Tips To Make Learning Enjoyable And Effective For Students (For Teachers)

Have you ever stood in front of your class and your students are just staring in a way that tells you that they are not enjoying the lesson? Well, that’s the last thing you want to happen.


If you have been there before, this article will guide you on how to make your classes interesting and learning enjoyable for your students.

If it has never happened to you before, these 7 tips will help you avoid that unlucky situation.

Allow Students to Interact

One of the things students enjoy the most is interaction among themselves.

You could make that happen by putting your students in groups and using quizzes to make them think and learn at the same time.

That way, your class is going to be much more interesting.

You know what the best part about this is?

Students are actually going to learn faster than you can imagine.

Loosen Up A Bit

Students tend to enjoy classes more when the teacher is friendly and easy to communicate with.

In fact, students are more likely to discuss, ask and answer questions in class if you are approachable.

Don’t go to class frowning your face.

Instead, smile in class and your students will enjoy your classes more.

Explain with Real-life Examples

The last thing you should do in class is to explain science with science.

An average student (and even some brilliant ones) will find it difficult to understand when your topic requires explanation, but you are going the abstract way.

You can call out some of your class students and use them as a good example to explain a concept.

Use things around them, or the things they do.

When you do that, your class will be more interesting, seven an average student will understand you faster and they are less likely to forget.

Although, that will only be possible when you actually understand the topic yourself well enough.

Get Them to Ask and Answer Questions in Class

I already that loosening up in class can increase the chance of interaction in class with your students.

The thing is, some students will still not be involved no matter how much you do that.

That is why, you should also try to actually get your students to be involved.

You can do this by calling them to ask or answer question (telling them any question is fine will even increase the chance of getting a response – although you have to be careful doing that).

Also, give them time to think.

Another tip is to find a subtle way to tell them they are wrong when they miss a question (this little tip can change a lot).

Surprise Your Students

When you are unpredicted, your students will enjoy your class more.

Instead of being that boring teacher that does the same thing over and over, every single day, surprise your students.

You can give your students new insights about a topic every day until the lesson ends.

By doing this, they will look forward to the next thing you are going to bring to them.

Give Them Breaks

So, you have been giving them lessons for a while and they suddenly start showing slow responses.

Instead of trying to force them (when in fact they are not with you again), you should rather give them a short brain break.

You can do this by telling them a quick short story, or you could also conduct a quick quiz.

Just find a way to spark their interest once again before you continue.

Show That You Are Confident

Students love to see that you know what you are actually teaching.

If they see any lack of confidence, they are most likely not going to listen to you.

So, show them you are confident by giving them the knowledge they need and answer their questions in a very intelligent way.


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