Top 10 Major Popular Rocks in Nigeria

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Aside the mineral resources found in Nigeria, there are other famous landmarks that gets a lot of attention from tourists. The most popular rocks in the country like Olumo rock and Aso rock, are just a few known to many. We shall take a look at 10 major rocks found in Nigeria that are located in various states of the federation.

Most of these large stone-like monoliths have their history, and are revered by many till date. Myth has it, that these rocks were like a safe haven in the past, especailly for those who hid from attacks from neighbouring kingdoms.

There are many advantages that these popular rocks gives Nigeria and they include the following:

  • Rocks are sources of fuel and energy. Naturally, we extract coal, oil and even petroleum gas from rocks. An obvious example is the Udi Hills in Enugu state known for producing coal.
  • Numerous significant minerals, for example, gold and jewel are mined from rocks. Also, salts are likewise removed from rocks.
  • Rocks in many years back serve the purpose of security for neighboring inhabitants.
    Almost all rocks generally serve as tourist attraction. And it can be seen in the rocks outlined above.

In this post, we reveal the top 10 major rocks in Nigeria and where they are located.

Top 10 Popular Rocks in Nigeria and Their Locations

Olumo Rock

olumo rock major popular rock in Nigeria

Olumo Rock

Olumo Rock is among the largest popular rocks in Nigeria today. Its one of the places of interest in South-West geopolitical zone in Nigeria. In terms of size, it is 449 feet in stature, 137 meters above sea level, and it’s situated in the town of Abeokuta in Ogun State.

Historically, Olumo Rock was used as a defensive fortress by the Egba people during the 19th century. The rock functioned as a vantage point for those people since they could track the enemy movement that resulted in their eventual victory.

There are good number of entertaining spots at the rock site. If you’re hoping to visit the rock for touring, you have much of a stretch lodge at the Gateway Hotel or the Olumo Guest House which are only a couple of rest rooms drives in the locality.

Remodelling of Olumo Rock was done in mid 2006 prompting consideration of another historical center, cafés, drinking fountain and the old Itoku centre which all of them has serve as a huge visiting places.

You can locate the popular Ogun stream while sliding down the Olumo rock, it runs like a silver chain in the midst of a forest of matured red ridged rooftops flanked by thick green backwoods. The scenery is a very beautiful one to have a trip to.

Aso Rock

aso rock major major in Nigeria

Aso Rock is a Major Rock in Nigeria

Aso Rock is virtually the most prominent rocks in Nigeria today and is believed to be the largest monolith that can be found in Abuja. The rock is just about 400 metres, that is 1,300 feet above sea level. Aso rock houses the Nigerian
Presidential Complex, Nigerian National Assembly and also the Nigerian Supreme Court.

Historically, Aso Rock traces its origin back to the Asokoro people. Aso means “successful”. Aso Rock was the place of the then 2003 Aso rock declaration. Today, this major rock stands as a symbol of the Nigerian might.

Zuma Rock

zuma rock

Zuma Rock

Zuma Rock is located in Niger state and is one of the most popular rocks in Nigeria whose visibility is noticeable as you enter Abuja. It is a large monolith, an igneous intrusion made up of gabbro and granodiorite. The picture of Zuma Rock can be found on the N100 naira note and shouldn’t be mistaken for Aso Rock.

Zuma Rock is also one of the biggest rocks in Nigeria. Historically, the rock was used as a safe haven in the past by the Gbagyi people against those invading their territory. In terms of size, zuma rock is 3,691 fts in height, which makes it taller than Aso Rock and Olumo Rock put together.

Wase Rock

wase rock

Wase Rock

Wase Rock is also situated in Plateau state. Wase Rock is among the volcanic rocks in Nigeria. It is rated among the five breeding grounds in Africa for the white pelican birds. Futhermore, the state government protects roughly 321 hectares (790 acres) of landed property round the rock for birds and also for wildlife development.

Wase Rock stands in a notable height of roughly 350 meters (1,150 feet) above the sea top layer of its windy surroundings. It’s an enormous rocky dome shaped inselberg that’s just one out of five present on the planet.

Riyom Rock

riyom rock

Riyom Rock is among the major rocks in Nigera

Riyom Rock is an odd rock located in Riyom town of Jos. Also regarded as the three rock wonder, these formations is surely a miracle of nature to behold as a result of its distinctive arrangement with all the rocks put on top of another one.

This area can be a sure site for hiking. In terms of size, Riyom rock is smaller than Wase Rock, Zuma Rock and other major rocks in the country. The arrangement of this large stone has been in existence for more than a thousand years. Today, Riyom Rock serves as a major tourist attraction and destination for people.

Gibadi Rock

Gibadi Rock is located in Sokoto state and not as famous as Aso rock or the rest mentioned in this article, but is a very interesting monolith to review. Gibadi Rock is just a milestone from Sokoto state, northern Nigeria. Gibadi Rock is a very popular tourist centre known to generate revenue for the state.

Kufena Hills

kufena hills

Kufena Hills

Kufena Hills is situated in Zaria at Kaduna state. Additionally, it is well famous for its rocky terrain. Did you know that Kufena is just 825m above sea level? Kufena hills consist of rocks which form the bottom material at the crux of the major masses of the earth. The diverse ecosystem, fauna, and flora and landforms of the landscape to make its environs and the hills outstanding.

Kufena Hills was declared a National Monument on the 17th of May, 1956. It really is but one of those four-National Monuments announced in Kaduna State and it is protected under Act of Parliament, Cap 242 of 2000 formerly (Decree 77 of 1979) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which established the National Commission for Museums and Monuments.

Kazaure Hill

Kazaure Rock is located in Kazaure, Jigawa state, Northern Nigeria. This hill is now a tourist site as it signifies the culture of the Kazure emirate and has a lot of history. The regions of these hills’ people are now all farmers.

Kazaure city was since 1819 the intersection of Kazaure Emirate. The history of the city could be tracked into Dan Tunku, a Fulani warrior that had been simply clearly one of those 14 flag-bearers to get Usman dan Fodio.

Shere Hills

shere hills

Shere Hills

Shere Rock is loacted in Plateau state and appears to be the centre of hills and rock formations of the Jos metropolis. The summit of Shere Hills reaches a height of approximately 1,829 meters and over 6000 fts above sea level. This mountain is a tourist-attraction at Plateau.

The hills are distinguished by several peaks and it is the 3rd highest point in Nigeria after the famous Chappal Waddi which sits over the Mambilla Plateau averaging roughly 2,419 m and 7,936 fts above sea level along with Mount Dimlang (Vogel summit) on the Shebshi Mountains, reaching a height of roughly 2,042 m or 6,699 feet above sea level.

Udi Hills

Udi hills, also called Ugwueme, is situated in Enugu State, South-Eastern section of Nigeria. This wonderful rocky hill stands 100 meters above sea level and functions as a significant tourist destination in the state. It’s a very popular tourist centre in Nigeria.

Udi hill was the first site where coal was mined in Nigeria in 1915. This place is really perfect for mountaineering and landscape admiration point. The Udi mountains has various land forms with unique weather conditions. Also, the Caves and tunnel are mostly interconnected into large chambers as high as ten meters wide.

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