Top 10 Best Rice Brands In Nigeria & Prices (2024)

Rice is one of the most common commodities in the world.

So far, history does not have any record of a continent where the popular food does not grow nor that of a people who do not eat it.

rice in Nigeria

Rice is by far the most popular food in Igboland and everywhere else in Nigeria for many reasons, one of them being the fact that the crop can grow in just about any climate so long as there is good irrigation.


For example, Rice farms can be found in Eastern Nigerian states like Anambra, IMO, Ebonyi where most other crops do not give a good harvest.

In Nigeria, Rice is an important food such that President Buhari banned its importation when he came to power so as to encourage local production because of the economic input that rice production can muster in the country.

While there are rice producing states in the country, we will be studying the various brands of rice which are most common among the people in terms of their manufacturers, distributors and price.

Also, we will try to see the difference between them as well as similarities.


See the best rice brands in Nigeria that are popular and easy to prepare below with their latest prices:

1. MAMA GOLD (₦35,000 — ₦80,000)

This local rice is widely accepted in Nigeria as one of the best.

Basically every other rice store in the market has it and although it is a bit costly, many will argue that it is worth the price.

Mama Gold rice is a product of OLAM NIG. LTD which is a company you may not know about

Here’s a little about OLAM NIG. LTD.

With offices and operational units across all geopolitical zones of the Nigerian Federation, Olam has a wide and growing network of farmers, suppliers, wholesalers, local buying agents (LBAs), customers and service providers.

Today, these networks encompass approximately 500,000 farmers and have created tens of thousands of jobs in indirect employment.

2. MAMA PRIDE (₦35,000 — ₦80,000)

This is another product being marketed by the OLAM NIG. LTD just like the mama Gold but it has its own unique qualities.

Apart from the rice being a parboiled rice with natural health benefits. Mama’s Pride is equally STONE FREE and takes less time on fire during preparation.

I think that one of the reasons why Mama Pride has done exceptionally well within the country is because of the presence of local manufacturing plant.

OLAM has established a mega rice farm in Nassarawa state which encompasses a 10,000 acres of land and has been massively cultivating rice in this farm which is supplied to a nearby rice mill for processing.

Due to the local laws, Mama Pride has seen a robust growth over the years and equally boasts of some higher nutritional benefits than the imported bulk.

3. ROYAL STALLION (₦35,000 — ₦80,000)

If you have been in a Nigerian rice market, there’s no way you could have missed the royal stallion!

It’s the rice with a logo of a horse on two legs more like what we have on the Nigerian coat of arm.

It is commonly found and definitely one of the best brands if rice found within Nigeria for good reasons.

Apart from the health benefits of Stallion rice such as containing calcium, potassium and vitamin B-6, here are other qualities of Stallion that may lift your brows:

  • Golden Standard
  • Non Sticky
  • Easy to cook
  • Very nutritious
  • Thai Parboiled

The Royal Group actually owns a huge chunk of Rice in the Nigerian marker today.

You’ll be surprised to discover that Stallion’s various rice brands include: Royal Stallion, Royal Stallion Platinum, Royal Stallion Gold, Royal Stallion Jasmine, Stallion, Caprice, Caprice Gold, Lucky Thai, Union, Tomato King, Tomato Aroso, African Princess, Alohaa, Freedom, Golden Choice, Golden Choice Premium, L’amour, Magic, Sonam, SSS, Sunflower, Taj Mahal, Uncle Tom, King Elephant & Sona

Stallion sources rice from Thailand, India, Vietnam, Brazil and USA from world leading suppliers and has a strict regime of quality control.

4. CAPRICE (₦36,000 — ₦80,000)

Caprice is Highly Nutritious and Easy to Prepare.

It is also very good for the aged people in the family because it has very Low Fat content.

Also the Caprice is characterized of long grain and for those that chose to stick with parboiled rice, you have another good one from Thailand here in Caprice.

5. ANAMBRA RICE (₦37,000 — ₦80,000)

Speaking of locally produced rice in Nigeria, the Anambra rice is new but has a lot of future.

The reason for this is simply the fact that the rice is a project being sponsored by the state government.

They have made loans available to individuals who want to go into massive rice production and have also invested in a robust irrigation system to support the production process.

The state government is effectively turning the state into a net exporter of local rice in Nigeria.

The health benefits of such equally abounds greatly and following the state government’s plan to improve yield from the current 345000 metric tons to 600000 metric tons this year, you can expect to see a lot of Anambra rice in the markets soon.

6. LAKE RICE (₦25,000 — ₦70,000)

This is among the best brand of rice that is cheap in Nigeria.

You can find this local brand in the Nigerian market as the embargo on the importation of rice ban still continues.

The current price of lake rice ranges from ₦25,500 to ₦70,000.

In fact, Lagos state and Kebbi states are the two states where you can get this rice cheap in Nigeria due to the efforts made by the state governments.

7. ELEPHANT PRIDE (₦30,000 — ₦80,000)

Elephant pride brand of Nigerian rice has been one of the best selling rice in the Nigerian market for more than 25 years.

Although, this brand has two types which are: Sortexed Quality Rice and the Elephant Gold Thai Super Deluxe Sortexed.

The difference is that the Sortexed Quality Rice is manufactured locally while the Super Deluxe is directly imported from Thailand.

8. OFADA RICE (₦25,000 — ₦85,000)

Ofada rice is a very popular local rice brand that is good for consumption.

It is largely produced in Ogun state where the name Ofada was gotten from.

If you are looking for an affordable rice to buy, you can go for this type as it costs ₦35,000 for 5kg.

9. BASMATI RICE (₦39,000 — ₦58,000)

Basmati rice is one of best local rice used preferred by most Nigerians due to its low sugar content.

Also, you can find this rice at supermarket stores nation wide for about ₦25,000.

10. FALCON RICE (₦39,000 — ₦47,000)

Although, this brand of rice is scarce, you find Nigerians eating this brand because, its stone free, long and whole-grain in size and very nutritious.

This is a foreign brand and might not be found in the country due to the ban of rice importation into Nigeria.

The price of for 25kg falcon rice in the food market ranges from ₦25,000 to ₦45,000.


Rice is now expensive in the country as foreign rice is now seen as contraband, hence its scarce nature.

As of July, 2024, the price of foreign rice goes for ₦60,000 — ₦80,000 while local Nigerian rice is sold for ₦60,500 — ₦85,000 depending on the market you are buying from.

It would be best to check with a local market or retailer for the most current prices.

Prices can vary based on a number of factors, including the type and quality of rice, location, and market conditions.

It may be helpful to compare prices at different stores or to shop around for the best deal.

While there are major rice processing companies that you can contact easily, if you are looking for a trusted rice dealer to buy rice or beans, we would update this post later on that.


Nigeria has an abundance of rice brands from local to foreign.

The government is working hard to raise local production of this all important food and and move is actually bearing fruits.

However, while the movement is underway, we have a lot of foreign options to chose from as I have shared above.

I trust this piece has been adequately informative and you are welcome to throw up your questions using the comment box below!

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