and exposure to other disciplines in the process of acquiring legal education which should therefore, act first as a stimulus to stir the student into critical analysis and examination of the prevailing social, economic and political systems of his community.

The programme which these private universities accredited to study law in Nigeria offer, seeks to introduce a student to law and expose them to many principles of judicial process and legal development and further equip him with the basic tools of legal analysis or legal methods ranging from research and writing skills, communications and advocacy skills and the ethical values of legal training and practice.

Below are 10 Best Private Universities to study Law in Nigeria

Covenant University

This university is one best schools to study Law. They have qualified lecturers with experience in the legal industry and a well conducive environment.

The Law faculty at Covenant University is accredited and students attending this school attest to the disciplined nature of the faculty.

Afe Babalola University

Afe Babalola University is a spot-light for legal studies in Nigeria. It provides practical, rigorous and highly legal education using international standard in an environment that guarantees academic excellence.

It combines clinical learning methods with current and relevant curriculum that reflects the multi-disciplinary and dimensional nature of the 21st century legal challenges.

The core of its uniqueness lies in its peculiar advantages which include the fact that the college of Law in Afe Babalola university is the only College of Law in the country that has the rare privilege of been established by one of the foremost living legal scholars in the world today.

Babcock University

Babcock is one of the best private universities in Nigeria to study law, and it is located in Ogun state.

The faculty of law is a hot spot every year for students looking to study this professional course in Nigeria. The university prides itself on outstanding academic performance, and its faculty of law is an exception.

Babcock University demonstrates knowledge of substantive and procedural law, and general approaches to the study of law and legal reasoning.

Igbinedion University

The college of law is one of the best in the country. It provides a conducive environment for learning and prides itself in having top lecturers of Criminal law, Property law, Tax Law, etc.

Admission into Igbinedion University isn’t as difficult as people say it is, as long as you meet the educational requirements. It demonstrates the ability to identify and understand key concepts in substantive law, legal theory, and procedure.

The university has been known for years, for its excellence academic performance.

Ambrose Alli University

The Faculty of Law, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma was carved out from the then College of Legal Studies, one of the founding colleges in the old Bendel State University, Ekpoma as at 1981.

Since its inception, it has produced a sizeable number of hardworking and successful legal practitioners in private practice, civil service, academics, politics and industry at both national and international levels.

Several other graduates of the law faculty have distinguished themselves in the same kind of examinations and other external examinations and won scholarships and fellowships.

The mission of the Faculty of Law, Ambrose Alli University is the pursuit of academic excellence, advancement of legal knowledge, and community service through quality teaching that seek to meet the challenges of contemporary society.

Redeemers University

Redeemers University is one of the best private universities to study law in the country.

The accredited Faculty of Law at Redeemers University stimulates and equip students to pursue independent study and to reflect critically upon the law and encourage an awareness of other disciplines related to law.

Just as high as the reputation of this university goes, so also is their law school. The competitive nature of this school places their faculty of law among the best in Nigeria.

Nigerian Turkish Nile

The law department is designed to provide law students with fundamental knowledge and principles of public and international law.

To supplement the classroom experience, the department of law at Nigerian Turkish Nile also creates opportunities that enhance students’ practical skillsets through entrepreneurial activities.

Students learn individually and collaboratively how to integrate theories, ethics and practical skills of the legal profession in the effective representation of clients.

The Faculty lecturers have rich and diverse backgrounds with an enabling environment to offer rich and extensive curriculum that is all encompassing.

Achievers University

Achievers University is another top Private University that you can study law in. Over the years, this school has produced students with knowledge, Integrity and Leadership.

It is one of the best universities in Nigeria and Africa, known for its well conducive academic environment.

The mission of the university is to produce a total man, morally sound, properly educated and entrepreneurially oriented, that would be useful to himself and the society.

Bowen University

The Law program is designed to ensure that graduates of Law will have a clear understanding of the place and importance of law in society.

Faculty of law in Bowen University provides an intellectual exercise aimed at studying and assessing the operational efficacy and relevance of various rules of law in the society, and thirdly, equip the student with skills that are necessary for him to accomplish his/her task and render satisfactory service.

Marchine University

Marchine University provides students with knowledge of the fundamental principles of Law, understanding of Law and an appreciation of the inter-relationship of Law and Society to develops key skills of analysis, problem-solving, legal reasoning and argument and the ability to communicate these orally and in writing.

With their various accredited courses, you will be able to undertake legal research using paper and electronic research tools; and to provide opportunities to enhance legal and personal skills through participation in mooting, negotiating and client interviewing.


At the end of the programme in these private universities above, graduates should be able to apply knowledge to situations which engage with doctrinal disputes; problems conceived as opportunities to demonstrate familiarity with doctrinal and conceptual difficulties and to provide own solutions to unresolved debates over wide range of legal areas.

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