Nigerian Senator Salary Structure: How Much They Earn (2023 Breakdown)

Do you want to know how much a senator earns as salary in Nigeria this 2024? If so, then this article provides credible information not only on a typical Nigeria senator salary in a month, but also the benefits attached in being a law maker in the country.

Nigerian senate

The reality about the salaries and benefits of Nigerian senators is that they are on the high side. You would be shocked at the figures these law makers earn especially in today’s Nigeria when the economy isn’t moving well as expected and the minimum wage is pegged at N18,000.

Today, we shall shift our focus to how much a Nigerian senator earns.

There have been much debate over the monthly salary of a Nigeria senator but with our recent findings, we have put that out below for you all to be the judge on what a Nigerian senator salary looks like.

Note that the figures listed here is the true report from the National Institute of Legislative Studies released for public consumption and shows how much a Nigerian law maker earns (the 109 Senators and 360 members of the Nigerian House of Representatives).

What is the average salary of a senator in Nigeria?

The amount paid to each senator as salary per month in Nigeria as confirmed this 2024 is N700,000. This figure does not include other allowances or benefits accrued to a Nigerian senator, but their net pay. All other benefits adds up to N13,500,000 which rates a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the highest paid law makers in Africa and third in the world.

Benefits of a Nigerian Senator (Allowances)

  • Travel and transport allowance (local and international travel and transport)
  • Utilities allowance (electricity charges, telephone charges, internet access charges, water rates)
  • Materials and supplies allowance (office stationeries/computer consumables, books, newspapers, magazines and periodicals, printing of non-security documents)
  • Maintenance services allowance (maintenance of motor vehicle/transport equipment, office furniture, IT equipments)
  • Training allowance (local and international training)
  • Remedies and medical supplies allowance
  • Insurance

From the above, a Nigerian senator takes more than 14 million Naira home on a monthly basis which when added up amounts to N170,400,000 annually. If we attempt to calculate the amount of money for all 109 senators together per year, it would run into billions or trillions.

We have also provided some top countries like US, UK, Kenya, etc and what their government representative earns for you to compare with our senators. You would be shocked at the discovery when you see the figures.

When you compare this with how much other country’s law makers, you will see the difference

  • Philippines annual basic salary – $4, 497,957
  • United States of America senate – $3,409,422
  • US House of Representatives – $1,429,909 annually
  • Kenya – $968,013 annually
  • Australia – $646,230
  • United Kingdom – £494,285.43
  • India – $474,484
  • Singapore – $253,469,
  • Tanzania – $230,961.

The Nigerian government has been spending a total of N150 billion per year on the NASS but was forced to reduce it to N120 billion this year following cries that the lawmakers are milking the Federation Account aggressively.

Just wondering why a Nigerian Senator Salary and a Rep’s salary will be more than those of the Military and the police. What a country

We also published a post on how much a Nigerian soldier earns and how much an officer in the Nigerian Police force earns.

A Breakdown of Nigerian Senator Salary Structure (2024)

1. Basic Salary

Nigerian Senator annual basic salary – N2,026,400,00

Nigerian House of Representatives annual basic salary – N1,985,212, 50

2. Allowances

Nigerian Senator – N12, 902, 360.00annually

House of Representatives member – N9,525,985.50 annually.

The allowances are on: Vehicle fueling/maintenance, Constituency, Domestic Staff, Personal Assistant, Entertainment, Recess, Utilities, Newspaper/Periodicals, Houses Maintenance, Wardrobe, Estacode, and Duty Tour with another special amount in every four-year period on Accommodation, vehicle loan, furniture, and severance allowance, which make every Senator to pocket N24,090,000.00 and a House of Representatives member with N23,822,00.00 within the same period.

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