Top 10 Richest Gospel Musicians in Nigeria & Net Worth (2024)

There are some popular Nigerian musicians who have dominated the gospel industry in recent times. These gospel artists are not only popular in Nigeria but are also known in Africa and worldwide. Their songs and voices are nothing compared to the richest musicians we have in Nigeria as they sing christian music known to praise God and elevate the soul.


Best Gospel musicians in Nigeria Today

Although, not all gospel musicians in Nigeria that are very popular, we have identified 10 of these Nigeria’s richest praise singers who can compete with the best gospel artists in the world. Their singles and albums have topped charts while most have won several awards.


Below is a current list of top 10 richest gospel musicians we have in Nigeria today


Prior to his death, he was undoubtedly the richest gospel musician in Nigeria and also sound track producer. Born in Delta state, he began his musical career in 1995 which has saw him grow popular thereby winning series of award. He also recorded many hit songs which is still used today in churches around Africa. He was also the best Nigerian gospel artist from the south-south.

In 2000, Sammie became popular when he released his debut album, ‘Unconditional Love.’ Within this album, the hit track, ‘Welu Welu’ stood out and is been used in various churches today. Sammie performed live in 2004 at the Martin Luther King Day celebration in the United States.

He was awarded the Best of Africa Award at the SABC Crown Music Event in 2018. The late Sammie was the head of a 12 piece band “D X Generation”, one of Africa’s inspiring gospel groups.

Sammie Okposo was among the richest Nigerian gospel artist with so many awards to his credit. He was also a music producer and CEO of Zamar Entertainment. With an estimated net worth of $750,000, he made money from his album sales, live performance in gospel shows and his businesses while he was alive.

Some of his Sammie Okposo’s popular songs include:

  • Unconditional Love
  • Lift Me
  • Jawa Chineke
  • I Go Make Am
  • Come And Dance
  • Faithfulness
  • Big God
  • God Can
  • Addicted
  • Mighty God
  • Because Of You
  • Welu Welu


He is the reigning gospel artist in Nigeria currently and a member of the popular Christ Embassy, one of the largest churches in Nigeria. Frank has featured the best gospel artist in the world, Don Moen in his latest album. He is also a talented instrumentalist with songs to his credit.

The series of awards won by Frank Edwards are numerous such as winning the best gospel song of the year, male artiste of the year and song of the year. His voice is also unique.

Frank Edwards is also the founder of the record label “Rocktown Records”. The following artiste are signed under this label: Gil, Divine, King BAS, Nkay and Micah Heavens. Edwards net worth is estimated at $600,000 and he has cars worth millions of Naira. Some of which include a BMW X6, a BMW 5 Series (545 Ci) and Chevrolet Camaro.


Nathaniel Bassey is a popular gospel artiste in Nigeria whose songs are been used as a tool of worship especially in various churches around the federation. Born in Lagos, he hails from Ikot Ofon Ikono, Uyo local government area in Akwa-Ibom state. It was at a little age that Nathaniel discovered that he loved music and the gospel.

According to the singer, he was inspired by Dr. Panam Percy Paul, a prominent Nigerian gospel music icon about twenty years ago. Since then, his passion for music has increased with the burning desire to create more albums for God.

Before he began his venture into the music industry, he had interest for jazz music and began listening, playing and even imitating the music of the likes of Louis Armstrong, Miles Davies, Clifford Brown, Charlie Parker, and other Jazz luminaries. What makes Nathaniel Bassey songs stand out is the way and manner in which he sings in a calm manner using his trumpet to worship God.

He is brain behind the viral live worship session making waves on social media titled “Hallelujah Challenge”. Nathaniel has been featured in many concerts, crusades and churches. He serves as the music director at the RCCG. He writes, sings and produces his own music and records with diverse groups of gospel musicians.

Nathaniel Bassey’s net worth is estimated at $500,000 and he is among Nigeria’s richest gospel musicians today. Most of his songs include:

  • Imela
  • No Other God
  • Onise Iyanu
  • This God Is Too Good
  • Someone’s At The Door
  • Wonderful Wonder
  • Casting Crowns
  • The Son of God
  • Book Of Life
  • Glorious God
  • God of Love
  • I Know You Are Here
  • We Bless Your Name
  • Emi Mimo
  • You Are Holy
  • You Deserve the Glory / No One
  • Come, Lord Come
  • Hallelujah Eh
  • Abba Father
  • Who Compares
  • Like a Symphony
  • Alagbada Ina
  • Never the Same
  • I’ve Come to Worship
  • Take the Stage
  • Incredible Love
  • Great and Marvelous
  • I Believe In You
  • Holy Spirit Come
  • The Living God
  • Jesus Jesus


Just like Frank Edwards, Sinach is also a Christ Embassy Nigerian gospel signer signed to LoveWorld Records. She is also among the top ten popular gospel musicians in Nigeria. With more than 150 songs to her credit, she is sure to be rated among the best gospel artiste in the world.

