Rivers State Civil Service Salary Structure (2024)

Have you ever wondered how much civil servants earn in Rivers State? What are the different salary grades in the civil service and what roles do the lower and higher grades play? In January 2024, the Rivers State government implemented a new minimum wage structure for civil servants. What were the salary adjustments and how did it affect different grades?

This article provides an overview of the Rivers State Civil Service salary structure now after the minimum wage was increased to ₦30,000. It explains the different grade levels, salary ranges, and roles and responsibilities of civil servants across the various grades, from entry level to the highest paid.

Rivers State Civil Service Salary Structure

Read on to learn about how the state civil service functions and how much workers in different jobs earn.


In January 2024, Governor Fubara increased the minimum wage for Rivers State civil servants to ₦30,000 in order to improve their welfare.

This was in line with the national minimum wage approved in 2019. To implement the new salary structure, Fubara directed that the lowest paid workers on grade level 01 who previously earned between ₦18,000 to ₦28,000 would now receive a minimum of ₦30,000 per month. The other grade levels also had their salaries adjusted upwards but the lowest paid workers got the highest percentage increment of over 60% so as to bring them up to the new threshold.

However, workers who were already earning above ₦30,000 before the new wage such as those on grade level 03 and above received smaller increases in their existing salaries. The governor explained that increasing the minimum wage was necessary to motivate civil servants, improve their productivity and align with the cost of living.

The wage increase was funded by increased internally generated revenue. ALSO READ: ABIA STATE CIVIL SERVICE SALARY STRUCTURE


GRADE LEVEL 01 – ₦30,000 – ₦47,000

This is the entry level grade in the civil service. Jobs at this grade include office assistants, drivers, cleaners etc. The salary range is ₦30,000 to ₦47,000 per month. Employees at this level carry out basic administrative and operational duties under supervision.

GRADE LEVEL 02 – ₦41,000 – ₦59,500

This grade covers basic clerical roles like typists, registry clerks etc. Workers receive between ₦41,000 to ₦59,500 monthly. Duties involve maintaining records, typing, operating office equipment and providing clerical support services.

GRADE LEVEL 03 – ₦52,000 – ₦62,000

At this level are junior clerks, machine operators and artisans. Salaries range from ₦52,000 to ₦62,000. Responsibilities include maintaining records, accounts keeping, operating machines and carrying out repairs and maintenance.

GRADE LEVEL 04 – ₦52,500 – ₦35,000

This grade comprises of senior typists, chauffeurs, library assistants etc. The pay is ₦52,500 to ₦35,000 per month. Workers carry out skilled administrative duties like typing confidential documents, library services and driving.

GRADE LEVEL 05 – ₦55,000 – ₦71,000

Jobs here include confidential secretaries, account clerks, laboratory assistants etc. Workers earn between ₦55,000 to ₦71,000 monthly. Duties involve secretarial services, accounts keeping, library services, laboratory tests and other skilled tasks.

GRADE LEVEL 06 – ₦61,000 – ₦79,500

This grade covers roles like executive officers, accounting technicians, social welfare officers etc. Salaries range from ₦61,000 to ₦79,500. Responsibilities include supervision of clerical staff, keeping financial records and providing social services.

GRADE LEVEL 07 – ₦71,500 – ₦94,000

Middle level administrative and professional roles fall under this grade. This includes administrative officers, accountants, nurses, engineers etc. Salaries range between ₦71,500 to ₦94,000 per month. Workers analyze information, provide professional services and supervise support staff.

GRADE LEVEL 08 – ₦74,000 – ₦110,000

Senior specialists like medical doctors, architects, lawyers, lecturers are on grade level 08. They earn between ₦74,000 to ₦110,000 monthly. Workers provide professional services, conduct research and analysis and advise government agencies.

GRADE LEVEL 09 – ₦93,500 – ₦126,000

This grade comprises of directors who head government departments and agencies. Salaries range from ₦93,500 to ₦126,000. Directors oversee operations of agencies, formulate policies and provide strategic leadership.

GRADE LEVEL 10 – ₦103,000 – ₦141,500

The permanent secretary grade comprises the highest ranking civil servants. They earn ₦103,000 to ₦141,500 monthly. As accounting officers, they oversee ministries and provide leadership to the civil service.

GRADE LEVEL 12 – ₦107,500 – ₦157,000

This special grade is for certain professional cadres like medical consultants and directors heading key agencies. Salaries range between ₦107,500 to ₦157,000 per month. Officers provide strategic leadership in their fields and advise the government.

GRADE LEVEL 13 – ₦128,000 – ₦158,500

Grade 13 is for directors general who head important ministries and extra-ministerial departments. They receive ₦128,000 to ₦158,500 monthly. The directors general provide overall vision and leadership for their organizations.

GRADE LEVEL 14 – ₦137,500 – ₦183,000

This grade is reserved for certain strategic senior roles like the head of civil service, chief of staff, executive secretaries etc. Salaries range from ₦137,500 to ₦183,000 per month. Officers provide high-level administrative and advisory services to the government.

Grade Level 15 – ₦150,000 – ₦197,500

This special grade is for the highest level public servants like the state governor and deputy governor. Their salaries range between ₦150,000 to ₦197,500 monthly. They provide strategic leadership for the state government and oversee implementation of policies.

GRADE LEVEL 16 – ₦162,000 – ₦220,000

This grade comprises of administrative roles with salaries ranging from ₦162,000 to ₦220,000 per month. Officers develop policies, manage operations and oversee service delivery.

GRADE LEVEL 17 – ₦177,500 – ₦243,500

The highest paid public servants are on grade level 17. These include the chief judge and heads of key commissions and agencies. They receive between ₦177,500 to ₦243,500 monthly. They provide leadership for the judiciary, commissions and strategic agencies.


That’s the view of the salary structure in Rivers State Civil Service.

This salary ensures workers are paid according to their skills, experience and responsibilities. The lower grades provide administrative and operational support while the higher grades offer professional services and leadership.

Recall in January this year, Governor Fubara raised the minimum wage to ₦30,000 which benefited junior workers the most in percentage terms. The new wage was aimed at improving civil servants’ welfare, productivity and ability to cope with the cost of living.

In summary, the graded salary structure motivates workers and attracts talent to the state civil service. It also ensures stability by linking pay to roles and responsibilities. The salaries are regularly reviewed to reflect economic changes.

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