Latest Prices of Mini Buses in Nigeria (2024)

Transportation is one of the most lucrative business one can imagine venturing into. For instance, busy places like Lagos and Abuja where the population are quite more, there are many means of transportation, the rail transportation (Train) water transportation (boat) and the road transportation system (minibus, 18 seater bus, BRT bus, taxis and the motorcycle) these are all means of transportation in Nigeria, depending on your location.

minibus price in Nigeria

Getting a minibus is something one should consider before venturing into the transport business. It’s either you rent, get on hire purchase, get a brand new minibus, or better still a fairly used one. Whichever way seems good, considering your budget. The mini-bus being one of the easiest means of transportation, without wasting much time, seems convenient for passengers.

In this article, we’ll be considering the price of Minibus in Nigeria, including different brands and models. If you have been wondering which Minibus suits your need for easy maintenance, read on for adequate information.

Did you know minibuses are low-maintenance cost vehicles? They don’t waste time moving with the available passengers. The vehicle looks convenient for both passenger and driver, with easy movement.


Before we consider the price of Minibus in the country let’s see the types of durable Mini buses available in the country. Nigeria is a country with a mass population there are different brands of Mini Buses solely for transportation purposes, and these include Suzuki and Daihatsu Hijet.


This brand is a Japanese vehicle made for durability and commercial purposes. One of the leading brands in vehicles with strong carriage capacity. More so, the brand is a multinational brand seen across countries. They produce both small cars and trucks of all dimensions.

They have all kinds of vehicles starting from Minibusses to trucks and other Suzuki products. Talking about Minibus, Suzuki is the largest Minibus used in Nigeria.


Daihatsu Hijet brand is another strong and durable company for both Mini and all kinds of cars. The company is based in Japan, making these vehicles Japanese vehicles, which means the durability is certain. It is adorable for commercial use.

This company also has other brands of cars, including trucks, and other sizes of Minibusses. Considering the price of a Minibus, different dealers with different price ranges. Also, the location affects the price, those around Lagos would purchase the Minibus for a cheaper price, and buyers outside Lagos and dealers outside would need some clearing fee charges including the Nigerian custom permit.


Mini-buses are mainly for transportation and logistical purposes, including small-scale business transportation. Considering the price, Minibusses won’t be costly compared to the average known buses and shuttles in Nigeria.

New Mini Buses tend to go for a higher amount compared to the fairly used ones, other factors for pricing are the specs and the durability purchase rate. Important things to consider; are the year of production, location, dealer, and model, these are factors for highlighting the price.

Nonetheless, they are different companies producing cars in which old models are wrapped off bringing in new models as time goes on. New Mini buses should go from ₦15 million to about ₦20 million.


In Africa generally, Nigeria is known for the importation of London-use vehicles, Of most cars driven in Nigeria about 70% are London use especially the ones for commercial usage are about 93% London use. Therefore, in Africa at large Nigeria is the biggest market for any kind of foreign product, be it cars or electronics, or any foreign material, Nigeria remains the biggest selling point.

London used cars tend to be more affordable and durable compared to the new ones. Some considerations for Nigerians purchasing London used vehicles:

  • London use vehicles are affordable
  • London use vehicles are durable
  • London use vehicles are easily manage
  • They reduce stress for clearance
  • They are easily accessible

Comparing prices of Mini buses as they differ in the price range. Let’s check out the cost of each London use Minibus aka (Tokunbo):

  • Suzuki APV Minibus 2009 cost between ₦4,200,000 – ₦5,400,000
  • Suzuki EV Mini Bus 2002 cost between ₦3,300,000 – ₦3,500,000
  • Suzuki APV Mini Bus 2002 cost between ₦3,480,000 – ₦3,580,000
  • Suzuki APV Mini Bus 2012 cost between ₦3,400,000 – ₦3,600,000
  • Suzuki APV Mini Bus 2001 cost between ₦3,100,000 – ₦3,250,000
  • Suzuki APV Mini Bus 2010 cost between ₦5,200,000 – ₦6,350,000
  • Daihatsu Haijet Mini Bus 2008 cost between ₦4,200,000 – ₦6,350,000
  • Renault Trafic Mini Bus 1998 cost between ₦2,150,000 – ₦3,300,000
  • Volkswagen Transporter T4 2001 cost between ₦2,650,000 – ₦3,800,000
  • Volkswagen Transporter T4 2000 cost between ₦2,500,000 – ₦3,650,000
  • Piaggio Mini Bus 2007 cost between ₦2,800,000 – ₦3,900,000
  • Suzuki APV Mini Bus 2009 cost between ₦3,920,000 – ₦4,020,000
  • Fiat Ducato Mini Bus 2007 cost between ₦4,700,000 – ₦5,000,000
  • Suzuki APV Mini Bus 2013 cost between ₦5,450,000 –been ₦5,600,000
  • Daihatsu Hijet Mini Bus 2003 cost between ₦3,550,000 – ₦3,700,000
  • Ford Transit Mini Bus 2006 cost between ₦3,700,000 – ₦,850,000
  • Mercedes Benz Viano Mini Bus 2003 cost between ₦3,700,000 – ₦4,000,000

The price list shows the Suzuki brand is common among the Mini shuttle. Many other factors affect the increment in the price range.

Another set of these buses in the country are the used ones, the used ones are cheaper compared to the London used brand new ones, let’s check out the cost of Nigerian used Mini buses.


  • Suzuki APV Mini Bus 2010 cost ₦2,750,000
  • Suzuki APV Mini Bus 2005 cost ₦1,700,000
  • Nissan Civilian Mini Bus 2006 cost ₦1, 700,000
  • Suzuki APV Mini Bus 2002 cost ₦700,000
  • Suzuki EV Mini Bus 2003 cost ₦970,000
  • Suzuki APV Mini Bus 2000 cost ₦600,000
  • Suzuki APV Mini Bus 2003 cost ₦650,000
  • Ford Transit Mini Bus 1999 cost ₦750,000
  • Suzuki EV Mini Bus 2000 cost ₦800,000
  • Daihatsu Hijet Mini Bus 2007 cost ₦650,000
  • Suzuki APV Mini Bus 1999 cost ₦500,000
  • Suzuki APV Mini Bus 2009 cost ₦900,000
  • Suzuki APV Mini Bus 2008 cost ₦750,000
  • Suzuki APV Mini Bus 2005 cost ₦600,000
  • Daihatsu Hijet Mini Bus 2002 cost ₦800,000

These are the estimated cost for Mini buses in Nigeria, if you are considering purchasing a Nigerian used one there are many factors to look at, especially the durability and how long before being sold.


Mini-buses are source of livelihood for many Nigerians. The price factor contributes to the means of transportation coupled with the maintenance rate. In Nigeria, mini-buses could also be regarded as shuttle buses for commercial use. Mini-buses have replaced other means of transportation in Nigeria as regards the bad road network, they have the carriage capacity to manage the road system.

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