Top 10 Best Delivery Companies in Lagos

Delivery services has been thriving in Lagos in recent times. Much of this is credited to the supporting business environment in the country’s fastest growing city. Today, we will list out the top ten delivery companies that are operating in Lagos city.


Reliable Courier Service Companies in Nigeria

Delivery companies, also called Courier are companies that move packages from one place to another. These companies work is to deliver the goods precisely, and their work are much opt to quality delivery service, customer service, speed of delivery, package handling and many more in doing their courier services.

List of Delivery Service Companies in Lagos

There are a lot of delivery services in Nigeria, but a whole lot of them are operating within Lagos and the neigbouring urban viscinity. We have gander on the list of popular delivery companies in Lagos, if peradventure you’re enquiring of the best courier services in the city.

NationWide Delivery

NationWide delivery company, with it good transport network, it is arguably one of the best delivery service in Lagos. The company’s range is very wide, as they are not only limited to Lagos city alone, but they also deliver packages to some other cities in the country. NationWide delivery same-day delivery is one of the fastest category of delivery service offered. This delivery company has their headquater in Lagos, with regional branches all around the country.


Neuron Delivery

Neuron Delivery is another delivery service company in Lagos. It is located at Lekki, Lagos and it’s one of the most preferred delivery services in Lagos. The quality of Neuron Delivery company is very high and it is not under stated, as it runs standard courier service within Lagos and the outskirt of the city. Due to their standard service, their pricing is quite low, and affordably depending on the size of the load. This delivery service is much patronising in the country, as they have good customer market to their business.

Address: Kings Guards House Km 10, Lagos- Epe Expressway, Near Chevron Roundabout, Lekki, Lagos.

Phone: 01-7401576, 01-4611401, 01-8136270, 01-4611400


Emporium Delivery

Emporium is rated as the most customer friendly courier service in Lagos, according to their customers survey. This delivery company offers range of services to their customers. These services include Express Daily which is fast delivery that are made on the same day; next day delivery and delivery booking. If you need the service of Delivery companies, then Emporium delivery service is one to really check out for, due to the wide application of their services. Emporium delivery company can be contacted in their Lagos office or through their contacts.


Tranex is a delivery service company in Lagos with their head office is located at Oshodi.

Tranex’s Lagos deliveries orders are always quickly attended to and their delivery speed is considerably good on their time frame.


Address: 28, Apapa, Oshodi, Lagos.

Phone:+234 709 800 4958

Ezex Delivery

Located in Iddo, Lagos, this is another top courier service in the city. Ezex delivery pricing is not muchhigh and interestingly, they has a compensation for any D-I-D (Delay-In-Delivery).

Their contact are as follows:

Address: 9, Otto causeway Opp. A.G. Leventis Building, Iddo, Lagos

Phone: 0803-392-8873, 0703-821-1449, 0805-630-1264


Tranzit Delivery

Tranzit has been on the delivery service in Lagos for a long time now. With this long range of experience, the ability of them being good can’t be doubt. They are very fast as you can have items delivered just a few hours after placing a delivery order.

Contact Phone: +234-700-1000-100



Red Star Express

Red Star Delivery is a versatile delivery company that is known for their mark in the business. The delivery service is operating in Lagos, and they entered the biz a couple of years back and since then they have been functional in the sector. An advantage of Red Star Express delivery service is that their order processing is fast and their pricing is considerably good.

Office Address: 70 International Airport Road, Mafoluku, Lagos.


Phone: 01-2715670-6, 07042807223, 01-2714747

GAL Express

If you were contemplating on a delivery service that supports huge and bulky packages, then GAL express is recommended due to it immense capacity. This delivery company has the capacity of transferring bulky packages for customer from one area to the other. But, this much packages is related to the bargain in the way that the cost of the delivery service is a function of the size of lugages and packages.

A distinctive advantage of GAL express delivery service is because their delivery is fast and the likelihood that there would be’during-service’ hiccups is very low.

GAL Express delivery company is very acessible to locate in Lagos. They have head office and local offices spread for customer contacting throughout the city.

GidiWide Express

Gidi-Wide Express delivery company is new in the industry and their immediate rise in the delivering service has made them a promising one in the country. The company delve in a lot of categories in the business, hence rendering good services with lot of options for their vast number of customers. One of the prominent service run by Gidi-Wide Express delivery company is the short notice delivery. In this type of delivery, customers will be delivered of their product in the fastest possible means, and it implies paying more for the delivery.

Most of Gidi-Wide Express patronisers have rated the delivery service company, and this goes to show the quality they have.

Contact Phone: 09023945844, 08075500391

Whatsapp: 08028445134

ACE Express

ACE Express is a new face in Lagos delivery service, and they make up the list as one of the top delivery company in Lagos. Africa Courier Express widely known as ACE Express, is a very well known courier company in the city. Their popularity is credited to their topnotch services they offer their customers. They have a lot of distinction from other courier services as they are alluded to in-house deliveries that are quite fast. Also, their well-designed online website has made it easy for order processing and other transactions with the company. ACE express also have package/parcel tracking feature which the whole thing an easy pleasure task.

Contact Address: 1st floor 42 Ajose Adeogun street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Phone: 0803 901 2600

Mail: info[at]

The Pros and Cons of Delivery Companies

As always with any other companies, there are many benefits of using these courier delivery services. Below we have outlined some of the common ones;

  • It saves time and money on delivering packages to a specific location
  • Reliability in rendering this service.
  • The pricing is considerate, and is charged according to the size and weight of the package.

Though delivery and courier services is very essential in the transport sector, there are some disadvantages of using these services. Delivery service companies pricing may be high due to the nature of the business as it is fully private venture. Also, these services are limited to a particular area where they operate, and such they may not be able to go on a long range beyond their scope.

However, inasmuch as there are some anomalies of delivery services, it is very good in transferring goods and packages in this civilised era.

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