How to Stop 9mobile Data Plans Auto Renewal

Looking for code and how to opt out of 9mobile Data Plans to prevent auto-renewal, follow these easy procedures.

Its annoying when you check the airtime on your phone in order to make a call, only to find out that your service provider has deducted your credit to pay for your data plan automatically.

The problem with this service is that your internet provider without your notice has programmed your current data plan to be renewed automatically when the validity period expires.

So what code do you use in order to opt out of your current data plan in order to prevent this automatic renewal?


How to Stop 9mobile Data Plans Auto Renewal

Before we provide information on how to stop auto renewal on any of the 9mobile data plans so as to prevent your airtime or credit from being used up unnecessarily, lets list out all the various plans on the 9mobile network in case you choose to upgrade.

Daily plan

There are two options in the daily plan which is valid for just 24 hours from the time you subscribe. They include:

  • The 10MB which cost N50 only: Dial *229*3*8# or you can send MI3 to 229 to subscribe to this plan.
  • The 40MB which cost N100 only: Dial *229*3*1# or you can send MI1 to 229 to subscribe to this plan.

Weekly Plans

When you subscribe to the weekly plan, you are given a data bundle of 150MB for N200, which is valid for 7 days that is one week. To subscribe, simply dial *229*2*10# or you can send LCD to 229 on your phone.

Monthly Data Plans

There are many options to pick from if you choose to subscribe to the monthly data plan. Whatever you choose note that the validity period is 30 days. They include:

  • The 500MB which cost N500: Dial *229*2*12# or you can send LCD2 to 229 to subscribe to this plan.
  • The 1GB which costs N1000: Dial *229*2*7# to subscribe to this plan.
  • The 1.5GB which costs N1200: Dial *229*2*25# or send AND11 TO 229 to subscribe to this plan.
  • The 4GB which cost N3000:  Dial *229*2*35# to subscribe to this plan.
  • The 5.5GB cost N4000: Dial *229*2*9# to subscribe to this plan.
  • The 11.5GB cost N8000: Dial *229*2*5# or send MB6 to 229 to subscribe to this plan.

Night & Weekend Data Plans

If you want to surf the internet by night or during the weekend, this plan is for you.

The 9mobile weekend plan gives you a data balance of 1GB which costs N500. Dial *5995*2# to subscribe. The validity is from 11:59pm on Friday to Sunday 11:59pm.

If you choose the night plan, dial *229*3*11# on your phone which is 1GB for N200 only. The validity is from 12a.m to 5a.m every night for one month.

Evening plan

Only 2 options available for 30 days. They include:

  • N1000 which goes for 2GB: Dial *229*3*12# on your phone to subscribe to this plan.
  • N2000 which goes for 5GB plus 100MB WhatsApp data: Dial *229*3*13# to subscribe to this plan.

Finally, if you’re subscribed to any of the 9mobile data plans, your data will be automatically renewed if you have enough airtime on your phone to pay for the data plan.

According to 9mobile website, you can enjoy automatic renewal (auto-renewal) of your plan, provided you have enough airtime to purchase the same plan. unused data will be rolled over during auto-renewal, or if another new data plan is purchased before the current plan expires.

However, if you don’t want to renew your subscription, you can cancel the auto-renewal before your data expires. This is done by dialing *229*0#. Another method of cancelling the auto-renewal on 9mobile data plan is to text STOP to 229.
Also, at any point in the validity period of your data bundle, you can check the data balance on your device by simply dialing *228#.

To get the codes via sms: text “help” to 229 on your current Etisalat SIM and to opt out dial *229*0#. Call charges will revert to 40k/sec upon expiry of the data plan.

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