10 Best States to Marry in Nigeria & Reasons

The union of a man and a woman is a wonderful thing, aside from the fact that in Nigeria marriage is regarded as a big custom. Finding the ideal companion can be a little challenging for some people. A man or woman cannot use a magic wand to find the ideal match.


Numerous qualities, such as loyalty, good beauty, an excellent cook, wonderful sex, being a provider, compassionate, romantic, and a defender, can be used to describe the ideal mate. Whatever standard we use, I believe it is crucial to note that none of these qualities can be found in a single person. However, we can always find a woman or man who possesses the majority of the traits we seek. Because what we value in a spouse is what determines whether or not a partner is right for us.

Nevertheless, a significant portion of their people have been transformed into desirable prospects and suitors as a result of the traditions and practices of various states in Nigeria. The best states to marry from Nigeria are listed below along with their advantages.


If you are looking for the best states where to find either a husband or a wife to marry, the following states should be considered.


Anambra is fortunate to have many dedicated men who value their relationships with women. They put in a lot of effort and frequently succeed in business. Anambra men constantly lavish their spouses with lovely items in an effort to make them feel like princesses. Its no wonder that Anambra men are the most sought after by ladies of other tribes when it comes to marriage.


The reason why Imo state still remains among the best states to marry from in Nigeria is that most ladies from this Igbo-speaking state are so beautiful that you might be forced to marry more than one if you are not careful. If you want a woman to manage your wealth for you, choose an Imo lady because they are sensible and attractive. They work hard and are interesting, strong and very business-oriented.


If you get a good wife from Imo state, they would not wait around for a man to take care of them; instead, they would find a method to get something that would support them and their offspring. Most of them are quite hardworking with their bride-price the only disadvantage in marrying from some parts of this state.


Lagos state still remains the best Yoruba state to marry from within the country. There are a ton of liberal women in Lagos who don’t care about your beliefs, ethnicity, or sentiments. Due to Lagos’ integrated structure, women there are more accepting and would be down with a nice man from any background. They can be excellent companions in all facets of your life because they are generally well-educated and quite street smart. The only disadvantage from marrying a wife in Lagos is that they might not be virgins.


Kano state have some of the respectable men of class and repute. An advantage of marrying a Kano man is that they look after and defend their wives dignity. They are incredibly knowledgeable in business and diligent workers. They would work at any job to get money to support their wives. They are one of the few northern Hausa states where to find handsome men in Nigeria.


As a man looking for a wife to settle down with, loyalty is key if you must marry her. Benue state have really interesting women who don’t make many demands. They do not have many requirements of a man, but they would be loyal to you. They are also highly adept at convincing a man to make a commitment to them due to their contagious love. You wouldn’t feel alone in the world because of them.


Based on popular opinion, Osun women are actually smart. They have intelligence, strength, and a degree of independence, but they also have culture and show respect for their spouses. They are trustworthy, and have listening ears. A man who marries a wife from Osun state will can always talk to them about the crucial matters in his life.


Adamawa state is one of the best northern states to marry from. This is due to the fact that their women are so loyal that most are exploited due to their loyalty in a relationship. Once you have an Adamawa woman in your life, you can be sure that she will prioritize you over everything and everyone else. They would stick with you no matter what, and they would cheerfully grow with you no matter what.


If you are looking for the best Igbo state to marry a wife from, then Enugu state should be among your consideration. When it comes to finding a prayerful wife, Enugu state tops the list. The  women from this Igbo tribe are of extremely distinct breeds. They are friendly, incredibly attractive, and extroverted. As long as their husbands are committed and giving it their all, they will remain faithful to them. Despite the fact that they frequently marry members of their own tribe under family pressure, they make excellent mates.


One of the wealthiest states in Nigeria is River state. They have many men, and most of them are powerful, wealthy, and kind. They’d spoil their girlfriend with presents and trips. If you’re a woman looking for a loving partner who will spend on you, marry a man from River state.


One of the most devoted groups of ladies can be found in Kaduna. They are equally gorgeous, courteous, and humble. Girls from Kaduna would support you and put their safety in your hands. In essence, they would treat you like a king. Therefore, Kaduna girls should be on your radar if you’re a man looking for a woman who would respect and be loyal to you.

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