Latest Samsung 32-inch LED TV Prices in Nigeria (June, 2024)

One of the leading electronics brand, Samsung has some top-notch television sets on the their collection of gadgets. One of these is their 32-inch LED TV which is a television with modern innovative features. This brand of TV offer one or two USB ports which enables users to watch movies and photos stored on their USB drives. This Samsung product also feature RF, composite, component ports to add to many other features making up the 32 inches television. In this article, we will look at how much this Samsung 32 inch TV set cost in the Nigerian electronics market.

samsung tv prices in Nigeria

About Samsung 32-inch LED TV

With Samsung, you can never not be right in settling for the brand: This is one fact that has been set up to give credit to the brand in the country. The famous multi-segment brand has since its inception in the country, built up an immense standing in the market with top quality products to give users satisfaction. With regards to creativity, innovativeness, plans and in general device efficiency, it is typically not easy to rule out Samsung. This has been set up with every one of their products which starts from portable smartphones, home theaters, refrigerators, and other related gadgets. Their TVs are additionally in a class to match with these their top products. This has made them to stay among the most sought after TVs and are broadly respect among the best in the country today.

From a little of what we has said about Samsung TVs, it is very easy to explain why they are among the leading brands in the country. From their superior name down to their products’ usefulness, you can’t yet commend the brand for quite an amazing work. Their quality are very obvious in all over the products they produce, even the market affirms their dominance. Samsung, much the same as other top electronic brands, they are one of the brands that set their stamp on the electronic market. They have grown more and presently, they stay in top as one of the most popular devices in the country.

The arrival of Samsung 32-inch LED TV just affirmed their predominance in the electronics and gadgets industry. This TV depict a class by showing the brand’s preference for style and quality. Also, given the size of the TV, it effectively finds a way into any place it may be required. This is obvious as the device isn’t too large, nor is it excessively little. You can easily fit it in your sitting room, bedroom, offices, stores, and other similar places. This LED TV is to a great extent viewed as the most bought Samsung TV today, due to the fact that it has been really appreciated in the Nigerian market.

The TV gives you nearly all you require and will require in a TV. With regards to awesome video quality, good sound quality, convenience, efficiency and by and large durability, Samsung TVs will rank among the best in any of these fields. Their smooth, wonderfully planned LED and keen TVs just make this brand more well known and patronized by TV lovers. On the whole, Samsung TVs are one of those couple of TVs you can exclusively depend on and wouldn’t make you regret making the buy.

Moreso, the Samsung 32-inch LED TV has many stunning features that are easy to use and generally simple to work. Remove nothing from their smoothness and sleek appearance. They also supports network connection with other gadgets. You can without much of a stretch connect your PCs, hard drives and other comparative gadgets to your TV.

Current Prices of Samsung 32-inch LED TVs in Nigeria (2024)

The information on the amount Samsung 32-inch LED TVs go for in the current market is certainly what you are looking for in this article. Here, we will investigate the costs of this Samsung LED TVs available in the country today. Subsequently, we will consider why Samsung TVs are viewed as one of the best brand both locally and in the international scene.

Samsung 32-inch LED TVs cost between ₦65, 000 – ₦80, 000 in the current market. Surely, there might be some slight difference from what is obtained in the market. This differences is due to some certain elements which incorporate currency exchange rate, location and time of purchase, among other related variables.  Additionally, costs of gadgets will in general shoot up during some period of the year like in festive seasons. In making a decision to buy this TV, it’s pertinent to keep all these in mind.

That’s the view of how much Samsung 32-inch LED TVs cost in the country. However, on where to get the deal done, these TVs can be purchased directly from the company or their registered agents in Nigeria. Also, you can purchase these TVs are additionally available in online retail stores and contemporary electronics stores.

Pros and Cons of Samsung 32-inch LED TV

Before going out to get one Samsung 32-inch LED TV, here are some important things you will like the television set:

  • Good Picture Quality: Samsung is a reputable to reckon on when it comes to picture quality. Regardless of whether you are viewing a football match, your #1 TV show, music video, films or some other programs, this Samsung TV promises you the best viewing experience in terms of picture quality.
  • Features: Nowadays, TVs have gone past viewing programs, you can do significantly more of just watching with your Samsung TV. This TV product boasts of amazing highlights like CableCard with TV direct EPG, full goal TV info that will better your general TV experience.
  • Reduced Size: Sometimes, the smaller size of the TV makes it an ideal fit for different conditions and places. This Samsung 32-inch LED TV has a svelte size with sleek designs.

In the other way, some things you may not like about the Samsung 32-inch LED TV is that when contrasted with other 32-inch TVs, the price is quite costly.


Presently, Samsung 32-inch LED TV is one of the most sought after of the list of Samsung TVs. Aside from the way that the size is smaller and suits pretty much every place it services may be required, they are among the most useful to buy regarding cost. These 32-inch TVs are among the most reasonable Samsung TVs, deespite the fact that they are generally more costly when compared with other similar brands. This article covered all what you should know about this Samsung 32-inch LED TV: from their specification to the current prices in the Nigerian market. We believe this will give you a picture of what to budget for in taking home this class of television set.

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