10 Best Solar Panel Brands In The USA (2024)

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The American solar market currently offer a wide array of solar panel brands. In fact, the expanding industry is home to close to 300 solar panel producers. This increases competition in the industry. How can an user choose the optimum solar panel for their home when there are so many alternatives available? The answer to that query is provided in this article. It is a comprehensive guide of the top solar panel manufacturers on the market. This will direct you to the top manufacturers on the market right now. Their goods are made to assist customers, like you, in finding the ideal solar panels for their use.

solar panel manufacturers in the us


Here are some the top solar panel brands in the United States.


SunPower Solar occupies the top slot on our ranking as America’s leading solar panel brand. Its top-notch solar panels and robust guarantees have helped it achieve this rank. SunPower’s solar panels boast the highest efficiency ratings in the market. They have a warranty that, after 25 years, assures at least 92% of output.

The solar panels made by SunPower might be the most effective ones available right now. Very few panels can provide all the electricity your house needs. They are therefore perfect for households with small roof spaces.


Start your renewable power experience with a reputable brand. You should consider Panasonic solars if you’re one of those wishing to install a high-quality, dependable solar system without risking their entire life’s savings. Panasonic’s EverVolt panels are the better option than their HIT panels, in our opinion. Performance-wise and in terms of warranty, EverVolt panels are superior.


REC Group is a worldwide solar energy leader committed to providing consumers with safe, cost-effective renewable energy. The solar components and solar panels that REC produces are dedicated to excellent quality, innovation, and a small carbon footprint. These panels are now among the most environmentally friendly solar options available thanks to REC’s removal of lead from all of its component parts.


Currently, Jinko Solar is the largest solar maker in the world. They outperformed their closest rivals by a wide margin in 2020, shipping 18.8 GW of solar panels. The firm maintains a sizable (400MW) factory in Jacksonville, Florida, however it handles the majority of its international production in China.

The solar panel dependability assessment has identified Jinko Solar as a standout performer. Their panels perform a little less well than certain high-end brands. But Jinko Solar’s panels are also significantly less expensive. This makes them a desirable choice for people looking for good value without sacrificing brand integrity or quality.


If you’re organizing a solar project, choosing the correct supplies from a reputable company is important. We wholeheartedly endorse LG Solar for use at home and at the office. LG is still working on innovative solar technology. Their solar products are one of the most widely used solar panels for homes in the United States.


Canadian Solar is a top producer of solar PV modules as well as a supplier of solar energy services. Approximately 14,000 employees work for this diverse organization globally. It presently holds the fifth-largest volume position among solar panel producers. Canada’s Guelph is home to the company.


Trina Solar is the top provider of comprehensive smart energy and PV solutions worldwide. It provides PV goods, software, and services to advance world sustainability. Trina is among the first Chinese solar panel producers and a completely vertically integrated business. The company was set up in 1997.


JA Solar is a Chinese firm with headquarters in Shanghai that was established in 2005. The company JA Solar creates, develops, produces, and sells solar wafers, cells, as well as other solar module goods. High-efficiency solar panels and renewable energy technology are produced by and invented by JA Solar, a market leader.


Hanwha Qcells is one of the biggest and most well-known producers of photovoltaics worldwide. They are well-known for their high-performance solar modules and cells. The corporation has two main headquarters: one in Thalheim, Germany, which houses technology and innovation, and one in Seoul, South Korea (Global Executive HQ).


Silfab Solar is pioneer in North American manufacturing of super duper, top quality solar panels. Silfab makes use of its 40+ years of solar expertise. The company has offices in Toronto, Canada; Bellingham, Washington; and Burlington, Washington.


It’s critical to evaluate solar panels using the following criteria before purchasing them. To limit your options, you should take into account the price, warranty, efficiency, and materials.

WARRANTY: There are 25–30 year warranties for solar panels. Solar panels often have a lifespan greater than that. There should be a guarantee on the parts and performance of your solar panels. A separate warranty on the labor and quality of the installation must be provided by your solar technician.

EFFICIENCY: The solar panels with the best output of energy will require the least amount of space. You can generate more power and store extra green energy with an effective solar panel and solar battery.

MATERIALS: Solar panels come in two basic varieties: monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Polycrystalline is less effective and of lower grade than monocrystalline. The majority, if not all, of the companies on our list primarily manufacture monocrystalline solar panels.

COST: Approximately $11,000 to $46,000 is the typical price range for a solar panel system united states. Additionally, it includes the approximate $18,000 that a typical homeowner spends before discounts and incentives.

That’s the size of this article on the leading solar panel brands in the United States. I think the ideas on this list will help you choose the best green energy options.

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