Top 10 Richest People in Anambra State & Net Worth (2024)

Anambra is the state in Nigeria with the most billionaires. The state is really thought to be the most commercialized in the country’s South-Eastern geopolitical zone. This is attributable to the presence of some of the state’s most successful businesspeople.

These people have a reputation for being philanthropists, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs. In this article, we’ll look at ten of Anambra state’s wealthiest people for 2024.


Here is a list of the top ten businessmen in Anambra State according to their current net worth.


Arthur Eze is currently the most richest billionaire in Anambra state. He derives a large portion of his wealth from his businesses, investments, and properties. Arthur Eze was born in 1948 and is a native of the state’s Dunukofia Local Government Area’s Ukpo town. He is referred to as “Ozoigbondu” and is well-known for it.

Prince Arthur is the founder and CEO of Atlas Oranto Petroleum. His business is thought to be one of Africa’s largest oil block owners. He has also completed various foundation projects in a variety of fields. Arthur Eze is seen as a political god-father in Anambra state politics. It would be impossible to list all of his accomplishments on the political landscape.

Prince Arthur Eze is thought to be worth $5.8 billion in dollars and 2,240,134,000,000 in naira. Together with a fleet of vehicles, Arthur Eze also has a falcon plane that he paid more than $30 million for and uses as a private jet.


Peter Obi is the most influential politician in the south east of the country. Peter Obi served as the previous governor of Anambra state for eight years. He is among the most prosperous and well-known businesspeople in Nigeria.

He graduated from the University of Nigeria and went on to become a business tycoon while still a student there. He was the youngest executive of Fidelity Bank PLC, a large commercial bank in Nigeria. He has also held leadership positions in three additional Nigerian business banks. Mr. Obi owns stock in numerous Nigerian businesses.

In a previous interview, the former executive governor of Anambra state claimed that he had inherited a $170 million company from his ancestors. Peter Obi is estimated to be worth over $2.2 billion.


ABC Orjiakor is a successful businessman and physician from the state of Anambra. With a net worth of $1.2 billion, Orjiakor is considered to be the wealthiest physician in Nigeria.

ABC Orjiakor is an Anambra native who is interested in the oil and gas, real estate, and other industries. He founded and owns SEPLAT, a locally owned oil company in Nigeria. Bryant Orjiakor is a known entrepreneur for his accomplishments in the business sector and the leader of numerous organizations. He has stakes in a number of businesses, including Ordec Group, Zebbra Energy, Shebba Exploration, Neimeth Pharmaceuticals, etc.


Emeka Offor is an Anambra state native and a multibillionaire businessman. He is from Oraifite, which is in the State’s Ekwusigo Local Government Area. Sir Emeka Offor is the originator and director of Chrome group. His Chrome group is a conglomerate that operates in media communications, broadcasting, oil and gas, power, and security. Blaze FM and Kiss FM are present on some of his broadcasting stations.

Emeka Offor also works on building gas pipelines and maintaining refineries. He makes more money because to his plaza, which is located in the main market in Onitsha. Emeka Offor has a large number of structures and a fleet of vehicles that are dispersed throughout his state and the nation. He is now among the successful businessmen in Anambra state as a result of all of this.


Innocent Chukwuma is among the richest billionaires in Nigeria, if you must rank them by net worth. Naturally, he is also from Anambra state and was born in the town of Nnewi, where the billionaires live. Innocent Chukwuma is the head and Chief Executive Officer of The Innoson Group. His company is renowned for producing high-quality local automobiles. This Nnewi businessman is the founder of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing, the country’s first locally owned auto assembly plant (IVM).

Innocent Chukwuma owns a wide array of homes and vehicles. Innoson, who keeps a low profile yet is incredibly well-liked, is not well-known to the general public.


Ernest Azudialu is a philanthropist, businessman, and investor who is also from Okija in the state of Anambra. He was born on March 17, 1960, and currently serves as the company’s chief executive officer. His company conducts business all over West Africa. He also has interest in oil and gas industry through his company, NESTOIL.

Ernest serves as the executive for Smile Communication Nigeria Ltd and Neconde Energy. The young and promising businessman owns a company called the Obijackson Foundation. However still, he runs a pediatric hospital with a high standard where kids can receive free medical care.


Also on the rundown is another Nnewi born business tycoon, Cosmas Maduka who heads Coscharis group. Cosmas Maduka is the owner of the successful businesses that make up the Coscharis group. He attends the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

His Coscharis Motors is the franchise holder for well-known automakers in Nigeria, including BMW, Rolls-Royce, Range Rover, Jaguar, and Ford. The estimated net worth of Coscharis is more than $900 million. He was once credited by Forbes as the person who turned $1 into $500 million.


Allen Onyema is the current CEO of Air peace and among the billionaire business men from Anambra state. Allen pursued his education at numerous institutions. He attended the University of Ibadan to study law and received his degree there in 1987. Prior to being admitted to the bar in 1989, he also studied at the Nigerian Law School.

Allen Onyema also owns other companies and properties that are dispersed around the nation and even abroad in addition to Air Peace. He has made a difference in society as a philanthropist. The estimated net worth of Allen Onyema is $800 million.


Dr. Godwin Maduka is a super rich business man and doctor in Anambra state. He is ranked as one of the richest doctors in the country. He is the owner of a well-known hospital in the US. He has advanced both in the field of medicine and in business.

Godwin Maduka is a Nigerian doctor working in the United States. He is well-known for his exceptional generosity and devotion to the underprivileged. Maduka is the CEO and Medical Director of Las Vegas Pain Institute, the biggest pain therapy centre in Nevada USA.

Godwin Maduka owns a number of structures, vehicles, and other possessions totaling more than $100,000,000. His Mercedes Benz and Toyota Prado Jeep are valued at 200 million and 500 million euros, respectively. His Rolls-Royce Phanthom is worth $45 million.


Ifeanyi Ubah is a rich billionaire from Nnewi. He enjoys politics, athletics, and even oil. He serves as the CEO of Capital Oil, a well-known oil firm in Nigeria. The country’s largest petroleum storage facility belongs to the young entrepreneur.

He has a sizable business, enjoys sports, and owns the football team FC Ifeanyi Ubah. He also works in the broadcasting industry because he owns Authority FM and Newspaper.


The ‘light of the nation’ state is often attributed as the most commercialized state in Nigeria. Anambra State has made great progress in the areas of economic growth, education, and infrastructure development. The assistance of certain wealthy businessmen from Anambra allowed for the completion of several of these tasks.

These wealthy individuals have continuously donated money to the government through their charitable foundations and other forms of infrastructure support. Undoubtedly, Anambra state is home to a large number of other wealthy individuals. Nonetheless, many consider these well-known individuals to be the richest in the state.

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