How To Reset DSTV Decoder: Correct Method

How To Reset DSTV Decoder Easily

There are so many common errors associated with DSTV decoder. Whether it is an error involving your DSTV Smartcard or decoder, this post will teach you how to reset your DSTV decoder easily at home without you having to go to a DSTV office near you and spend your money in purchasing a new decoder.

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NB: While this method for resetting DSTV decoders works, we know that there are some errors that would require you to visit any DSTV outlets around you to fix your decoder errors and get it resolved. You can give this method of resetting your DSTV decoder a trial before visiting a DSTV outlet.

How to Flash Erase 8118 on DSTV

To flash erase 8118 on DSTV decoder, follow the steps below:

  1. Press “Reset” and the standby button at the same time on your decoder’s front panel.
  2. The letter “dL” will come up on your DSTV decoder’s display panel.
  3. When you see the letters, press and hold down the TV/Audio button and the P+ button at the same time.
  4. You should continue holding the two of them until you see the word “done” come up on the decoder’s display panel.

If it shows done, that means that your decoder has been reset successfully. If you are still encountering such error again, contact a professional DSTV technician to help solve the issue.


The manual Upgrade Method of Resetting DSTV Decoder

To reset your DSTV decoder manually, do the following below:

  1. Press the standby and the “reset” button at the same time.
  2. The word “dL” will come up on the decoder’s display panel.
  3. Once you see the letters, press standby, P+, P-, Standby in very quick succession, one after the other (it must be done quickly)

This will help reset the decoder to its normal state again.

The both methods of resetting a DSTV decoder works as it is a proven self care method for your decoder. But if these methods don’t work, we advice you seek the help of an expert to put you through or you replace the decoder. Although, majority of Dstv users have replaced the c10 capacitor in the DSTV decoder which they claimed worked on the decoder. We still advise that you get a technician when things get complicated on your decoder.

How to Fix DSTV Problem Of Channels Not Displaying After Subscription/Payment

Most DSTV users after making payment and renewing your DSTV subscription complain that the channels subscribed for isn’t showing except the free channels. If you find yourself in this situation, you don’t need to go to any DSTV Center, call their help line. Instead, do the following below via text message:

  1. Send your “RE DSTV decoder number to 30333”
  2. i.e RE number is 123456789023 to 30333

Sending the code works on every network in Nigeria

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