Top 10 Richest People in Imo State & Net Worth (2024)

Imo state today brags of wealthy businesspeople who dominate riches and have millions of dollars in net worth. Some of these successful Igbo businessmen from Imo state are even listed by Forbes.

Imo state can be viewed as the richest among the Igbo states in Nigeria. This is mostly because crude oil has been discovered in several parts of the state. The state’s capital, Owerri is known as having one of the most hotels in the country. This also gives a picture of the richest men in Imo state. There are many wealthy residents in the state that are quite active. Some of these successful businessmen are also politically active. However, it would be hard to include the wealthiest persons in Imo state without including noting the state’s politicians.


In no particular order, here are the current top richest people in Imo state and their net worth today.


Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha is a wealthy and influential politician from Imo State. He is a multi-billionaire and a former state governor. Rochas Okorocha didn’t start out in politics; rather, the circumstances surrounding his upbringing gave him a head start in business. He has always been a skilled and diligent individual. He held a number of important roles throughout his career before going into politics. Rochas owns numerous businesses and has assets worth billions of dollars.

Rochas Okorocha has a net worth estimated at $1.4 billion. He is a philanthropist as well, and his foundation has improved the lives of many people. As a politician, Rochas Okorocha understands how to enjoy life’s finer things, like driving fancy vehicles.


Pascal Gabriel Dozie is a Nigerian entrepreneur and businessman. Dozie was born in the Owerri town of Egbu in 1939.  He founded Diamond Bank and serves as Pan-Atlantic University’s chairman. He is the mastermind behind many prosperous Nigerian companies, including Diamond Bank, Kunoch Limited, and others. Dozie formerly served as the Nigerian Stock Exchange’s president. He served as the organization’s chairman and still owns shares of MTN Group. The estimated value of Pascal Dozie’s net worth is $1.1 billion.


Billionaire Leo Stan, also known as Leonard Stanley Benjamin Ekeh, was born in Ubomiri Mbaitoli, Imo State. Zinox Technologies Ltd. And Buyright Africa Dotcom Limited are both led by Leo Stan, who also serves as chairman and CEO of both companies.  It is believed that Leo pioneered IT Solutions in West Africa through his company ITEC Solutions Limited. By doing this, he has given the Nigerian corporate market the largest IT Solutions ever provided by an indigenous company. Leo Stan is thought to have a $1 billion net worth. He now ranks among the most wealthy people in Imo State.


Chief Sir Tony Ezenna is ranked second among the wealthiest men in Imo state. He hails from Akokwa in Imo State. Tony is the creator and owner of the multibillion dollar corporation Orange Drugs Limited. It is the business behind well-known brands including Boska, Delta Soup, and so on. Ezenna is one of the select few Igbo persons to get a national honor. The estimated net worth of Tony Ezenna is $490 million. He now ranks among the most wealthy Imo State people.


Linda Ikeji is among the first bloggers to rise in Nigeria and is now the richest of them all. Linda has distinguished herself from other bloggers thanks to her blog. The majority of Linda’s revenue comes from her blog, which she established in 2006. She succeeded because she had a strong will and determination. In Nkwerre, Imo state, Linda Ikeji was born and trained in a Catholic family. Popular Nigerian author, blogger, and businesswoman Linda Ikeji is thought to have a net worth of $40 million. She possesses one of the most costly homes on Banana Island in Lagos State as a result of her delectable net worth.


Emeka Ihedioha is the former deputy speaker of the House of Representatives. He is one of Imo state’s top elected officials. The highly loved Imo state politician is the major static during the 2019 Imo state gubernatorial election. Emeka Ihedioha has a net worth of $25 million. He is one of Imo state’s wealthiest citizens.


Cubana Chief priest is likewise one of Imo state’s wealthiest citizens. He is a Nigerian entertainer that runs nightclub franchises all throughout the nation. The wealthy Cubana Chief Priest did commerce and promoted alcohol in his well-known Xhrine club. Additionally, he is connected to Obi Cubana, under whom he served. He is also the main spokesperson for the well-known energy drink “Bullet.” Cubana chief priest estimated net worth is $20 million in total assets as at 2023.


Hope Uzodinma is a governor-level politician in Nigeria. Hope Uzodinma, is another prominent figure in Imo state. He had a successful business career before to entering politics. Uzodinma had a wide range of commercial interests before he entered politics. He was known by the ceremonial name Onwa-Netiri Oha of Omuma in Imo State’s Oru local government. Hope Uzodinma is thought to be worth $12 million.


Ifeanyi Ararume is considered among the top 10 richest men in Imo state. He is a well-known politician and benefactor. The affluent politician had been a senator for Nigeria. The estimated net worth of Ifeanyi Ararume is $10 million.


Imo state is one of Nigeria’s most prosperous states in the south-eastern geopolitical zone. The state is the home of hotels. Owerri, the country’s capital, reportedly has the most hotels, followed by Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. Imo state, which has its capital in Owerri, has some wealthy people who are listed by Forbes. These individuals originate from well-known cities like Okigwe, Orlu, Mbaise, and Akokwa, among others. These people control a network of major corporations and businesses spread across the country as a whole.

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