Current Prices of LG Air Conditioners in Nigeria (July, 2024)

It’s hot season here in Nigeria and many people are going for air conditioners of their choice. You equally need to have yours because it’s unhealthy to stay in a room whose temperature exceeds normal/standard room temperature.

However, before you go for any air conditioner brands of your choice, let’s quickly open your eyes to the features and effectiveness of one of the best air conditioners in Nigeria and that’s LG Air Conditioner.

This LG product isn’t just an ordinary air conditioner but It’s one that will make your skin looks fresh and healthy. It will equally add a very welcoming and pleasant atmospheric condition to your room.


Quality of a Standard LG Air Conditioner

LG air conditioners possess many interesting and mouthwatering qualities  and you shouldn’t overlook any of them. We shall be unveiling some of them in the next paragraph of this article.

  • Reliability and Durability

Like other LG appliances, LG Air conditioner are reliable and can stand the test of time. This type of air conditioner ensures that the temperature of a room changes from hot to a very cold and conducive one within the shortest minutes, depending on the level of Horsepower(HP).

You can rely on this product at any given time and you won’t regret doing so because it provides cool and healthy air as long as you take good care of it.

  • Noiseless Operation

Don’t be confused by this point, what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t make noise while in use.

The term ‘operation’ means work, therefore, every LG Air Conditioner — as long as they are in good condition — doesn’t produce any kind of irritating or uncomfortable noise when working.

  • Affordability

Irrespective of their reputation in the market, LG are very cautious of the financial value of their products, hence, they ensure that their products remain affordable and accessible to all and sundry.

  • Accessibility

LG Air Conditioners are readily available for sale at any market where home appliances and electronics gadgets are being sold.

This feature — though it’s common to many well-known brands like Panasonic and Samsung — make LG product one of the most used Air conditioners in the country.

Current Prices of LG Air Conditioners in Nigeria 2024

As mentioned earlier, the LG products are relatively cheap and very accessible. This means that you won’t be stressed out searching for where to get them whenever you’re ready to purchase any LG Air conditioner of your choice.

Below is the latest price list of LG Air Conditioners this 2024 making headlines in the country and beyond:

Prices of LG Split Unit Air Conditioners 2023

  • LG Gencool Inverter Split Unit Air Conditioner 1 HP === N125, 000 – N150, 000
  • LG Gencool Inverter Split Unit Air Conditioner 1.5 HP ===  N135, 000 – N170, 000
  • LG JET Cool Split Unit Air Conditioner 1 HP === N85, 000 – N120, 000
  • LG JET Cool Split Unit Air Conditioner 2 HP === N160, 000 – N180, 000
  • LG Art Cool Split Unit Air Conditioner 1.5 HP Stylist === N500, 000 – N560, 000
  • LG Art Air Split Unit Air Conditioner Mirror 2 HP === N290, 000 – N350, 000
  • LG Art Air Split Unit Air Conditioner Mirror 1.5 HP === N250, 000 – N290, 000

Prices of LG Floor Standing Air Conditioners 2023

  • LG Floor Standing Air Conditioner 3 HP === N300, 000 – N360, 000
  • LG Floor Standing Air Conditioner 2 HP === N220, 000 – N240, 000
  • LG Floor Standing Air Conditioner 8 HP === N1, 200, 000 – N1, 300, 000

Prices of LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners 2023

  • LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 1.5 HP === N3500, 000 – N415, 000
  • LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 2 HP === N360, 000 – N450, 000
  • LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 2.5 HP === N400, 000 – N450, 000
  • LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 3 HP === N550, 000 – N630, 000
  • LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 4 HP === N600, 000 – N650, 000
  • LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 5 HP === N800, 000 – N900, 000
  • LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 5.5 HP === N1, 000, 000 – N1, 200, 000

Having mentioned how durable LG products could be, it’s surprising that some Nigerians sometimes complain that their LG air conditioners got spoilt immediately it exceeded its two-year warranty.

After many productive findings, we conclude that the reason for this unwanted happening isn’t the fault of the brand nor the quality of the products.

Instead, we realized it is often caused as results of user’s negligence to proper maintenance of their ACs.

To curb this ugly trend, we have come with the best way to take absolute care of your AC to make it last long, and work more effectively.

How To Take Care Of Your LG Air Conditioner

  • Change The Air Filter at Least once in One Month

This is the easiest and the most effective way to care for your AC. The air filter in your air conditioning system helps in preventing dangerous substances or particles such as dirt and dust from entering into the air it produces.

However, air filter can only function perfectly whenever they clean, this is why you should clean it periodically. A dirty air filter mounts huge pressure on your AC and it can damage your air conditioner if not corrected as soon as possible.

  • Endeavor to Keep The Coils Clean At All Time

Air conditioning coils play an important role in  cooling the temperature of your room. This is because they help the refrigerant in your air conditioning system absorb heat and cool your room in return.

The more the coils become dirty, the less effective your AC turns out to become because it won’t be able to absorb much heat produced by your room.

  • Check the Fins Regularly

Every air conditioner contains numerous fins, which is as results of the possession of evaporator and condenser.

You must regularly check these fins and make sure none of them got bent because it will reduce the effectiveness of your AC.

Fins are liable to bend at any time depending on the numbers of hours you on your air conditioner per day. So, it is very important you frequently check them.

It’s advisable you call a professional air conditioning technician to help you correct any bent fin.

  • Inspecting the Condensate Drain

Regularly inspect the condensate drain seldomly

  • Unplugging the air conditioner when not in use

As with all appliances, in order to save energy, unplug the AC when not in use. It would save you energy especially on your bill.

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