Top 10 Richest Men in Delta State & Net Worth (2024)

Delta is among the richest states in Nigeria. The state generates a lot of revenue to the country. It is home to a good number of the billionaire men in the country. The state is also one of the top oil producing states in Nigeria. With all of these facts, it isn’t astounding that Delta state richest men are many and are among the most affluent men in Nigeria. Thus, in this article, we will give you the ten richest people from Delta state including their net worth this 2024.

richest men in delta state

List of Top 10 Richest Men in Delta State & Net Worth (2024)

The following is the rundown of most richest individuals from Delta state with their estimated net worth this 2024:

Benedict Peters Net Worth – $1 Billion

Benedict Peters is the current richest man in Delta state with an estimated net worth of $1 billion. He is the CEO of AITEO group and one of the billionaires in Delta state. He is one of the most affluent businessmen in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. The visionary business person has a lot of investment in the country’s energy industry.

Peters is the most wealthiest person and certainly the most affluent individual in Delta State. The Delta state most rich person is assessed to worth over $900 million. This is as per various online sources.

Tony Elumelu Net Worth – $700 Million

Tony Elumelu is the second richest man from Delta state worth $700 million according to Forbes. He is a well-known business mogul and entrepreneur in Nigeria. Tony was the former director of UBA and is currently, the chief executive officer of HIER group. He also owns Tony Elumelu foundation, an NGO in which he uses to fund other small businesses and start-ups in the country.

Elumelu who emphatically affects a great deal of Nigerians, have been rewarded with the Nigerian merit awards: both the Commander of the Order of the Niger (CON) and Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR). The Nigerian business person is one of the very rich people in Delta state and he is a famous business person in Africa. Tony Elumelu is worth over 700 million USD.

Jim Ovia Net Worth – $550 Million

Jim Ovia is a famous banker from Delta state. When taking consideration of his net worth, Ovia is probably the third richest man in Delta state with a net worth estimated at $550 million. He is the former MD, Zenith bank and one of the biggest investors in the financial industry.

He is additionally business entrepreneur with interests in real estates. The banker has done a lot for himself since he jumped into the business world years back, and he is at present perhaps among the billionaires from Delta state.

Ned Nwoko Net Worth – $500 Million

Ned Nwoko is the richest politician in Delta state in Nigeria. The businessman is widely known for marrying Regina Daniels, one of the popular names in the Nollywood industry. Her husband is one of the extremely billionaire men from Delta state.

Ned Nwoko is also a philanthropist who has diversified his business in various areas. He owns a private jet and lives a luxurious lifestyle. Nwoko made the list with his net worth value assessed to worth over $500 million this 2024.

Igho Sanomi Net Worth – $500 Million

Igbo Sanomi is another notable rich person in the list of the most wealthy individuals in Delta State. He was placed among the youngest billionaires in Nigeria this 2024. The businessman is a leading figure in Nigeria’s energy sector. He is the forerunner of a top oil and gas company, Taleveras.

Igbo Sanomi is actually one of the billionaire men in Delta. With an estimated net worth of around $500 million, he earns a place in this list.

Ayiri Emami Net Worth – $400 Million

Ayiri Emami has lots of investments, and he is evaluated as one of the most richest business man in Delta state. He is by the virtue of this, one of the most extravagant chief in the State. Emami is additionally quite possibly the most popular millionaires in Delta State, Nigeria.

Ayiri is an Itsekiri Chief, and he is very much adored by his kin. The respectable figure possesses businesses in Nigeria oil and gas industry. The millionaire’s lavish way of life has kept him in the online media space. The rich monarch has a net worth that is estimated at around $400 million. This makes him one of the richest kings in Delta state.

Onajite Okololo Net Worth – Unknown

One of the extremely rich people from Delta State is Onajite Okololo. The Delta native grew up in the United States where he went through some years, prior to coming to Nigeria. On arrival in his home country, he joined in setting up one of the top performing companies in the Nigerian downstream sector, Ocean and Oil group. He is believed to have a high net worth, but currently information on this isn’t available.

Godwin Agufore Net Worth – $200 Million

Godwin Agufore is a notable name in the country’s transport industry. Born in his hometown in Delta state, he is exceptionally one of the successful business person here.

Agufore’s auto company, GO Agufore is one of the main transportation companies in the country. The businessman has a notable net worth of $200 million, and he is additionally a well acclaimed individual in Delta State.

Pat Utomi Net Worth – $150 Million

Patrick Utomi is a well-known politician and a businessman from Delta state. The Nigerian top business analyst and former lawmaker is one of the most richest men in Delta State.

The famous business man is a former presidential candidate for the Nigeria top office. The business magnate is affluent and influential in Delta state. Currently, information on his value is unavailable, but the politician is believed to have a good net worth estimated at $150 million.

Emmanuel Emoefe Net Worth – $100 Million

Emmanuel Emoefe also known as Emma Emoefe is one of the richest men in Delta State. He made this list of the state’s most wealthy individuals. Emoefe owns a top company named Portplus limited. He is a top name in the business industry, and one of the notable figures in Delta State.

He is an all around business investor who has diversified business set up. The Isoko native businessman is one of the wealthiest people in Delta state.


From this list, you can see that there are lots of billionaires and millionaires in Delta State. These top ten stand out to be the wealthiest among all. These top richest individuals in Delta state and their net worth is the limit we can get for this write-up.

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