10 Best Textile Companies in Nigeria (2024)

The Nigerian textile industry is among the leading sectors in the country, and it is working hard to maintain its position and reputation in the worldwide textile market. The industry makes a significant contribution to the economy of the country. Nigerian fibers, yarns, textiles, and all textile items have a higher global value. Nigeria currently has 25 textile mills, with a sector average capacity of 40% and a total workforce of roughly 25,000 workers. Let’s take a glance at the best companies in the country’s textile business with their locations.

textile manufacturing companies in Nigeria


This list includes details on the country’s major textile manufacturers. Below are summaries of each company’s activities, as well as more facts on each company’s headquarters location and contact information.


The Sunflag Group is a conglomerate of firms that manufacture a variety of textile products. Spinning, weaving, finishing, and other textile production techniques are used by the company. Its ginnery opened in 2009 at Ikorodu, where cotton is grown widely for spinning.

Terry towels, bedsheets, Ankara fabrics, and other items are among the Sunflag Group’s offerings. They also produce high-quality yarn for everyday sewing, Ankara, Aso Ebi, school uniforms, lace, and fabrics. It is one of Nigeria’s largest Ankara producing enterprises.

Plot 333, LSDPC, Odogunyan Ikorodu, Lagos Nigeria is where you may find them. You can also phone +2347013487482 for further information.


This is yet another of Nigeria’s greatest textile companies. It was founded in 1964 and serves as both a textile manufacturer and a printing company.

The textile company makes a variety of garments from its facility in Kano’s Chilawa industrial district. FESTAC, WAZOBIA Crowntex, Duniya, Queentex, and Abada Real Wax are among the brands they print and sell.

Are you seeking for a textile firm in Nigeria that can produce high-end, high-quality African attire for your upcoming events? Visit African Textile Manufacturers Limited in Kantin Kwari, Kano State, Nigeria, at 53 Fagge Takudu.

For more information about their services, call +2348091310771 or +2347063518900, +2348025745020, or +2347035557754.


Da Viva Textile is one of Nigeria’s most well-known textile enterprises. The textile sector is well-known for producing fashionable clothing in African traditional designs as well as Western European fashions. The textile company is a great blend of beautiful designs and colors made entirely of cotton.

These multiple locations sell the majority of their textiles and textile products, including garment accessories and luggage. You can purchase any of their products from any of their locations.

They can always be found in Enugu, Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Port-Harcourt, Benin Republic, Ghana, Ivory Coast, as well as many other cities.

Call any of these numbers for more information about their terms and conditions: 2348150482854, +2348062272598, or +2348029539360.


The Dangote Group of Companies is well-known for its salt, sugar, and cement production. Only a few people are aware that they also manufacture textiles. Dangote General Textile is still a force to be reckoned with in the business. It is a leading textile company in Lagos.

Union Marble House, #1 Alfred Rewane Road, Falomo Ikoyi, Lagos is where you may visit the Dangote General Textile factory. Dangote General Textile can be reached at 23414480815, +23414480816, and +23414630316.


Femro 3 is one of the leading textile firms in Nigeria whenever it comes to the creation of fabrics, t-shirts, jackets, and screen printing. They are physically located at 2, Ozoka Street, Satellite Town, Lagos, opposite Felix Egbamuno Street.

The company has created a wide range of well-liked textile items since its founding in 1985. Customized garments, contemporary wear, polyester filament yarn, and apparel screen printing are just a few examples.

Femro 3 Nigeria Limited can also be reached at +234 8023166180.


United Nigeria Textiles is another well-known multinational textile company based in Nigeria. They use a variety of techniques, including as grinning, spinning, and weaving, as part of their integrated approach to textile production.

To make a variety of textile items, such as African prints, wax prints, and dyed fabrics. They are located on the 2nd Floor of Until House, Marina, Lagos Island in Lagos, at 1, Davies Street. United Nigeria Textiles may be reached at 07037793652 or 08034022715.


Garment Factory is one of Nigeria’s oldest textile manufacturing enterprises. They make high-quality items with nearly a decade of experience. Silk, soft jerseys, Crepe georgettes (whether micro or satin), and other tailored products are among these items.

You can visit one of their facilities in Abuja’s Utako district or another in Rivers State’s Rumuola Port Harcourt at 9A, Rumuadolu Road, Rumuola Port Harcourt. You can reach the Garment Factory at +2349094435898 for more information.


This textile company in Nigeria is one of many textile companies in Lagos State. Their factory is located in the Ilupeju Industrial Estate, where they produce a variety of textile materials. Atlantic Textile mostly sells these materials in bulk to stores and businesses who sell them to the general public. Cotton Yarns, Grey Bafts, and African designs are just a few examples.


AFPrint Nigeria PLC, which was founded in 1964, is another top textile manufacturer in Lagos. Their institution was in Lagos’ Isolo District, where they produced a variety of textile products such as African prints, casual Unisex wear, and underwear. They’re also famous for producing edible oils from their cotton crops.


Do you want to find unique pillowcases, table mats, T-shirts, tracksuits, school uniforms, and other textile items? You won’t have to look far because Reddi2Wear specializes in this field.

Reddi2Wear is known for producing fashionable and high-quality items. They create exceptional quality aprons, backpacks, umbrellas, bed linens, and other items. As a result, it is one of Nigeria’s greatest textile enterprises.


The top ten textile companies in Nigeria agree with this assessment. Despite the fact that there are many other textile firms, we have successfully been able to recommend the highest level of service. We hope you found our list of textile firms in Nigeria to be helpful.

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