Top 10 Best Paint Brands in Nigeria (2024)

The Nigerian paint industry holds good number of notable brands that has been fabricating durable paints to meet the local demands. Definitely, with the country being a developing one, there is a huge interest for paint products as they are utilized in all areas. You certainly need these emulsion for your homes, workplaces, business, schools, medical clinics and some other places you can consider it necessary to be furnished. This article presents the top paint manufacturers in Nigeria; it will highlight these leading paint brands in which you can browse for quality paints.

best paint brands in Nigeria


Below are the top paint companies in Nigeria with the best paint colours in the country this 2024.


Dulux is the leading company in the production of top-quality brightening paints in Nigeria. This is a brand under CAP PLC, and they specify on giving premium design painting products. The company gives an abundance of products and services intended to assist clients with choosing what paints are best for their buildings. Dulux paints are cherished for their durability and magnificence. It likewise offers more than 120 color scheme. The brand appropriates its item to wholesalers and retailers all over Nigeria.


Berger Paints Nigeria is another top company in the production of top-quality paints in the country. Berger Paints is a German brand and they started working in Nigeria in 1959. This paint company handles all areas of architectural design, which include: decorative and architectural outfits, marine painting, auto and vehicle painting, wood painting and others. The organization has its central headquarters in Lagos state yet runs more than 25 branches the country.


A global paint brand in the country is Paints West Africa. This is a leading figure in the Nigerian paint industry. Throughout the long term, the company has been a significant provider of the best nature of paints in the Nigerian market. They are one of the original makers of paint in Nigeria. International Paints West Africa works in the assembling of building and modern paints, marine and defensive paints, wood, product paints and other unified items. They have production outlets in Port Harcourt and Lagos, in addition with other significant urban areas in the country.


Meyer Paints produces one of the most reliable paints in Nigeria. Meyer Paints has been doing business since 1960 and has reliably delivered the best nature of paint. Their long standing in the paint industry has made them to be a force to reckon. Meyer Paints creates and conveys a wide range of paints for woods, street lining, rooftop covering, tube coatings, auto furnishing, cements and HP coatings, marine paints, etc. Meyer has its corporate workplaces in Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt and runs outlets in almost every state in the country.


If you are interested in a good emulsion to paint your house, office, or anywhere else, then consider giving Portland Paints a try. This paint production company is one more reliable paint producer in Nigeria. The organization got going as a little division of a concrete creating company called West African Portland Cement Company (WAPCO). Portland Paints is presently an auxiliary of UAC Nigeria. The organization fabricates paints for decorating purposes and protective coatings. The Sandtex paint under the brand offers a wide scope of beautifying paints in type of Satin, Gloss and Emulsion wraps up.


Started far back in 1979, Eagle Paints Nigeria Limited has since put in the best to be positioned as one of the best brands of paint in the country. Throughout the long term, Eagle Paints has set up itself as an industry chief in the paint industry. Eagle Paints has some expertise in the production, assembling and distribution of ornamental paints. Products by the paint company are of great use and can be trusted for their durability. The organization makes a wide range of paints, for example, Emulsion paints, Decorative paints, Industrial paints, and Anti-destructive paints. Eagle Paints has its production headquarter in Lagos, however different outlets in notable urban areas of the country.


Trumpcoat is a native paint company that produces quality building and decorative paints. Quality speaks of this brand, and their paints can bond for a long time. Their products can be utilized to forestall scratches, compound consumptions, spills, and so on. Trumpcoat Paints offers both inside and outside painting services for people and companies. The organization has its administrative headquarter in Lagos state.


Premium Paints plc is another brand that makes this list of the top ten best paint brands in Nigeria. They conveys decorative and protective paints suitable for home and workplaces use. Premium paints are utilized for road stamping, auto finishing, wood polishing and other protective coatings. You can confide in Premium Paints to convey perfect completions, predominant appearance and durability. Premium Paints Plc has its base camp in Ogun state and also have regional offices in the country.


African Paints Nigerian Plc is a notable name in the country’s paint industry. The company produces paints and associated products with a good degree of quality. These products are made under two brands which are Zebra and Royal. Zebra and Royal paints are generally utilized for auto furnishing, wood polishing and other uses. These products by African Paints plc fill beautiful and protective needs. The company has outlets in many places in the country.


Intercolor Industries Limited has been in the country paint industry for more than 16 years now. They are known for excellent products which includes acrylic-based emulsion paints. Its products are affirmed by the Nigerian Industrial Standards (NIS) and Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON). Moreover, the company has workplaces in all significant urban areas in the country.


These are the top paint brands that are operating in Nigeria as put up by Nigerian Infopedia. A considerable lot of these paint companies are known for quality products that are durable and will last for a long run. If you are interested in buying from any of these brands, you can buy their products from their workplaces, offices and dealers, or through the electronic media.

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