Bet9ja Winning Secret: How To Win On Bet9ja

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023 at 08:37 pm

Sports betting is a term used to describe the act of predicting and attaching financial stakes to the outcome of sport events. Bet can be placed on several sports such as cycling, basketball, tennis, football, boxing, car racing, etc.


Lately, sports betting has been extended to non-human sports such as horse racing, Dog fighting and the virtual sports.

Virtual sports are generated by computer software algorithms. The outcomes are controlled by highly programmed computer systems. The virtual games are new innovations. They are packaged to look like the real games.

Betting on virtual sports has now become very popular and they have many sports including soccer, car & animal racing, etc.

Bet9ja is undoubtedly the most popular betting platform right now in Nigeria. They have both the real sports betting and the virtual sports betting. Bet9ja has enjoyed lots of patronage possibly because they have so many events and betting options. Their odds are good and they pay promptly. Bets can be placed online and offline.

Bet9ja has shops spread across all the major cities in the country and they have a mobile friendly website where bets can be placed easily. Football betting is now legalized and lots of passionate people have now embraced it as an alternative source of income.

In as much as betting can be considered as an alternative source of income, it can as well be considered as a major source of losing money. Without mincing words, betting is a game of chance, if Mr. A wins, then Mr. B must lose. Every bet placed is a risk! Hence, you have to take your time and consider a lot of factors before proceeding to place a bet.

In this article, we shall look at things we should consider in order for one to place successful bets.

1. Don’t be greedy

Indeed, it’s very awful for someone to hope to win millions of naira with a 100 naira stake. Such bets usually have a very high chance of failure and the number of events chosen may exceed 20. To stand a chance of winning bets, you must not choose much event options. 5 – 6 games are ideal.

2. Focus on options that has to do with goals

The target of every football team is to score goals. Staking on events that have to do with goals scored or goals conceded is less risky. There is always a high chance of winning “goals-scored or goals-conceeded” bets because the target of every team is and will always be goals. Options that has to do with goals include:
GG : both teams to score
Over/ under options, etc.

3. Go for combo

The combo options has to do with a combination of two or more options. 2-events combo like double chance e.g away win or draw, away win or home win, etc are less risky.

3-events combo like away win or draw + over 2.5 goals, etc have very high odds. So, combining 3 of such games will result in a very high odds.

4. Research before placing bets

This is a very important aspect because past records, form, statistics and injuries have very big impacts on the outcome of any match. There are many websites on the internet where you can quickly get first hand information about the latest team news, statistics and head-to-head records of teams. Simply go to or, etc. There you will find lots of predictions based in statistical records.

5. Have a betting strategy

Football betting is a very dicey affair, it can either result in a gain or a loss. Having a good betting system strategy reduces losses. The worst mistake that most punters do is for them to bet randomly without a strategized system. Have a betting system and stick strictly to it.

This can be done by focusing your bets on a particular team or a particular league. With this, you can study the different leagues and teams, follow the form, statistics and head-to-head of the team and the league within a given time frame. Extrapolating to bet on multi leagues offers more chances of losing.

Strategizing your bet is also very important in virtual sports betting. Virtual games last for about 90secs, hence you stand a chance of winning or losing lots of money within a short time frame.

You don’t have to place your place on every team you see, or in every round of matches. You must focus on one or two teams, study their form trend and place your bets. With these, the probability of losing your bets will be drastically reduced.

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