She began her singing career in 1989 and has since dominated the gospel industry till date. Some of Sinach popular songs include:

  • I Know Who I Am
  • Way Maker
  • Great Are You Lord
  • He Did It Again
  • I Stand Amazed
  • All I See Is You
  • Awesome God
  • Nothing Is Impossible
  • You Do Mighty Things
  • The Presence of the Lord
  • This Is Your Season
  • From Glory to Glory
  • Shout It Loud
  • Unchanging God
  • Born to Win
  • Fire in Me
  • Dance in the Holy Ghost
  • You Are a Wonder
  • The Name of Jesus
  • You Are the Same
  • Precious Jesus
  • I Humbly Bow
  • I Know Who I Am
  • Because You Live
  • I Worship You Great I Am
  • You Are Wonderful
  • We Praise
  • Praising in Victory
  • Next in Line
  • All Things Are Possible
  • I Glorify Your Name
  • Rejoice

Sinach also writes songs aside singing. Her song ‘This Is Your Season’ won the best song of the Year 2008. She earns money from album sales, live performance in gospel shows and even endorsement deals. Sinach net worth is estimated at $400,000.

EBEN NET WORTH – $370,000

He is also among the list of talented gospel artiste who are popular in Nigeria. He is known for his hit track ‘IMARAMA’ . Eben is married to another talented gospel singer Jadiel who sang ‘Heritage’.

Eben real name is Emmanuel Benjamin and he was born 9th of March. He started singing in 1997 while he was in the Youth Choir of Winner’s Chapel. It was after becoming a member of Christ Embassy in 2006 that he became a gospel musician.

Eben has many businesses and assets. One of such business venture is the Hammer House Ventures. He also owns the Hammer House of Rock record label and is doing quite well.

He has merited his place in the list of wealthy musicians in the country, earning his money not only from live performances on stage in gospel shows but through his album sales. His net worth is estimated at $370,000.


She is a gospel singer, producer and song writer. In 2008 Lara George released her first single “Ijoba Orun” which became an instant hit. Her voice is second to none which makes her one of the best Yoruba gospel artiste in Nigeria today.


They are considered the best Igbo gospel musicians in Nigeria today with their hit track ‘Akanchawa’ becoming an inspiration to people and is been used in various churches around the country. Their popularity was spread through their music. It was said they sold out millions of album copies and also performed the song in various countries of the world.


If you are searching for the best Yoruba gospel singer who is still making waves in the music industry, look no further as Yinka Ayefele tops the list.

Born in Ekiti state, the talented musician had a ghastly motor accident that damaged his spinal cord and confined him to a wheelchair in 1997. This didn’t stop him as he was still able to touch lives for Christ and is one of the popular artist in the Nigerian gospel music industry.

BUCHI NET WORTH – $240,000

Before Buchi went into music, he lived a rugged life. After he gave his life to Jesus Christ, he ventured into music, releasing his first album in 1999. He has won series of awards also for his reggae-like gospel music.


She is the best Yoruba female gospel musician in Nigeria. Tope Alabi is not just a talented gospel musician but a movie track composer. One of her popular tracks that stands out is “Angeli Mi”


They are a popular Nigerian gospel group that consists of Mike Abdul, Patricia King, Odunayo Ojo and Olugbenga Oyebola. They have been in the lime light since 2001 and are a shining example to young people who want to toe the same path in the gospel industry.


Mercy Chinwo is a Nigerian gospel singer, a songwriter and an actress. Born and brought up in Port Harcout, Rivers state, her hit track “excess love” has seen her rise among the big names in the music industry. Chinwo became famous after she won the Etisalat and Pepsi sponsored Nigerian Idol Season 2 in 2012.

Chinwo lost her dad at a very age. Her musical career started by allowing top gospel music artists such as Sammie Okposo, Joe Praize, Buchi, Chris Morgan, and Preye use her vocals. She has acted alongside Yvonne Nelson’s film, Majid Michel, etc.

Her first musical album is titled “Testimony” which was released in 2015. Since then, she has added 4 more songs and is still making waves. Mercy Chinwo net worth is estimated to be $150,000.

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