Current Prices of Scanfrost Gas Cookers in Nigeria (June, 2024)

Getting the right gas cooker for your kitchen isn’t an easy task to accomplish. Even a lot of people realize that selecting the perfect cooking appliances will make your kitchen operate better. How then can you settle for the right cooker to do the work? There are many brands of gas cookers available in the Nigerian market today, but there are some that come out among these numbers. Scanfrost is a leading producer of home electronics and appliances. This article will provide information on Scanfrost gas cooker prices in the country.

gas cooker prices in Nigeria

Normally, gas burners has an edge over other cooking equipment due to the fact that they heat quickly. And another advantage of the cooker is that they operate on either propane or natural gas, both of which are relatively inexpensive. These fuel are of a low cost when compared with other fuel that was used for cooking. For gas cookers that has a hot plate, it flexibility will increase. This help a lot especially for slow cooking, simmering and likewise helps if your kitchen is especially windy.

Latest Prices of Scanfrost Gas Cookers in Nigeria (2024)

Scanfrost gas cookers offer absolute value for your money. Their products are one of the most affordable collection of cooking equipment in the country today. Most of these gas cookers offer great value for purchase irrespective of how cheap or expensive they may be. In terms of recommending a brand of gas cooker, then Scanfrost is among the good ones.

With respect to the specifications of scanfrost gas cookers, they are available in various types and grades, just like other gas cookers. Looking more deeply into these cookers, they have a variation in sizes, shapes, designs, and basic features. Also, the number of burners also differs among these cookers. Furthermore, the brand’s table top gas cookers vary in number of burners; in which some are single and others double gas burners. Then the standing gas cookers has a 3, 4, 5 and 6 gas burners. All of these features about Scanfrost gas cookers determines their respective prices in the market.

Are you already convinced with scanfrost gas cookers? Let’s now take a gander at the prices of common scanfrost gas cookers that are available in Nigeria currently. The following list shows the notable brand of scanfrost gas cookers, their respective specification and the price range in the current market:

  • Scanfrost SFTT 2001 Table Top Gas Cooker costs ₦11, 000 – ₦14, 000
  • Scanfrost SFTT 2002 Table Top Gas Cooker costs ₦13, 000 – ₦17, 000
  • Scanfrost SFTT 2003 Table Top Gas Cooker costs ₦14, 000 – ₦18, 000
  • Scanfrost SFC 5312 SS (Auto Ignition; 4 gas burners) costs ₦40, 000 – ₦45, 000
  • Scanfrost SFC 5402 B (4 gas burners) costs ₦43, 000 – ₦50, 000
  • Scanfrost SFC K6312 NG (3 gas burners plus 1 electric hot plate) costs ₦80, 000 – ₦90, 000

That’s the prices of Scanfrost gas cookers in the Nigerian market. It is important to note that the changing costs of of these gas cooker is because of some influencing variables which incorporate location and time of purchase, currency exchange rate and other important factors. Likewise, costs of kitchen appliances like gas cookers will in general be on the ascent during festive periods which they are much demanded.

Moreover, as available as Scanfrost gas cookers are, they can be gotten directly from the producers and local distributors, as well as stores in the country. You can likewise purchase products of this Scanfrost brand in any contemporary kitchen appliance store around you.

Considerations Before Buying Scanfrost Gas Cookers

Before buying the Scanfrost gas cookers or any other cooker of this kind, there are some important things to look out for in the product. This includes things like space, efficiency and the warranty of the cooking equipment. Let’s explicitly highlight these things below:

  • Space: This is a basic thing you should consider so as to know which equipment will suit your kitchen. What applicable here is to measure up your kitchen and decide how much space that is available to occupy that desired cooker.
  • Efficiency – How fast the cooker can cook: Another important thing to consider is how fast the cooker can cook. Obviously, no one would want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. On the off chance that you settle for an efficient gas cooker, then you can be sure to have the best service and expedient cooking. Looking at Scanfrost cookers, it can be seen that they are fast and efficient cookers which would make your cooking work to be easier.
  • Warranty: Furthermore, the warranty is another thing about Scanfrost gas cookers. Almost all buyers often likes to have a warranty on their purchased products. This is very important due to the fact that it depict the products quality and standard to last for a long run. Buying one of Scanfrost brand assures you quality and service with every purchase. This will be by give you a long time warranty on any of their products.

Moreover, when looking at consistency, Scanfrost is a brand that can fill in that aspect. They are no tyro in the industry, but they have consistently delivered top quality appliances for a long time now getting to 30 years. With this long run, the brand is bound to be a success in the cooking equipment market.

Scanfrost have made their products speak for themselves by not only establishing that trust with their customers. This has made a lot of people and buyers to be accustomed with the brand in meeting the kitchen cooking needs and demands. Also, the prices of their cookers is reachable for all the high, medium and low income earners. To give you a clear view of how much their products cost, let’s take a peek at the prices of these cooking equipment.


Gas Cookers by Scanfrost are very dependable due to the features they have. These kitchen cooking equipment comes with a 2-year warranty to give you a long run of usage. Scanfrost brand have the best customer service in the industry. This is seen as the company have 33 service centres to be the largest customer service network in Nigeria. This article highlighted the cost of some of their gas cookers.

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